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Michael’s journey to $515.20 in 21 days with Content Lockers
2020-12-21, 10:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 2020-12-30, 10:53 AM by MyLead.)
You want to get the amount of $515.20. Don’t you? All of that and even more is waiting for you right now. You only have to do some mouse clicks. Easy!

Let’s talk about Micheal, who regularly promotes computer games. He has been dealing with this subject for a long time, but this time he decided to promote it in a slightly different way.

You probably wonder how did he earn exactly USD 515.2 in only 21 days? Read the case study and find out how it is possible.

[Image: youtube.png]

The thing about Content Lockers

Michael found out about Content Lockers, a new option available on MyLead and decided to give them a try. Content Lockers are a so-called "empty offers", that allows you to earn money by blocking certain content. You can use them on your website or blog to block access to an entry or article (or only a part of it). There can be content in the application blocked or you can use the file blocking option. The latter can be put in a comment, social media post or on your own blog or website. The possibilities are endless, to be honest.

Let’s talk about Michael. Shall we?

Well, he wanted to know how he could use the Content Locker in his activities. He thought about what might be the most searched phrase for players of the popular computer game Among Us and cleverly combined the facts. Moreover, he began to monetize his actions straight away.

[Image: screen.png]

A few minutes were enough and Michael managed to figure out a plan. His analysis showed that the most frequently searched phrases are game hacks. Hacks are quite a wide niche and can be used in a variety of ways, but game hacks are probably the most recognizable type of them. At least for someone dealing with games, such as Michael.

Michael decided to block access to one of the Among Us hacks. It was a great idea! We all know that this game was so popular not far ago. Michael found and downloaded a hack that interested him the most. And then...

[Image: screen4.png]

he prepared a dedicated video on his YouTube channel, in which he presented the game possibilities and instructions for use. For this purpose, Michael recorded some individual clips and edited them using the free HitFilm Express software. He could use, paid Adobe Premiere software as well, or any other actually. The choice of the editing program depended on his financial abilities.

[Image: screen2.png]

Michael also created a description of the movie in which he placed a link to the file. The description contained keywords that allowed the potential players to find the video more easily. Michael put the link right in the first line of the description so that the user didn't have to expand it to download the file.

Michael used straight redirection to the File Locker but another great option could be creating a landing page and placing the link there.

How does it work?

The user looking for some game hacks finds Michael’s video. Then he watches the tutorial, clicks on the link in the description, selects "download", and sees an offer with several actions to perform in exchange for downloading the desired file. The File Locker looks like this:

[Image: filelocker.png]

Let’s talk about money, right? You probably wonder how did he manage to earn that much in such a short amount of time? The goals of the campaign were:
  • to increase in the number of views of the video,
  • to achieve the highest possible conversion rate,
  • to generate profit because of Content Locker usage.
As it was mentioned before, Michael used a Content Locker and supported his promotion with the YouTube video. He posted there several tutorials related to computer games and hacks usage. In the descriptions of these videos, he placed links to download the file.

Michael had a well-identified target group. The recipients were carefully selected so he knew exactly to whom he should address his content. The viewers were mostly players, people looking for new solutions in the popular game and some Among Us enthusiasts. Young men were the most numerous group. The content created by Michael was directed mainly to countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Canada because it allowed him to get a high amount per conversion and made his results even better.

[Image: screen5.png]

As in the real-life, there were, of course, better and worse moments. Some of the first days only generated views and by the 5th day, there were only 23 leads. Not very impressive. But by the 24th there were as many as 644 leads with over 4569 clicks on the link and more than 10 thousands views. Have a look at the statistics!

[Image: results.png]

[Image: results3.png]

Within 3 weeks, Michael’s video was displayed by more than 10,5 thousand users, out of which more than 40% expressed a desire to receive a hack. The conversion rate was about 14.1%. Earnings vary depending on the quality of the source of traffic, country, and device. Michael managed to get USD 0.80 per one conversion because of reaching only to the people interested in the game topic living in a specific area (US, CA, NZ).  

[Image: results2.png]

Proper film preparation was significant. It is important to show that the software actually works so that the potential customer has no doubts about it and wants to download the file himself. Michael did a great job. Besides, it is worth optimizing the video for SEO so that it appears in the search results.

A good description of the hack file was very important because it helped to attract an even larger audience and allowed Michael to become more trustful. The more realistic the file looks, the more conversions it generates and that’s why Michael described his hack as "Among_Us_hack_[2020].rar". He also decided to accurately mark its size [10.65 MB]. This made his offer even more credible.

