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Guess What Folks!?
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Here's a little eye opener For Ya,
It takes just as much time and effort to promote a high end product as it does
Just The Marketing is a bit different, Maybe a little more refined!
And Most people fail to realize refund rates with expensive
products are much lower, as, when people make a big purchase they tend to
have thought it through properly rather than done so on impulse.
I'm gonna show you a wide range of products in a variety of different niches
Just kinda have a look at them, Get a Feel for them and see what and If
something speaks to you lol, Per se'Sometimes your Instincts are more Valuable
than any Tool in your arsenal. Just have to learn to listen to and recognize
where it's trying to lead you!
All these niches have one thing in common?

The Payout is on the HIGH END !

[Image: money-is-in-the-list.jpg]

[Image: to-do-list-long1.jpg]

[Image: index.png]

*Private Jet Charter

High flyers are fed up of strict rules for commercial airlines, long
queues, airport security and having to share a flight with others so
have started to rent their own flight charters instead.
These are popular and pay juicy commissions.

Villiers Private Jet Charter
$244 commission per booking.


This company helps people invest in gold and most people investing in
gold do so in significant sums not small amounts.
Send them your leads and they will do the rest for you – following up
with the customer and closing the sale.

Regal Gold

Gold Broker
$200 commissions


Luxury Travel is VERY lucrative. People pay tens of thousands of
dollars to go on dream holidays of a life time so the commission
payouts can be huge.

Africa Point
African safari and travel company with up to 30% commissions and has a
1 year cookie. A single sale can net as much as $350 in commissions.

Luxury Travel Team
Luxury Travel & Cruise company that guarantees 25% more income than
your current cruise affiliate program.

The luxury hotel chain pay up to 10% commission with a conversion rate
of around 3% and average sale of £150.

Exotissmo Travel
A South East Asia based tour company with 90 day cookies and will pay
you even for enquiries where no sale is made. Via ShareASale.

Tour Radar Adventure Tours
Paying 50% on confirmed bookings of average $2,000 sale makes this a
very exciting affiliate program.

Luxury Link
Pays 4-6% commission on average orders of $1,200 and has a 60 day
cookie on its luxury travel. platforms/affilateprogram

Sandals Resort
Pays 4% commission and has EPCs of $137.99. 90 day cookies on
Caribbean Holidays. Via

Orient Express Luxury
Trains & Hotels
Pays 3% and has a 90 day cookie on its luxury train travel. Via

Travel Payouts
60-70% per sale. 9$ per airplane ticket. 20$ per hotel booking

1.25% per sale. 30 day cookie.

Walt Disney World
Flights and hotel = 3%. Travel packages can quickly add up to $5K-$10K

Hotel Travel Check
$250 per hotel referred

8% commissions which = $1039.92.


Promoting ecommerce platforms as an affiliate can be a lucrative
business.Most people don’t have the technical know how to set up their own
store so using a ready built platform is appealing.

They pay up to $358 per sale and 200% commissions or more if you can
send high volumes of targeted traffic.

Finest Shops
$150 for every referral.

Drop Ship Access
$73 for every subscriber or $173 for enterprise subscribers.


Template monster
30% commission

Too many options and variables to list.

Big commerce
$600 per sale

660$ per sale

DropShip lifestyle
$300 per sale

20% per sale on a monthly recurring basis, order values range from
$100 per month to $500 per month. Plus a tiered 5% monthly recurring
commission per sale for every affiliate a super affiliate refers.


This is a slightly unusual one but potentially very lucrative too.
This would work perfectly with someone who has a local business
website or a travel / tourism based site.

$20 per rental and EPCs of $130.

(UK & Europe)
100 Euro for each booking and 50 Euro just for signing up

Vegas Luxury Cars
(Las Vegas)
10% commission on huge rental fees.

20% commissions


It’s not just flights the rich charter they like to rent boats and yachts
too. Again these don’t come cheap which means hefty commissions
for you.
A yacht charter program with generous payouts depending on sales price.

Sailing Europe
A high end sailing charter program that pays between $50 to $100 per

Cruise direct
3.5 of gross sales of referred bookings
5% commissions


The home security niche is a  
$42 billion dollar niche

ADT Home Security
$125-$165 per sale.

