My PPD/CPA earning method using Parasite Page + SEO
2015-04-26, 02:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-26, 03:02 AM by BeHappy.)
I am sharing my last 6 month income source method - Parasite Page SEO

1. Find all top 100 games apps using based on country targets
2. Find two images for all selected games one for header and one for Background.(for Online generator)
3. Type all titles, header, keywords, description in excel sheet and keep ready.
This is important step as Keywords important (I coded program using php and generated more than 100 keywords for a single game niche hack)
4. Make use of any landing page generator and by using images,generate 100 LP along with CPA link.
I coded my own Landing Page generator using Php, MS excel data to Mysql DB and generated 100 LP. I also generated parasite page content the same way for all 100 niches..
5. Find good parasite pages like fb page,or any forum posts which is easy to rank in Google and having high DA...
6. Post all parasite pages within a day or two with proper IP rotation+user name variation.
7. Post your parasite pages links in FB page post, twitter and G+ post for quick Indexing
8. Then Start building GSA High PR links for these parasite indexed links only.Select >PR1 I didn't use contextual links I used only high >PR1
9. You can use GSA url redirector also for high PR links
10. Index all generated back links using indexification, blogger, pastebin so that max backlinks get indexed soon within a day.. I usually run GSA for 3 to 5 days that's it
11. Use hitleap or any traffic exchange site and send continuous traffic all around world for 2 or 3 days to your parasite pages. with in 2 or 3 days your parasite page will be in first page..

Enjoy your profit within a week... Scale it in big level...

I outsourced following works - 200$ expense and 300$ to GSA tools
1. Image selection for games niches
2. Posting parasite pages (I used 3 parasite pages)
3. GSA work
4. Indexing work
I tracked all outsourced work in excel sheets to avoid confusion and for proper ranking/indexing links

I worked on Niches selection, titles, keywords, Lp generation, Hitleap traffic.I targeted US mostly and then FR, NL.
Hardly 3 weeks work for me. 1 week for finalizing Niches and titles. 1 week for image and LP generation. 1 week for posting and ranking
Money started rolling in from October month

From October to till date I earned 25000$ in 7 months...

As of today I have 450 niches and getting solid weekdays 100-200$..Weekends 200-300$
Only problem in this method is negative comments in parasite pages, removal of pages. As its Set and forget I didn't bother much

Tips to scale up your earnings
1: Always Outsource repeated and time consuming work
2: Customize some work by automated coding or bot. I spent 100$ to get a Niche finder customized bot. Now I am using this bot for finding niches as I dont like games hack as games hack are highly competitive...
3: Always Use two networks link in your LP. if one network didnt convert other may convert. Initial 3 months I earned 1k to 2.5k$ per month and later I doubled my earning using two alternative links in my LP
4: Choosing Parasite pages also important, time to time google change algo and parasite pages ranking also changes

Now I am lazy to do these work and planning to move to Paid traffic as well as White Hat niches like clickbank, Amazon with direct website SEO
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2015-04-26, 06:12 AM,
Thanks for this bro :)
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BeHappy(2015-04-26 10:55 AM) 

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2015-04-27, 07:38 PM,
this tutorial is very nice.. but it will be much nicer if you will share the things you coded.. :D

2015-04-28, 01:31 AM,
This share is amazing for everyone.
Thank you so much Mr. BeHappy :)
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outgllat(2017-05-04 12:50 AM) 
2015-04-28, 02:12 AM,
i wish you could share the things you coded to make it easier for beginners.
2015-04-28, 04:22 AM,
Very nice method man nice to see all the hard work paid off also will help new comers ways to scale there offers
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henry39(2015-06-15 01:53 PM) 
2015-04-28, 04:54 AM,
If anyone could explain me what does it mean Parasite Page, btw really nice tutorial mate.

I am not going to be outworked. Period. You might have a lot more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me. You might be all of those things...but if we get on the treadmill together-there are two points: you're acquiring off first or I'm gonna die. It's seriously that simple.
2015-04-28, 10:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-28, 10:19 AM by BeHappy.)
(2015-04-28, 04:54 AM)Milijas Wrote: If anyone could explain me what does it mean Parasite Page, btw really nice tutorial mate.

Facebook, Storify, any website which has High Domain Authority. We can post our article with links in those parasite pages and we should rank those pages.

To rank our fresh website it will take 2 to 3 weeks to max 3 months, but we can rank parasite pages in a day to max 1 week

Disadvantage-People can fflag our page and the website owner can remove our page. So we need to take advantage earlier.

My php program is clumsy, as I added keyword generation, Landing page generation, parasite page content generation all in one program. Also manually I need to upload excel data to MySql database fields...Currently I am in vacation...Once I am back I will share it after adding proper comments (Readme.txt) and cleanup code...
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vegetajgd(2016-09-29 07:45 PM) unpacker(2015-05-21 01:55 AM) WebBrain(2015-05-07 07:10 PM) 
2015-04-28, 10:52 PM,
Hey man,thx for the share
but i'm lost after step 4
So you create landing page for each games, and then you post thoses landing page on facebook,storify, etc, but where did you post them ? i mean on your friend wall or ?
thanks for your time
2015-04-28, 11:44 PM,
Do u use online generator?

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