My Online Journey $10,000 a month!
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I'd first like to start off saying that what I'll be discussing will not be explicitly disclosed to protect against over saturation. Please do not ask what I am doing because I most likely won't answer. Maybe in the future I will share this with someone. Some vagueness can be expected. I am sharing my journey not only to brag but also because I also found inspiration from seeing others' stories. I hope I am not coming off as shallow, but I am trying to make sure my income stays sustainable. This may be a long post because I am starting from the beginning. Enjoy!

Past Endeavors Part 1

As a young child(still young) I was always interested in anything that would make me money. I would wash the dishes, take out the trash, babysit, or do any small favors that would earn me some quick bucks. I didn't come from a wealthy family(Still not wealthy) so I didn't really have much. I started trying to find 'make money online businesses' when I was about 11 years old (really young or not Nerd). I have you know that I am probably the most energy conservative person (others call it lazy) so my search included the keyword, "automation" and yes I knew what that was at that age. I remember landing on this website that said something along the lines of make money automatically by just purchasing and setting up my free website. I was only 11 and the prospects of this made me really excited. However, the program, I believe, was probably about $25 or somewhere around there. I don't really remember because it was a while ago. I didn't have the money though so I resorted to doing my normal quick jobs till I racked up the money. When I did get the money(not sure how long it took) I bought the product. God knows how excited I got! All I could think about was how rich I was going to be and all the traveling I would do and the big house I would buy my mother! I went through these emotions a few times with each new thing I got into. Anyways, as you guys may already know, that sh*t as exactly that, just a piece of or maybe a pile of sh*t! I don't know if that website is still around but if it is then I still may have the free website they gave me on a sub domain. Who knows if they are still active but I sure hope not. I don't know exactly what the product was about but I thought that all I had to do was buy the website and watch the money flow in. I checked like everyday and still did not have Jack or Jill to show for it. I know now that there are number of reasons I shouldn't have bought that thing but it's all part of growing in the online world.

Past Endeavors Part 2

Okay, I don't want to bore you guys with more stories that go on for that long so I'll try to keep it short. Over the next few years I have gotten into different things such as MLM/MLM/Pyramid schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. schemes are now banned from CPA Elites., HYIPs (stay away from those), PPC, forex, ebay and content marketing (not in this order - I don't remember which). I didn't really invest a lot of money in either one of these because I didn't really have the means to do so (thank God because I definitely would've wasted a lot of money). With little money I mostly tried finding cheap or free ways to get involved with these things. For example, when I got into PPC I tried getting coupons for the various platforms (Facebook, twitter, google, bing); they all have coupons around the net that with a little searching you can find if you are interested in doing advertising with them. I am still not an expert any of the areas I mentioned but I will say that I see potential in PPC, eBay, and content marketing(blogs, videos, etc...) and hope to learn more in them. I am mostly well versed in content creation. Last year a made a free iPhone video on youtube and got over 30,000 views but that took a while and the process was not hard but annoying to do if I should be honest. My video was ranked on the first page of youtube and at one point on google for the targeted keywords. I made about $300 from that video but that took a few months ($100 from ads and about $180+ from the site I sent the traffic to). One big mistake I made was not recording exactly what I did with the video that helped it rank but I think I have a vague idea and may be able to replicate it again(probably, probably not). If anyone is interested in knowing what I did, well what I can remember - I don't mind sharing(shoot me a pm). Though I have made money with youtube, I am mostly interested in PPC or PPV or just paid traffic in general because of how scalable it is but I don't know enough about them but I am looking into it. I know about landing pages, lists, and offers but I don't feel confident enough to execute anything. Before I get into any projects I like to have a clear plan even though I usually deviate from it because I want to experiment but paid traffic requires money which I hate to waste. But once I find a way to make profitable campaigns I will work from there. I also have made some money with eBay in the past which didn't last long because my account got removed because I broke some rule but I am not sure which one. Anyways, about 5 years ago when I was 13 (young but not young) an idea hit me! I thought to go find name brand products around the net at a discounted price and then list them on eBay for more money (market price) and take the profits. The thing about this is that there are so many name brand things out there that it can become overwhelming. I looked at everything from watched, clothes, gold clubs, etc... On my quest to find these things I stumbled across different drop shipping sites which peaked my interest. I think some of them offered trial and those were the ones I used because I didn't want to spend money without knowing if they worked. Long story short - most costs were too high and some weren't even really offering about real price cut backs so between ebay fees and paypal fees the profit was close to none. I did give on the dropping websites thing and just continued to trying to find other ways to get things cheap and resell. My search lead me into the direction of a jewelry website (name I don't remember) that was seller different jewelry but I don't recall if any were name brand. Anyways, I choose one of their bracelets which they had for about $1500 or somewhere around there. I didn't buy the bracelet because I didn't have the money so all I did was just list it on ebay with hopes that people will bid on it and bid they did! I ended up profiting over $600+ off that one bracelet which really excited me! I used that money to get me an iPad which I always wanted at the time. I was going to continue but my eBay account got banned and even though I attempted to make new ones they always seem to ban me again so I just stopped. I still don't know why my account was banned because I didn't do anything wrong as far as I know and the buyer was satisfied. Let me know what you guys think could have gotten me banned. I haven't really done anything eBay related since but writing this post definitely makes me excited to maybe try it out again. You guys can also try taking a stab at this and let me know how it goes for you. Feel free to ask me any questions about this and I will answer to the best of my ability.