15 % lifetime commissions on every purchase.


Up to 20% commissions with average order of $419 withcommission-junction/2700030

Video Surveillance Monitor
35 % commissions
Video-Surveillance- Monitor.html

Front point security
$300 per qualified activation

Protect America
300$ per new customer

Brickhouse security
12% commission


When most people think drones they associate the type that fly over
Afghanistan and the like dropping bombs on suspected terrorists but
actually drones are used for all sorts of commercial reasons too.
Amazon recently announced within the next few years they plan to
deliver packages Via unmanned drones for example.

Up to 5% commission on drones ranging from $679 to $1,199.

3 % commission on products ranging up to $ 3,000

1 tier= 5% of sales

5% on any sales from production selection


White label software is software that you can re-brand as your own
without any technical knowledge or costly coding needed.
This particular software is an insurance software that companies can
use to ‘sell’ insurance which is handled by the parent company.
Companies can add this to their website and make 25% on all sales
and you as the affiliate will make a percentage on the whole thing.


Jewlery and watches are rarely cheap and the high end retailers
sell items which cost tens of thousands of dollars meaning the
commissions can be huge.
With luxury watches some people will buy them simply to collect them
so a new purchase might be made every 6 months.

James Allen Jewler
5 % commission on an average item cost of $ 3,000

Since 1910
5 % commission on items costing thousands of dollars.

The Watchery
10 % commission on watches costing up to $ 10,000

Leibish Co. Fancy Color
$75 per lead – 90 day cookie

12 percent commissions

Blue Nile
5% commissions

Time and gems
5% commissions

Diamonds USA
7% commissions

Viennois Online
10% commissions

Blount Jewels, Inc.
8% commission. Loose diamond sales have a flat commission of $150 per
stone sold.

Design It Jewels
$50 commissions on every deposit made


These tools include VPNs, VPS, and phone systems to make life easier.
This is a expected to grow to a billion dollar market in the future

Grashopper Phone System
Designed for businesses to get a toll free phone number that can be
forwarded to any phone in the world
$100 per order

CyberGhost VPN
50 % lifetime commissions.

100 % commission and 35% on future renewals

Overplay VPN
30 % lifetime commissions on a monthly charge

10% commissions


As I’m sure you can imagine debt settlement programs are great
program to promote especially in the current financial situation.
People are so deep in debt and they need a way out they’ll take on debt
settlement programs to try and solve their problems.

National Debt Relief
$300 commission per sale and $27.50 for qualified leads.

$60 to $250 commission.

Up to $500 commission per sale.

Anthony Credit Expert
(credit repair)
1st Tier: Up to $100 per client signup.  2nd Tier:  $25 per client.

American Debt Enders
$10.00. for every qualified lead for any program, $50.00 for each debt
management enrollment, $100.00 for each chapter 7 BK enrollment,
$125.00 for each student loan enrollment, $125.00 for each debt
settlement enrollment

10% of debt amount

DMB financial
About 250$ commissions

50% of bitbonds origination fee


Medical tourism is booming!
People will travel from expensive Western nations to cheaper
destinations for high quality and low cost medical treatment.
Popular destinations include Thailand, Costa Rica and Cuba.

$100 to $200 commissions.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism
Commission average is $500.

Stem Cell Malaysia
$3000 to $5000 per successful client


Binary options are placing investments on short term actions in the
marketplace. Appeals to home traders and gamblers.

Up to $200 for each new customer you send.

Binary United
$150 for each new customer

Top Trading Network
Up to $300 per lead


This niche is HUGE! People are obsessed with protecting their homes
and families and watching what others are up to.
Everything from security cameras to GPS tracking to family security
and it sells well and sells often.

Spy Gear 4 U
10 % commission on items costing up to $ 1,000.

Varying commissions on products up to $2,000

10% per sale

1st Tier payout rate is 70%. $300 Bonus is paid to you as soon you make
your first 10 Phoggi sales after you join.

90$ per customer

10% commissions


Golf as we all know is a rich man’s sport. It isn’t cheap to buy a set of
clubs and all the accessories that come with them.
People don’t only pay for equipment they pay for training, tutorials and
instruction too. Anything to get an extra yard on that swing.

