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|NEW METHOD] - Not CPA but bank easy
2020-11-27, 08:36 PM,

I've got a method, it's not CPA method, but it work great if you to want to get your money back in the next 2 weeks, you'll invest on long time earning (about 4 months).
I could give the method but i've to put my affiliate link (i give you an opportunity, you'll need to be my affiliate, i'll touch 5% of what you invest).

I don't know if i could or not put this sort of method here? Could an admin or a mod tell me if i could or not please?

2020-11-27, 10:26 PM,
(2020-11-27, 08:36 PM)Vinz77 Wrote: I don't know if i could or not put this sort of method here? Could an admin or a mod tell me if i could or not please?

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16th of November 2020
Attention! I'm currently injured and under heavy medication (13 different pills per day, some up to 4 times per day) incl. opioids/morphine (600 mg/day, maximum allowed dose). So please expect some delays (days) if you contact me. If possible, please contact me at Discord. I'm sorry about any inconvenience. (4th of January 2021)

[Image: giphy.gif]

Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2020-11-29, 12:42 PM, (This post was last modified: 2020-11-29, 12:44 PM by Vinz77.)
What's the method?
You'll invest into bots. They will made money for you. As long as you have ads budget, your bot will work for you. When your ads budget is on $0, you're bot will stop working.

How it's work?
When you put money you give bot's ads budget. With this money, he will work on facebook, instagram, google... ads services to promote products. Every time he sell a product, you earn some $$$. What is this money back? It's called cashback.

What is cashback?
Cash back is a companies offer on some of their rewards credit cards and refers to earning back a percentage of the money you spend on a credit card.

How could i get my money back?
Has every payment, the customer could get is money back if the product is not good as he wanted. That's the law. Every time you earn money, you have a dely to touch it. It came from 14 days to 90 days max. That's why you'll invest on long period. Don't think you'll be able to get your money back after 2 or 3 days.
The second thing you have to now to get your money back, is for your first recovering, you'll need to get at least $100 on your cashback wallet. After that, when your cashback wallet get only $10, you could get it.
You could get your money back on wallet, crypto, visa card, wiretransfer...

So what do you need to do?
- First, you'll had to create an account on this website: First site. When you're on login panel, click on "register now!" in the bottom of the panel. You'll arrive on a new form, with fields you'll need to complete. The first field is "Invitee", this is where my refferal key is.

- When you're account is create, you'll need to login to the website. In the menu you could change language, normaly it's Russian by default. You could change it and select what you want by clicking on the earth in the bottom of this menu.

- Now click on the first button on the top of the menu "AI.MARKETING". You'll arrive on the second website where you'll need to register to. This website is the admin panel of your bot. Change the language of this website with the top bar menu. After that, click on "SIGN IN | SIGN UP" button to register. Very important, he will propose you 4 differents ways to register. Click on the first button to link your previous account with this website (the blue round button, with a white brain in it). Follow the steps and register. After that, you'll have to choose your user name.

- When your registration is done, you'll arrive on admin panel of the bot. You'll have to watch the entire video (less than 2 minutes), and click on "NEXT" button.

- Now your bot got $0 advertising budget. I could give you $50 to start, but you have to know that you'll have to get it back to me when it will be possible for you. So you could invest your own money, or start with my loan.
To use my $50 you have to click on "Top up" button in the left menu, then in the second field called "Select method", select the first line. Then put the code: G53V-NO0V-MTZY-DMRZ
and validate.

After that, your bot will start working for you in the next 48h. That's all.

An other thing you have to know, it takes 48h to get your own money in the ads budget. So when your bot is working, and you'are near to $0 in your ads wallet, be sure to get your invest before the end of your budget will be down. Because if you put it to late, your bot will stop working, and i won't earn until the budget will be credited.

For a good start, i've take the $50 of my friend, and put $50 more.  Here is my earnings after 2 days of sells and 3 days of ads budget (the ads budget is count every morning, for my cases, sells are made every evening).

13 sales, $19.91 budget spend (on $100), $28.4 cashback.
[Image: earnings.jpg]

if lots of peoples want to join this method, i could create a telegram group, to discuss all about this method, put your earnings screen, talk about it....

Hope you'll enjoy it :)
2020-11-30, 12:48 AM,
Big scam , ponzi scheme, be aware

pαтιeɴce, perѕιѕтeɴce αɴd perѕpιrαтιoɴ мαĸe αɴ
υɴвeαтαвle coмвιɴαтιoɴ ғor ѕυcceѕѕ
2020-11-30, 05:58 AM,
So complex, doesn't looks promising. Anyone can post the review? Thanks

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[Image: ieDLPOR.png]


2020-11-30, 10:09 AM,
(2020-11-30, 12:48 AM)SnackyCPA Wrote: Big scam , ponzi scheme, be aware

Why did you say big scam? Did you try it?
I'm on it with friend who invite me to it, working great, in only 3 days of work i could repay the $50 coupon of my friend.

Nothing in common with Ponzi scheme like you said because you could start without invest anything, just get a coupon code, wait, get the money back from this coupon and invest it again, then earning $$$.... Don't understand your message without any try of your part...
2020-12-01, 01:08 PM,
Here is my earnings for the moment
[Image: Screenshot-20201201-110638-Samsung-Internet.jpg]

* Moderator edit: image link fixed
2020-12-01, 08:37 PM,
Looks like scam. I have heard about this so called "BOT ADVERTISING". If you need to invest your money i`d rather not try it.
2020-12-03, 11:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 2020-12-03, 11:31 AM by Vinz77.)
Why did you say it's scam? Have you got exemples? Give me link, with real peoples try it and been scammed.
For me $50 invest, $98 earnings...

What you talk about it's people using bot to fake click and views on ads.... Not the same thing, here you have real sells with this ads, and you earn a part of beneficts because you give $$$ to the bot to invest on ads. That's all
2020-12-16, 02:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 2020-12-16, 02:06 AM by SnackyCPA.)
Damn you are so blinded man, wish you could see the scam this is.

Same happened with traficmonsoon

pαтιeɴce, perѕιѕтeɴce αɴd perѕpιrαтιoɴ мαĸe αɴ
υɴвeαтαвle coмвιɴαтιoɴ ғor ѕυcceѕѕ

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