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2016-08-16, 02:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-08-18, 01:31 AM by Nargil.)
Once again, no fancy graphics, no Katy Perry Star Wars Revenant DiCaprio Bear Oscar super amazing hardcore domains from the 8th dimension, so let's cut to the chase.

PBNs or Private Blog Networks are a must for everyone who wants to get competitive stuff ranked. Sure, there are some public blog networks as well, and I use them too when my personal PBN needs expanding, but there's nothing like having your own PBN and being in full control.

You can either scrape domains yourself, which takes quite a lot of resources, time, effort and experience to know which domain is worth your time and which is not. Newbies will get burned a few times by registering penalized or simply crappy domains before they learn what to do. Another option is to buy these domains either from auctions, which can get quite expensive if you are on a budget, or you can buy them here on CPAE from me or other sellers, based on the properties you prefer.

There are some PBN domain providers on CPAE. However, they mostly base their domains on authoritative backlinks. These backlinks are good, but one decent backlink won't help you to see miracles happen, especially if it is nofollow from Wikipedia.

I am basing my domains on trust flow and number of referring domains. I do not put as much emphasis on domain authority, considering that these metrics are easily manipulated and are sometimes quite off topic.

All of my domains have a clean history. If I as much as suspect, that the site was used for PBN or other SEO purposes or has Asian history or is in any way shady, I throw it away. You won't find me selling domains like that.

Here is the pricing and I honestly believe, that I am significantly underselling these domains. I also believe, that regarding quality, these are the cheapest CLEAN trust flow based domains you can find.

I offer you:


Trust Flow 15+ Domains
Referring Domains 10+
Clean History
Price - $15


Trust Flow 10+ Domains
Referring Domains 10+
Clean History
Price - $10



Are these domains already registered?

No, it would be a financial suicide on my part. They are free for registration, and you will have to register them yourselves.

What TLDs do you sell?

Primarily just the top TLDs, that means .com, .org and .net. However, if you are interested in country specific TLDs, just contact me and I can hook you up for sure. I have a huge stock of co.uk and .info domains as well

Can I use these domains as money sites?

Of course.

Which version of the domain you use to determine the Trust Flow and referring domains?

I use homepage www version of the domain to determine the trust flow - http://www.domain.com. For the number of referring domains, I check the entire domain - domain.com.

What is the turnaround time?

If I have domains currently in stock and if I am online, which I am most of the time because I have 4 cats and no life, you will receive the domains immediately after you contact me and we come to an agreement. In extreme cases, that means if I am on a vacation or something, you will receive them within 10 days TOPS. However, I honestly doubt that such a thing will happen more often than once a year, and I will put a notification in the thread if I won't be online for more than a day or two. If you have some specific requests like niche relevancy, etc., it may also take longer.

How should I order?

My stock is limited, and I don't want you to wait for days to receive your domains. So if you are interested, please contact me either via pm here on BHW, via email - nargil13(at)gmail.com - or via Skype - nargil13041990. Once you tell me what you are interested in, I will show you the metrics of the domains I have currently available. After we come to an agreement, you will receive my Paypal email, send money and receive a report with the domains and their metrics. You can also ask me any questions you might have.

Can I get my money back?

If the domain doesn't have the stated metrics upon the day of delivery or if the domain has manual penalty or won't get indexed for any other reason (this should definitely not happen, but there is always a slight possibility, no matter how strict I am with domain history), you will receive a refund or new domains, based on your choice. If the metrics of the domains drop after some time, I can't do much about that, it's a nature of Trust Flow and how it works, and I am not providing refunds for that. If you do not like the domains you received for some other reason, please, contact me and we will come to a conclusion. I am quite a reasonable person unless it comes to football (soccer).

Do you provide niche relevant domains?

If you want niche relevant domains, just let me know, I can take a look at what I have, based on the Majestic topic flow for free. If I currently do not have domains in your niche, I can find them. However, it will take up to 7 days, and I cannot guarantee the results. Also, in the case I will find them, there will be 50% additional fee for this since it takes quite a lot of time and resources.
If you are interested in some custom work or some specific orders, don't hesitate to contact me as well, I am sure we can come to an agreement.

Email - Nargil13(at)gmail.com
Skype - nargil13041990

Here are some of my reviews from different undisclosed forum:

[Image: DR.jpg]

I am giving away 5x TF10+ and 5x TF15 domain review copies to the reputable members.
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ScarFac3(2016-08-19 04:38 PM) Ronaldo(2016-08-17 11:11 PM) 
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2016-08-17, 08:00 AM,
Hey buddy, I'd like to have a TF>15 domain as a vouch copy, if available. I could post an honest review.
2016-08-17, 08:05 AM,
If you think I'm a reputable member, send me one domain. I have some experience with them. :)
2016-08-17, 09:15 AM,
Can I have a review copy?
2016-08-17, 09:26 AM,
I would like tf15 review copy :)

2016-08-17, 12:52 PM,
Can I have a review copy mate thanks in advance <3

[Image: coinmama_72890.jpg]
2016-08-17, 02:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-08-17, 02:17 PM by Nargil.)
Sorry for the late response, thread was approved while I was sleeping. :)

Anyways, review copies sent out, still 5 review copies available!
2016-08-17, 04:32 PM,
So i got this domain from this guy, its an okay domain as far as the backlinks history goes.
But Nargil are you just going to point us to the domain, rather than registering it?
2016-08-17, 04:45 PM,
It's mentioned in the opening post, that these domains are not registered. I can't imagine making money by selling domains for $10 - $15 a piece, which would already be registered. The profit would be non-existent. So yes, I just point you to the domains and you register them yourselves. :) It's a... "finding fee" and finding domains like these isn't really easy and costs a lot of time and resources. I had 2 custom bots coded for some basic history check filtering, only to handle the insane amount of domains I go through every day. :)
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paradise(2016-08-17 04:52 PM) 
2016-08-17, 05:27 PM,
Shoot me a PM, I'll take one review copy.

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