My journey utilizing multiple methods [$100 PER DAY GOAL]
2013-05-28, 11:16 AM,
I've recently joined this site and I really like it. Very clean and professional. Also there is a lot of motivated people in this forum unlike some others I've been using. I'm starting this thread to keep me motivated and at least creating 1-2 accounts per day, also to get feedback from you users as well as encouragement. Thanks!

DAY 1 -
* I've created 10 accounts with HMA.
* Set default picture for channel, set video defaults for (title,description,tags) also.
* Featured my channel on all my videos and set my channel keyword to my niche.
* Spun 100 videos with video blaster pro.

DAY 1 Earnings from this niche - *still have to upload 80 more videos.
17 impressions
9 clicks
$0.34 EPC
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2013-05-28, 12:43 PM,
I don't understand you guys, why you upload 100 or more videos on youtube when you can make more with one HQ video ?
Why don't you make one HQ video, upload on youtube and try to rank it ? Really, you will make more that you will make with 100 videos. My opinion.
Anyway, good luck, I'm gonna follow you.
2013-05-28, 07:49 PM,
Got tired last night and ended up using 59 of the 100 videos so far. Not every channel has 10 videos as video blaster pro isn't 100%. Im sure about 75+ were unique out of those 100. 41 videos remain. All of these videos are on page 3 and beyond, some with a couple organic views since it's nearly impossible to boost each of these videos.

I have a few other niches I bring a few bucks a day in with, need to get those on page 1 as well. They're floating all over pages 2,3,4. Vagex account gets reset in a few days so I'll have 30k more credits. I have about 300k at enhanceviews. Will be slowly boosting with likes and custom comments. Need to get my site back up and running so I can rank in google as well, will also be watermarking all my videos with my domain. I have a few plugins for SEO, tags, pingers, sitemaps and social networks poster (a few auto-backlinks per post).

Once I get the site back up and running I'm going to add Download Mirror buttons to alternate networks I am with, hopefully that can pull in more earnings. I want to get with Adnooka and AWM as well. Also need to find better niches, these niches are all about 1k-6k in exact search results. Next goal is to shoot for a 100K exact match keyword and rank it along with completing the above tasks.
2013-05-30, 07:39 AM,
Didn't get a chance to do much yesterday, was too busy. I found a 135k exact match keyword and only 20k video results. Gonna give this a whirl and make a blogger page I suppose. I never got a chance to upload more videos on my initial niche for testing. I'm all over pages 2-7, it's kind of funny. But for a 1k exact match keyword it's not too bad I guess. Below are my earnings on that niche since I uploaded videos. Should I upload more?

Earnings: $6.39
Impressions: 57
Clicks: 27
EPC: $0.24
Downloads: 11
CR: 40.74%

Then here are today's stats. Nothin to be proud of lol, weekends I usually hit $10-15.
Earnings: $2.95
Impressions: 60
Clicks: 16
EPC: $0.18
Downloads: 5

Suggestions?? Time to hop on this other niche I came across, I'll post results tomorrow if I can get any downloads on it.
2013-05-30, 07:45 AM,
What exactly does video blaster pro do and where can I get it? Sounds amazing haha uploading 100's of videos..... Even though I have a hard time keeping up with like 5....

[Image: Ih5Q3GT.png]
2013-05-30, 08:07 AM,
I might have called it different than what it is lol.. You can watermark and spin 100's of videos pretty quick. I never rank the ones I want to mass upload. But link below dude.
2013-05-30, 07:06 PM,
Decent start. Try ranking one video first to test out your earnings. Goodluck.
2013-05-31, 07:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-31, 08:10 AM by Gitnmesumcash.)
Below is an update of the earning on the mass video niche. I'm still killing it on page results lol. I'd show you all my videos but don't want to give away the niche. Now they are all over pages 1-5 as well as my channel because I edited it in the advanced settings and added a keyword to my channel. Some of my channels are ranked higher than videos. All organic views I haven't boosted a single one. I'll add up all my views/likes as comments are disabled. Again this is a 1k exact match keyword. 1 of my videos is on page 2 for that keyword, gonna end up boosting that video now in hopes for page 1 top 5 ranking. Any top comment provider suggestons or tools? I know that will increase conversions. Since everyone and their mom was running enhanceviews under hella sandboxies I can't use it to send comments :P lol I admit I was running 10 viewers at once, I have over 700k points built up with them but I can't friggin use them.

Earnings: $21.42
Impressions: 204
Clicks: 91
EPC: $0.24
Downloads: 41
CR: 45.05%

Below are todays total lame earnings w/ other niches I'm trying to rank as well now. I lost a few accounts, damn fake/stolen videos lol. I am waiting on a custom app for this one (should be done tomorrow and will make a HQ video) since I can get downloads off stolen videos. Googletrends is pretty active on this niche for the past few years and it gets about 9900 searches a month with only 5800 video results. Page 1 should be easy in 3-4 days with this and an added benefit to my earnings.

Earnings: $4.25
Impressions: 80
Clicks: 24
EPC: $0.18
2013-05-31, 01:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-31, 01:17 PM by mashemaru.)
You are overdoing it mate, focus on quality not quantity. It will give you more earnings trust me

[Image: mashemaru.png]
2013-05-31, 09:19 PM,
A few of the accounts have gone down, about 4 or 5. The video I had on page 2 is now page 1, 7th position. Im sure I can reach #1 by the weekend. I think I sent 5k credits from SYV, it's good on likes and comments. Once my apps come thru I'll only have 2 HQ videos per account.

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