My IG Journey - Nothing to something
2017-05-15, 12:12 PM,
Hey guys!

I joined this forum about a year ago and really haven't touched it since. Kind of sad considering all of the valuable knowledge other users here have to share. I know I'm not much of a person to converse with others online much on forums as I'm busy with work and school at the moment. However, I am wanting to change that, and I believe that by me creating this thread, it will help motivate me to follow through with my plans.

My plan starting out
My plan is to create 3 Instagram accounts to start with, building them up in different niches. Once they reach a certain threshold in followers and likes I will then use OGAds, CPABuild and some affiliate marketing here and there.

My Investments
I have some funds that I am able to invest (about $100), but I'm not quite sure where to put them other than a good VPS/Proxy service. And with MassPlanner going down for IG, it seems like it may be a bit rough for automation at the moment.

$1 daily []
$5 daily []
$10 daily []
$25 daily []
$50 daily []
$100 daily []
$100+ daily []

What the future has to hold
Honestly, I don't know, and I find that exciting. I may succeed, I may fail. Either way it will be a learning experience for me in the world of online marketing.

So without further ado, this is me starting my journey on Instagram. I wish everyone who is doing their own journey good luck!
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2017-05-15, 12:44 PM,
Good luck on your journey!
Hope you will reach all your goals and succeed!
I will be following this journey :D

Do you know why are there no Lamborghini ads on TV?

Because the people who can afford a Lamborghini are not sitting around, watching TV all day.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”
2017-05-15, 12:52 PM,
Keep it up, mate. Hope to see your earnings soon.

2017-05-15, 02:06 PM,
Good luck on your amazing journey! I hope you succeed so much! Money
2017-05-15, 05:52 PM,
Hey, thanks for your interest guys! Right now I'm just starting the warm up process, following what Lolgend did with his accounts.

I'm doing some manual, and testing the InstaQ beta from the forums here. I'll try to update my progress on the accounts every day or two.
2017-05-16, 07:48 AM,
Best of luck mate, I will follow this.
2017-05-16, 10:26 AM,
Update #1 - 5/15/2017
Not too much to report on right now. I currently have two accounts running with for some minimal likes/follows as a warm up. My first account is one I created nearly a year ago when I wanted to get started with CPA but never committed to it. I consider this somewhat cheating as I began sending out follows and likes from it a day or two before I posted this thread and it is currently sitting at 124 followers.

I created my second account last night and I'm trying to do no more than 5-10 follows per day and about 20-30 likes per day on it. However, it only has pulled in one measly follower after a day. Oh well, just a bad start I guess. Either way I just need to keep trying.

Other than that, I have purchased two IG accounts from Rasv on his website. It took a little while for delivery, but everything worked out. Both accounts login fine and I can't wait to start using them on a proxy soon!

Total expenses so far:
2 IG accounts - $0.50

That's about it for today.
2017-05-17, 12:17 PM,
Quick Update: 5/17/2017

Hey guys. Was just wanting to let you know that not much has happened recently other than a technical screw up. I was running a bot on my first account to test how it ran and apparently I ended up following a little over 500 people in these past 24 hours. I am concerned whether or not it is safe, but I am prepared for the worst if it does go down. On the positive side, I got an increase of 80 followers, sitting at 220 at the moment. The likes on the first post with no bot boosting has been okay so far, 12 likes in the past hour. But I'd rather take that than 12 likes in 24 hours.

The second account isn't going up that well. Another day, another follower. As in one. So 2 followers total on it, with it following 13 people. I figure the slow increase is due to my warming up plan for it as it is still fairly fresh.

The accounts Rasv sent me are good and I plan on setting them up tomorrow in different niches to see what I can scale up. Other than that, I have purchased proxies from Blazing Proxies. I chose the $6/month plan mainly because I was just starting out and then I can scale up accordingly.

Total Expenses (to date):
2 IG accounts : $0.50
5 dedicated proxies from Blazing Proxies : $6

Here's to crushing it! We can all move forward and crush it together.
2017-05-17, 06:04 PM,
Goodluck man! following your journey :)
2017-05-18, 01:15 PM,
Good going man, keep it up

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