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Mitpat - CPA Elites interview
2014-01-07, 11:46 PM,
Mitpat's Official Interview

A Little about Mitpat!

Mitpat (Quality Member) is know for not only being a outstanding member but his leads are only what we dream of! Making 192k in a month!
He is a inspiration to all of us new internet marketers.


Label: When did you first start getting into internet marketing?

Mitpat: I started in March 2013 a few months after finishing university, I had just rejected a job for improving drones (my system would have made them up to 100x more deadly, but I think there is enough death in the world)

Label: On a average how much do you earn in a day? (Optional)

Mitpat: I make a minimum of 4 figures a day and on some days 5 figures. My 2014 goal is to get that to a minimum of 5 figures a day.

Label: What inspired you to start internet marketing?

Mitpat: For me it was working in a real job for a couple of days. I've worked for years but always for myself so when I started an office job for someone else it was a huge shock for me. The 2 hour travel time was enough for me to hate the job and the job itself was pretty boring. Also the fact that I was working harder to make other people more money seemed ridiculous to me. 2 days into my 1 week trial I quit and decided to do my own thing.

Label: What are some of the things you do with your money and things you wanna share that you have bought?

Mitpat: So far I've bought mainly bedroom improvements. I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair (£1k chair), new computer (around £4k), Nexus 5, new carpets, new lights, extra insulation. The rest of the money is all reinvested back into PPC or into the stock market for now. Eventually I'm going to have a house built but that won't be for at least a few years yet.

Label: What kept you motivated to keep on pursuing the internet marketing dream? :)

Mitpat: For me it was down to how easy it is compared to any other job. The other thing is it really is down to me, the smarter and harder I work the better I will do. The money was the other factor, there is no other way I know of where I can make this much money with a small amount of assets. Eventually I plan to become a full time investor because once I have enough capital built up (minimum £5 million) I can make more money just investing plus it give me time to enjoy myself (at the moment I mainly just work).

Label: How did you find cpaelites?

Mitpat: I found it through --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- being advertised through someones signature.

Label: Any tips for the the cpaelites community?

Mitpat: If you want to really succeed don't do what everyone else is doing. Once I started doing my own thing my earnings went through the roof and they'll continue going up for a good while yet.

Label: What do you think about the cpaelites community?

Mitpat: I've been going on forums for 15 years and this is the first one where the admins are actively involved in making it better and keeping it high quality. Also I like that the community hasn't become split between newbies and more experienced users which seems to happens on most forums. Overall I'd say that I wish cpaelites was around when I first started CPA, it would have saved me a lot of hassle and time.

Label: And last things you would like to say?

Mitpat: I hope everyone has a great year.

Label: Thanks for the interview :) I appreciate it.
2014-01-08, 10:47 AM,
Approved thank you!
Good interview.
2014-01-08, 10:49 AM,
Mitpat is really a good earner and a good guy, good interview
2014-01-08, 11:02 AM,
very nice thoughts there mitpat . Hope you make more dollars this season .

will rise from ashes One day !
2014-01-08, 11:12 AM,
Great guy, great stuff.
2014-01-08, 02:08 PM,
(2014-01-08, 11:02 AM)reb0rn045 Wrote: very nice thoughts there mitpat . Hope you make more dollars this season .

So do I :D and thank you for the words of encouragement. Thats what I love about this forum, people are still encouraging me even with the earnings I have now :D

Please don't message me with mentoring or business proposals as I simply do not have the time. If you need any help please use the link below for the helpdesk.

2014-01-08, 02:14 PM,
Nice interview! Keep up the good work mitpat!

[Image: 15mkyf4.png]
2014-01-08, 02:16 PM,
Great interview. I want to see more bragging threads topping off your previous months earnings! =P
2014-01-09, 01:34 PM,
mitpat you are a freaking legend! I really pray to be like you one day. Congrats on your crazy earnings too,Are you a millionaire?

OK thats it, great interview as well, this just pumped me up to start working harder.
2014-01-09, 01:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-09, 01:47 PM by hammerK.)
These interviews are always a good read!! Very nice story and of course congratulations to those damn nice earnings mitpat!

Still the most reliable PPD network!
[Image: kGkKmYZ.png]

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