My IM Life Experiences
2015-11-15, 07:00 PM,
Tell us about your family life?
- I live alone in rent apartment. My parents are divorced and I don't really like any of them (Long story.) Have two brothers who I love.

Martial status?
- Single.

How did you find CPA Elites?
- At Forum discussions are not allowed here. , I was very active there for couple of years and found this place at internet marketing section when I started to learn how to make money online.

When did you first start getting into internet marketing?
- At the end of 2011.

What inspired you to start internet marketing?
- I always wanted to fork for myself and organize my own work time & be my own boss. In my whole life I'm addictive to sitting on a PC and always learning & exploring something so this kind of job very suits for me.

Where do you spend your hard earned money on?
- I bought two cars. (I would bought only one but I crashed first one.) I'm very economic person so like to save much money as I can to feel more secured and independent.

What is your motivation to keep on making money?
- I always set goals and then work to achieve them. My first goal was car and now it's either apartment or house so I don't have to pay rent every month anymore.

What's the total amount of Money you have made?
- Something above $110,000. In my opinion it's not much since I work online for 4 years already. But I'm trying to be better.

Any tips for the community?
I have two powerful quotes which always inspire me when I feel low. I hope it will motivates you too.
- "Failing is part of success. The only real fail is not getting up."
- "A winner is a looser who kept trying."

Any thing you would like to say here?
- Well at first I thought internet marketing is something like dream job or God blessed job. Maybe it is if you manage to earn really big money to retire yourself and don't work that much.
But one big disadvantage in this kind of job (at least for me) is feeling lonely. I was never very social person at all. But when I started to work on this full time, I only go out when I go to gym or to buy something. And this is especially how I live in winter when I work most of my time. At summer I'm more social and party almost every weekend and so.
But what is my opinion is that people are social beings. And what is difference between this job and other jobs is that in this one you're alone working at home and don't have a touch with other people except online chating. But it's not like talking in real life. in other "normal" jobs you have colleagues to talk to and can't feel that alone. There are some days when I feel desperate because I didn't talk to someone for days. Since there are days when I'm on my PC whole time. I do have regularly habit to go to gym 4-5 times a week but people there who I talk to are only acquaintances and not real friends.
And it's really hard to find real friend in real life when you do a job like this. No one can understand you what you really work and you can't talk with anyone about it like other people who only talks about work at their coffee time.
I don't know. Maybe things will get better when I manage to earn biggest money then now and hopefully set my earning on autopilot for a while. Now I just feel I still have to work hard.
I'm sticking to those two quotes I added in paragraph above so I hope one day all this will pay me off.

Thanks for reading guys and if you have a dream do whatever it takes to make it true :)

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2015-11-15, 07:27 PM,
Damnn i really love these life experience ;)

2015-11-15, 07:29 PM,
Good Read thanks for sharing mate! And awesome tips you got there

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-11-15, 08:11 PM,
Nice write up SiZiF, I'm loving these threads!
2015-11-15, 08:17 PM,
Wow I am reading all these experiences and they're awesome!
2016-01-11, 01:33 PM,
Always Smile & Happy..
2016-02-06, 04:28 AM,
Very very impressive. The part Goal is most important for every business (y)

[Image: adludum_banner3.jpg]
2016-04-24, 03:13 AM,
Let's watch people learn!
2016-05-02, 04:13 AM,
Nice achievement :D
I would like be you.
2016-07-01, 04:02 PM,
very nice life story. keep it up,

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