My first driving lesson. Lol.
2014-08-11, 02:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-11, 02:14 AM by Fridge.)
Alright so not too long ago I signed up for the driving school, we started with theory bla bla bla. I do max points at that, got no problems with it.

So today, at 6am I had my first driving lesson with my instructor, I never drove a car before.

Aight so he tells me the basic things bla bla bla and we go on the road, after about 15 mins the first problems start to show up. He kept trying to tell me that I am not changing the gears correctly from first to second, what he was trying to explain was that when I am in the first I need to leave the clutch at ''half the distance'' (you get the ideea) not fully leave it and then push it again like I was doing - to change in the second gear. I understood what he was trying to say when the lesson finished, until then I kept doing the same mistake and he kept trying to tell me that I am doing it wrong and told me that I am a hard learner a few times lol.

So we do a few more maneuvres and stuff and then he tells me to go on a road that intersects with a rail road. No, I didn't got hit by a train as you can see lol.

So we pass over the rail road and we enter in a small village, the sun was right in front of me and I could hardly see on the right side (where people walk and stuff).
Here comes the part where I complete fuck it up lol:

So, in front of us at like 50m there is a police car, I notice it, nothing wrong. Then a dog comes running from the left side, I panic thinking I will hit that mofo and since I saw a lot of movies of guys doing that maneuver when you turn right-left quickly to avoid something I am thinking to do the same thing.

I quickly turn right a bit (it was a pretty fast move) and when I want to turn left I can't. Why? My instructor almost pissed his pants and hit the brakes hard (lucky the speed was like 30-40 km/h). Sure, what I did was totally incorrect, it was silly to think that I would hit the dog (he didn't give a fuck about what happened if you want to know, he probably went to piss on some trees).
The thing that I didn't see was an old woman on the right side, my instructor tought that we gonna hit her so yeah...After that he started praying, told me that he never had a student like me in the past 20 years and told me that I might be crazy.

He kept praying for another 4-5 minutes and after that he tryed to joke and calm me down and saying it's ok bla bla bla.

So yeah, that was my first driving lesson, pretty pissed off about it and can't stop thinking at this thing and at what the instructor has said.
The thing I am more pissed off about is the fact that I never wanted to get a driving license, I wanted to get a motorcycle license but because of new stupid legislation (A2 limitation, I think it's in the most of EU countries) there's no school providing courses for that license in my county.

My next driving lesson is in 2 days, it should be interesting NerdShock

Later edit: Just noticed this is my 666th post, doesn't look good lol
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2014-08-11, 03:13 AM,
Weird stroy man. All I can say is, a driving license is something good to have these days, you won't regret it. I'd say just keep your speed low for the first couple thousand kilometers and over time the skills will develop. I remember when I first started out - it was like 10 years ago - I had no idea how to drive a car. Started from scratch. And now I consider myself a reasonable driver. Because skills develop.

Here's my advice; when it comes to a bad situation make your choice. Go for the "less" worst scenario. I know it's harsh, but if that goddamn dog is on your way, than it is. Don't drive your car into a police car or hurt anyone. Hey, I love animals I'm just trying to say if there's a possiblity to chose from two bad endings, chose the one that you think it's the best for everyone.
2014-08-11, 03:21 AM,
(2014-08-11, 02:07 AM)Fridge Wrote: After that he started praying, told me that he never had a student like me in the past 20 years and told me that I might be crazy.

I laughed but I still don't know what the guy expects from a first timer.. although I think you should get your parent to let you practice in an empty area.
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Fridge(2014-08-11 03:52 AM) 
2014-08-11, 03:31 AM,
We used to drive in a closed track for the first few days until I got the hang of the shifting and some really basic stuff. Like parking, starting the car, using the brakes, etc. Going straight to the road without any basic knowledge is not the best decision.
2014-08-11, 03:44 AM,
My driving classes the guy just kept asking me if I have ever driven around before and he sat on his found talking to me about cars and stuff LOL
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Fridge(2014-08-11 03:52 AM) 
2014-08-11, 04:51 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-11, 04:52 AM by Mr Giraffe.)
Quote:After that he started praying, told me that he never had a student like me in the past 20 years and told me that I might be crazy.
If that was your first driving lesson , he should have brought you to a desert and calm place to avoid this . Also , his comment was very unprofessional .
2014-08-11, 06:41 AM,
You made my day :)

Update this thread in 2 days
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pralniadolarow(2014-08-11 06:58 AM) 

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2014-08-11, 06:59 AM,
Great story, watch out!
2014-08-11, 02:10 PM,
(2014-08-11, 06:41 AM)sayoNara10 Wrote: You made my day :)

Update this thread in 2 days

I will don't worry Grin
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FRENCHINDAHOOD(2014-08-11 05:26 PM) 
2014-08-11, 02:40 PM,
Bro you made my day, here's rep 10000+
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Fridge(2014-08-11 02:56 PM) 

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