Pro Put Systems
Commission average around $300.

Pure Point Golf – Golf Instructions
50% commission on average instruction video of $50.

Pro Tee Indoor Golf
10 % commission on simulators that cost over $ 30,000!


There are green / eco friendly affiliate programs for all sorts of things
from mattresses to home turbines.

6% commission on sales.
eco_affiliates/wind_power_affiliates/wind_turbin  e_affiliate/

Gaiam Green Products
8% commission on a range of products priced well into the thousands of
dollars mark.

Essential Eco Friendly Mattresses
$100-$400 for every sale

Fast Floors Eco Friendly Floor Material
5-7 % commissions on average orders of $ 2,200

Solar Sphere Kits 10 %
per sale


Brain supplements are big business so be smart and start promoting
them. It’s estimated this niche is worth 2 billion dollars and growing.

Simple Smart Science
30% lifetime commissions

Cerebral Success
30 % commission on all sales


Massage chairs are expensive and have many uses from being
featured in homes to airports.

Elite Massage Chairs
$200 commission on every sale plus bonuses for hitting certain targets.
7 % commission. Chair prices go up to $ 6,000
5-7 % on all chairs.


Gold prospecting is back in fashion all over the world. With huge gold
reserves being discovered in Ireland, Scotland, USA and Australia
individuals are taking up the activity hoping to find treasure!
Equipment is rarely under $100 in price and ‘high bankers’ can easily
cost $1,000 +.

Gold Hog
10 % commissions on average item of $ 200.

BlackCat Mining
7 % commissions on items costing from $100 to $ 2,000

Gold N Sand
10 % commissions, very few items under $100 available.

Gold Rush Trading
8% commission on high priced products.

[Image: ninja_ninja.jpg]

Major Props:
stuArt WAlKer
List Compilation
[Image: peace.png]
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2018-03-11, 05:41 AM,
A great list thanks bro!
2018-03-11, 07:25 AM,
Interesting list for sure. Some links don't work under *MEDICAL TOURISM. Can you check and fix em? Thanks Cool
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jordanmichael2a(2018-04-17 12:03 PM) SwiffJustus(2018-03-11 08:06 AM) 

↘ Best CPA Network for Desktop/Mobile Traffic! ↙
[Image: s1R2zy]
BH +FR PINS, 1000s of TEMPLATES, 5k OFFERS+, $5 SIGN UP BONUS, BITCOIN PAYOUT, Weekly Payouts (Default)
2018-03-11, 07:52 AM,
Really good list and niche thread .

I would advice to every beginer to not target travel niche because this niche is REALLY HARD . By really hard i mean the budget you need is important
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SwiffJustus(2018-03-11 08:18 AM) 
2018-03-11, 08:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-03-11, 08:49 AM by SwiffJustus.)
(2018-03-11, 07:52 AM)euforio Wrote: Really good list and niche thread .

I would advice to every beginer to not target travel niche because this niche is REALLY HARD . By really hard i mean the budget you need is important

Thank you sir and you are absolutely right some of those are not beginner friendly for the exact reason you stated. You would need a bit of a Budget to be competitive as far as advertising goes. DEBT Relief is probably another and CREDIT as well. Of Course if someone has a strong presence on specific social media  and Forum Communities related to those things maybe they could do a bit of networking that way. That's the Good thing About some high ticketed programs, the traffic doesn't have to be Gi-normous  for you to be able to still earn, But you do need to know where to go and having some traditional networking skills would benefit you as well.

Thanks again My Friend glad you dropped by the thread, always nice to have the support of our Veteran members!

(2018-03-11, 07:25 AM)DrKent Wrote: Interesting list for sure. Some links don't work under *MEDICAL TOURISM. Can you check and fix em? Thanks Cool

Thanks Dr.K ,
Yeah I went back and cleaned it up a bit..The Centering also broke some of the links that I didn't notice..I 'll go back over it again Later.
Always just so much going on ya know lol..

 I Try though Grin
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jordanmichael2a(2018-04-16 01:51 PM) 
2018-04-16, 01:26 PM,
Nice list.. Good work. But there is also an Magento Affiliate Extension which will do your marketing even you asleep. You will pay only when Customer come to your place and buy..

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