N00bs 2 b00bs! My Journey starting from no experience! Started on - August 20th
2013-08-21, 04:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 10:08 AM by ๖ۣۜMateusz.)
Record Earning Day

[Image: YzFc9ge.png]

All of the earnings above are from one niche. ;) It was positive earnings would spike today, but i didn't know this drastically.


I started seriously monetizing online around 4 years ago making a quick $1000 selling product keys online. I was desperate to pay off this debt i had and found a method after looking around on some forums online. Although after i made this money my Ebay was screwed along with my paypal, i continue to make an effort to become financially independent online. I tried various methods, many that i am not so proud of. Recently, I decided to do CPA/PPD to try to earn a legitimate and clean source of income online. Ultimately, my goal is to do affiliate marketing. With CPA i still feel that earning from what are mostly fake files isn't a legitimate way of making a living. With CPA/PPD i can improve my HTML skills and learn the core principles i need to know for affiliate marketing.


My long term overall goal is to become financially independent. This, to me would be considered making around $200 a day.

But before I hit this enormous goal for myself, i have need plenty of smaller more reachable goals at first to keep me motivated and to track my progress.

Smaller Achievements

$1 Daily {√ }
$5 Daily { √}
$10 Daily { }
$15 Daily { }
$20 Daily { }
$25 Daily { }
$30 Daily { }
$35 Daily { }
$40 Daily { }
$45 Daily { }
$50 Daily { }
$55 Daily { }
$60 Daily { }
$60 Daily { }
$70 Daily { }
$75 Daily { }
$80 Daily { }
$90 Daily { }
$95 Daily { }
$100 Daily { }
$110 daily { }
$120 daily { }
$130 daily { }
$140 daily { }
$150 daily { }
$160 daily { }
$170 daily { }
$180 Daily { }
$190 Daily { }
$200 daily { }

Notable Milestones

First $100 payment { }
First $200 payment { }
First $300 payment { }
First $400 payment { }
First $500 payment { }

$500 made from CPA/PPD { }
$1000 made from CPA/PPD { }
$1500 made from CPA/PPD { }
$2000 made from CPA/PPD { }
$2500 made from CPA/PPD { }

The Plan

For now, I think i'll just be ranking and banking. I know a few different methods of generating quick income when i need it. With these in store i am able to make enough money to purchase the right tools and services i need. For now i am solely making quality YouTube videos and clean looking landing pages. I just drip feed views, subs, likes and comments to my videos to rank and attract traffic.

My Current Provider:

[Image: L8KQEc2.png]

Unfortunately, i am only working with PPD for now. I don't like CPAlead or Leadbolt and i am accepted into both and have worked a bit with them in the past. So my only option was sharecash.

*Update! - Accepted into Fileice!*

I have submitted applications to:


Adworkmedia: Denied, no surprise, I've only been rejected 8 times in the past.

Network banned due to opening up competing forums and attempting to advertise on here.: Accepted!

Fileice: Accepted!


I began with around $60 to work with.

[Image: W4oWnds.jpg]

-$10.00 for CPAlander <-- Quality Product

[Image: DNflE0L.png]

- $1.16 for a .com Domain name (1/10)

[Image: IRAtOcE.png]

-$5.00 for hosting ( 10 domains)

Remaining Funds: $43.85

Niches #1

Investments: Roughly $20 was spent for this niche

$5 worth of comments from enhanceviews, drip feeding 10-15 everyday myself.

$2 for 200 likes from BucksMaker

$6.50 for 10,000 HR views from Rohit00033

-$18.50 for Youtube Ranking

Video was ranked #2 on youtube for my keyword today!

About this niche. It is a gaming niche, and i know i have a good feeling that I can beat the current competitors. They don't have quality videos and none of them are for CPA/PPD, they just have malware links. They are trying to infect users, so flagging them would be appropriate but I don't whether i should or shouldn't

One of the most popular games out there, and I want to reach rank one before a giant update comes out in a week for it that will re-spark its popularity. Search volume will defiantly increase dramatically when the update occurs and i am also planning to upvote my own youtube comments to gain attention and leads the day of.

Niche Earnings: $13

--------------------------------------Thinking of other niches, hopefully french, that i will be able to use--------------------------------------

1/10 current potential niches used.

Daily Updates

[Image: oQwbmwc.png]

Quote:August 21st: 12:21 AM and i was just accepted into Fileice!

Quote:August 22nd: Got my first lead yesterday! My youtube video has been made and it is in the process of being boosted and ranked.

Quote: August 23rd: Second, lead! Also i'm ecstatic that my video is in the #2 spot for my keyword search! I'm not earning a lot as of now, but i'm confident that my earnings will boost.

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2013-08-21, 05:21 AM,
Goodluck with your journey mate
2013-08-21, 05:24 AM,
(2013-08-21, 05:21 AM)setileapc Wrote: Goodluck with your journey mate

Thanks mate, i can't wait to keep updating this and see some results. :)

Want GSA SER to start making POWERFUL links FAST? Like these results I'm getting below?

[Image: pYgbKa4.png]

Then Check out my GSA Verified Link List Here.
2013-08-21, 05:38 AM,
Looks really good! I will be following this, maybe I can learn from you!
2013-08-21, 06:08 AM,
lets see, hope you can reach ur goals :P
2013-08-21, 06:13 AM,
Looks like you have a nice plan setup in front of you. Good luck!
2013-08-21, 01:00 PM,
I like the set up u have going! Should help u maintain your goal! :)

[Image: uuINDyP.png]
2013-08-21, 01:34 PM,
Hey, good luck with your journey!

[Image: siggy.png]

I will teach you how to make money! Check out my Ultimate Referral Training Program!
2013-08-21, 01:59 PM,
Very well organized. I like it. The key is organization skill also as this helps you stay focused. Good Luck bro. I know you will make it. And you know where you will get all the help and suggestion to reach there.
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๖ۣۜMateusz(2013-08-21 08:54 PM) 
2013-08-21, 08:42 PM,
it seems you do not have a deadline,i am newbie,i will follow your journey.Good luck

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