Well, he needed only 3 weeks to become richer. Think about how much could you achieve in 2 months or a year! Let us know what you think!

[Image: 468x60.png]
2020-12-30, 10:50 AM,
Do you remember Michael who earned by promoting computer game hack and using Content Locker? It went so good that he decided to continue this story and started a new campaign using this fantastic tool. And what’s the most important - he managed to make almost a thousand dollars in just 31 days.

How? By combining Content Lockers and Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Take a look at the following case study and learn how to make this money yours.

[Image: sociale.png]

Michael decided to use Content Lockers one more time because the first try turned out to be very successful. A File Locker actually. Have you ever heard about Content Lockers? It is a solution that allows you to block specific content and gain a profit when it is unlocked by the user. It can be a file, the specific text published on a website or a blog or an element of a mobile game.

Michael wanted to block the file - a game hack to be clear. He found it in a search engine and only a few minutes were enough to start executing the prepared strategy.

[Image: screen1.png]

Michael created a Landing Page and placed the Content Locker on it. You know for sure what’s a landing page. It is designed to sell directly and selling, in the context of content locking, means encouraging the user to do at least one action to unlock specific content. How many actions are required? You decide. But there can be at least one and no more than four to do.

[Image: screen2.png]

Michael learned about HTML a while ago and used it to create a website. He made a simple Landing Page, nothing very special. You can see it in the picture above. He decided to create a Landing Page but you have to know that it’s not necessary. You can use other options that don’t require having a website. But let’s get directly to the point.

How does it work?

A potential customer enters Michael’s website, sees the download button and clicks on it. He sees an offer of activities to be performed in return for downloading the desired file. It looks kind of like this:

[Image: locker.png]

Michael earned almost a thousand dollars in just 31 days. Are you curious about how he did that? Let's analyze it now. Michael had few goals: firstly - to promote his page and increase the number of visits, then - to achieve the highest possible conversion rate and finally - to generate profit because of Content Locker usage.

The main channel of promotion was a specially prepared landing page with Content Locker installed (a File Locker as we said), which blocked the possibility of downloading the file with the game hack.

[Image: filelocker.png]

Michael decided to use word-of-mouth marketing to spread information about his website. He used social media and Internet forums, both general and those dedicated to computer games, where he shared posts and comments about his site.

He could do it by himself, but he read a bit and found a solution that made his job much easier. Thank you internet! In order not to waste time manually posting and commenting, he used a bot that helps to be active under multiple identities in online forums or similar places.

Michael made great use of the potential of SEO tools as well. He used to find portals on which he posted his posts and comments. Thanks to this, his adventure with Lockers was even more enjoyable.

[Image: nowy-screenshot2.png]

[Image: nowy-screenshot3.png]

[Image: nowy-screenshot5.png]
Let’s talk about the results

First of all, Michael accurately defined his target group. The recipients were well identified, and Michael knew exactly to whom he addressed his content. The visitors of his website were mostly people interested in the widely understood subject of computer games, multiplayer games enthusiasts and active players who wanted some additional bonuses and interesting solutions. The age and gender of the recipient weren't very significant. But there were mostly young men visiting the page. What’s important, actually, Michael directed his activities to countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Canada, which made his achievements much higher. When planning such action, it's important to pay attention to location as it is usually a key factor in generating profit.

[Image: stats1.png]

[Image: stats3.png]

All of Michael’s activities generated a total of 13,726 visits to his website, and more than half of the visitors clicked download. Nearly 580 people decided to complete the conversion. It is worth noting that the user who wanted to download the file had to perform two actions from the list and that gave a total of 1158 completed conversions. Michael received a total of 972.72 USD and that is about 0.84 USD per conversion. 

[Image: stats2.png]

A very important factor in generating traffic were additional activities, and to be more clear word-of-mouth marketing and a well-described hack file. These two factors allowed Michael’s page to appear in the search results. Keep in mind that the more realistic the file looks, the more conversions it generates. Michael knew it well, he described his file as "Among_Us_Hack_[2020].rar" and very precisely marked its size [9.68 MB], which made his offer even more reliable. You wouldn’t believe in a 9 MB file, would you?

You can earn more or less depending on the quality of the traffic source, country, and device. By reaching only to people interested in the game topic, looking for hacks and living in a particular area, Michael managed to get almost 1 USD for one conversion.

You have to remember, a lot depends on the nature of the niche you are dealing with and the supporting activities. Keep in mind that using all possible ways of the promotion will certainly bring you even more benefits if you decide to use that tool.

Good luck! 

[Image: 468x60.png]
2020-12-31, 05:43 PM,
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