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My Jurney with no investment
2017-10-31, 12:52 AM,
First time i've heard about Cpa was january last year where i started cpa with cpalead.com and got banned without a reason with balance of 3$ :P

This year i've decided to start fresh on cpabuild and not give up. Started since 8 days ,still no earnings or whatsoverer but im not quitting.

Currently done :
✓registered a free domain with a nice name
✓ready templates and landing pages for upload
✓youtube account
✓youtube views(service),got them from bots runing on a lifetime vps that i won on giveaway
✓necressary templates and banners

To do :
✘find new niches because current ones obiviously suck

✘try out instagram cpa
✘facebook cpa trough ads and groups
✘invest earned money in more HQ domains,bots 
✘scale up with more accounts
✘find someone to help me coz im a noob at recording videos for yt

Current stats:
[Image: DWpY2lr.png]
stats if image above doesnt display : https://i.imgur.com/DWpY2lr.png
will be updating the thread everytime i complete a task or earn something.
Regards ;-;
2017-10-31, 01:29 AM,
Good luck bro! I will follow your journey.
2017-10-31, 01:32 AM,
(2017-10-31, 01:29 AM)MrDzo Wrote: Good luck bro! I will follow your journey.
Thank you for your support. Im doing my best but still nothing, kills my motivation but i've decided not to quit.
2017-10-31, 02:03 AM,
I wish you the best of luck! I'll be following this one!
2017-10-31, 10:43 AM,
just woke up, got a lead :D wooooo
[Image: 5YzaDZM.png]
Gonna be today working on a niche i came up with yesterday
2017-10-31, 06:49 PM,
Update : finished the landing page for the new niche that i'll be using soon.
So far 6 impressions for this day,and no earnings.
To do for today :
*make a video for the new niche and wait for the publishing day.
*create some instagram accounts
*create a facebook account
2017-11-01, 03:04 PM,
Good luck with your journey , all the best !
2017-11-01, 11:19 PM,
Good luck man !! You are going to need it ! :*
2017-11-01, 11:21 PM,
(2017-11-01, 11:19 PM)AlexEdy1982 Wrote: Good luck man !! You are going to need it ! :*
yes man i will.
Thanks for the support. I appriciate it >_>
2017-11-03, 05:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-11-03, 05:02 AM by Dr Who.)
got another lead today woo :D

Finished 2 niches and landing pages for them.
Made and uploaded a video for the 1st niche
Created a facebook account,growing it steadily,will use it to advertise on it later
Todo (Tommorow i hope):
Make 2nd video for my 2nd niche
use views for youtube that i botted,get some comments and likes.
make an instagram account,test out some bots
Grow facebook more and try to advertise
current stats :
[Image: ZbxcQ66.png]

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