My little brag or how I changed my life forever and invite everyone!
2015-04-19, 05:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-19, 05:40 PM by CristianDIOR.)
Hello. I have started BH CPA about 2 years ago. Had some troubles with latest google update but everything is ok now. Making on avarage 100$ a day. That's not a point.
[Image: UkTfprV.jpg]

In January 2014 I decided to quit university in UK, and moved back to my country [I'm 21 years old]. I opened there a little office and hired 2 content writers for my miltiniche bh websites. Everything was going well. After 8 month I released that I'm so fed up with all the routine that's was happening around and decided to move somewhere where is summer all year long. So I decided to move to Bali.
I just wanted to tell you that I took a risk, quit the university and moved to most awesome and friendly place in the world and I invite everyone! 600-700$ here is so enough to live like a king.

So why am I writing this? I just want to tell you that we are internet marketers. I guess the best BH marketers in the world [Thanks to CPAElites and Hawk] and we can work from anywhere on the planet where we can find the internet. I want to help people to take a risk same as me and move. Believe me it's not really difficult to say bye to your friends and family. Because you deserve all this things that is happening here.

Right now I have 2 available rooms in my villa and the rest of the villas on my street are available too. Just imagine how fun it's will be to speak in real to someone else about your work. Because I had the same problem as you guys. None of my friends would never understand words like CPAGrip, Content Lock, Conversion Rate, AWM and such. And I guess that is so awesome to speak in real to anyone who work in the same field as you.

I just want to fill up all this villas with CPAEliters and make parties and seminars and lectures. What I promise I will do: I will meet you in airport. I will find you a good villa (600-1000$ - 2-3 bedrooms) or a room in the villa (300$). I will teach you how to drive a bike and how to surf. I will help you with nearly everything. P.S. I'm not gonna tell you my niches lol.

Sorry people. I thought I have more things to say but that is it. If anyone have any questions please leave a reply and I will be happy to answer you.
Thanks to SiZiF because you gived me an inspiration to create this thread.
P.S. That's not a bullsh1t. Everything is for real.

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2015-04-19, 05:43 PM,
wow, I think im a 'lil bit jealous :D

Well done buddy.
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CristianDIOR(2015-04-19 05:57 PM) 

Need help with anything German related? Just PM me!

My tutorials so far:
3x Black/Whitehat Niches
How to add a countdown to your LP - will increase your conversions/CTR
2015-04-19, 05:46 PM,
(2015-04-19, 05:43 PM)allnet Wrote: wow, I think im a 'lil bit jealous :D

Well done buddy.

You don't have to be jealous bro. 600$ a month it's not that difficult to live here like a king. Everything is possible. Liked your BIO: "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." That's why I quit university.
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๖ۣۜMateusz(2015-04-27 08:04 AM) polaskx(2015-04-19 07:58 PM) 
2015-04-19, 05:51 PM,
That's so awesome man! Definitely going to put that place on my holiday plans for the next years :P

But have you thought about what will you do in 10 years time? I mean you may live an amazing life for 10 years but at some point you'll want to move back to the UK and 800$/month might not be enough...

I have to say though that it seems like a paradise... the pools look amazing!
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CristianDIOR(2015-04-19 05:57 PM) 
2015-04-19, 05:57 PM,
(2015-04-19, 05:51 PM)Heraclitus Wrote: That's so awesome man! Definitely going to put that place on my holiday plans for the next years :P

But have you thought about what will you do in 10 years time? I mean you may live an amazing life for 10 years but at some point you'll want to move back to the UK and 800$/month might not be enough...

I have to say though that it seems like a paradise... the pools look amazing!

If you will come here let me know man. I will be happy to meet you here.
I'm just 21 years old, man. One day I will move to LA since there are people surfing too. Of course living here for 10 years that's too much of a paradise :) I'm making about 3k a month right now. And hopefully one day my earnings will be like Mats or Lethals :)
2015-04-19, 06:33 PM,
i am on 50$ right now when i get more money and stable income i am coming to Bali.
btw i heard that internet on bali is bad, is that true?
2015-04-19, 06:47 PM,
I'd never go so far from my country. If you went there because $600-a-month people are treated as kings, why not scale it up to $6000 a month, and live like a king in your own country, with your friends, and family? :)

No hard feelings, but for me that is a bad move you did there. Family, and friends are worth more than green paper.
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TBA(2018-01-13 11:34 AM) 
2015-04-19, 06:49 PM,
That trully looks like a paradise life man :)

And I bet it was so hard decision to leave your country and move to some far away world like Bali, how you even made it and decided to leave like that, what your parents told you about your decision? xD

Anyway big congratulations on that once again!

I will stay in my country this one summer for sure and then when it ends in autumn I'll see with myself if and where to move. And Bali really looks so atractive to me.

Cheers! :)

2015-04-19, 06:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-19, 06:55 PM by ShakyDairis.)
It's so fucking awesome, CristianDIO! It always has been my dream to move somewhere where all year is summer not like our grey colored nordic countries or UK. Sadly, am not earning anything but i am trying and trying to achieve my goals like purchasing a car, finding great place to live and enjoying the life in FULL power. Want to travel around some of world countries (Mostly europe and asia, like Mongolia because there is alot of undiscovered places from years before the birth of Christ), ehh... So much things i want to see in my entire life but it's a hard work to achieve these goals.

Earnings Online
★★★ 218.63€ ★★★
2015-04-19, 07:01 PM,
Good achievement (y)
Makes me want to come there :p

Keep working and never let the comfort slow you down ;)

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