What I am Doing Now

I am now currently 18 years of age and just completed my first year of college(Yay me)! It was about 2 months ago that I was searching the net, yet again, for help with how to setup a profitable CPA campaign and I don't know how I ended up where I did but I came across something cool. I am not ready to disclose any of this here and have only done so with 2 friends of mine even though only 1 has decided to take action and just made a profit of about $700 and it has only been a week. Though I found out about this method about 2 months ago, it took me about two weeks to get started because I was busy with school and work. When I finally got a break from the load, I started taking action. On my first day I made $100 in profit which wasn't bad considering it didn't take long at all. I didn't continue the next day because I got busy again but when I did it again I made another $100. I took another break from it and then I did it again another day making an additional $100. I was only making approximately $100 a day because I just started and didn't want to do too much. I wanted to get comfortable with everything and ensure that everything was working fine. The best part about this method is that it is super easy to scale so I had the potential to make $1000 profit in a day's work. In the last week I made $2000 in profit and by the end of this week I stand to make $4000 in profit. I can also continue to scale up and increase my profits. My goal for the end of this month is to make at least $10,000. I will try to keep everyone posted on my progress.

Thanks for reading!
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2015-05-12, 08:56 AM,
What network are you using
2015-05-12, 09:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-05-16, 11:16 PM by britsopinion.)
(2015-05-12, 08:56 AM)Ve7o Wrote: What network are you using

I'm thinking you're referring to paid advertising so this answer will be for that. I am not currently doing paid advertising but may do so in the future to expand my source of income and income in general. I noticed over the years that networks are adding and dropping quickly so though I am interested in working with facebook for PPC and Traffic Vance or Lead Impact for PPV - these may change when I do decide to do paid advertising. I am not well versed in paid traffic so I would suggest that you try looking into those more and also others. I usually read forums for insiders or watch youtube videos to help me better understand things. I hope this helped Smile
2015-05-13, 12:28 AM,
Update: Okay, so I made a few changes in my business within the last 24 hours that seem to be for the best(I hope). My original profit for the end of this week was going to be around $4000 but with the changes I have made I may be making around $5500 in profits and that's because things have been moving kind of slow. I should be looking at roughly $7000 in profits each week after everything is settled. I will try to keep up with this.
2015-05-13, 12:55 AM,
Wow, you're going to make $7000 per week soon? Those are astronomical numbers. Congrats on that!
2015-05-13, 03:50 AM,
Nice, goodluck with your journey!
2015-05-13, 04:18 AM,
bro good luck and make ca$h <3

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2015-05-13, 10:48 AM,
(2015-05-13, 12:55 AM)wintertitan Wrote: Wow, you're going to make $7000 per week soon? Those are astronomical numbers. Congrats on that!

Yea, I am on track to be making $1000 per day (profit). Today I made $700+ and I am hoping to make more tomorrow. I will try to post pics of payment flowing in and out of my account once I have a smooth flow of things.

Thanks to everyone who wished me goodluck. I wish you all the same in any venture you guys decide to take on.
2015-05-15, 09:23 PM,
Man Please tell what exactly you I really need to bank
2015-05-16, 06:42 AM,
(2015-05-15, 09:23 PM)h4x0r007 Wrote: Man Please tell what exactly you I really need to bank

I wish I could share my niche without risking over saturation but that's not the case. Maybe one day I will share with a select few on here.

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