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Me Vs Youtube [Testing Testing Testing]
2016-03-13, 08:00 PM,
Hey Everyone,

After a long long time i m trying to get back into youtube mainly all my other sources of income has collapsed due some to recent unfortunate events.

Anyway there was a time 2 years ago when i can making a descent income from youtube account $100 per day then i decided to quit blackhat and go whitehat. but since then i my income always went down the hill :(

So i decided to give youtube one more try . over these 2-3 years youtube has grown very complicated to crack or so i hear. well i need to give it a try myself.

i was never a quality videos uploader but a quantity one.
Two years ago i used to upload thousands of automated videos related to hack ,crack ,serial keys kind of videos and that' what i m trying to do now.

So far i am failing terribly but i still have several kind of test cases to try before i let it go.

So here it goes:

Resources i have for these Tests :

* 1 high end Linux dedicated server . where i have created my own scripts to upload videos (using youtube api).
* I have about 1000 gmail accounts (which i created several years ago) i will be using those accounts to create youtube channels. These accounts are not PVA.
* i scraped list of top 2000 windows softwares from internet and then generated automated videos for each of those softwares. Just crappy slideshow kind of videos using software images and some text. as i just want to test if the videos will stick on youtube or not.


I setup 10 accounts and uploaded 200 videos each with titles as : {software name} Serial Key
Description : bitly link (unique for each niche)
Tags: {software name} Serial Key
Videos status: Public

Result: out of those 10 accounts none survived after few hours. all got suspended :( but it was bound to get suspended .


I repeated the above scenario again but this time i made all videos as 'unlisted' and not public .

What i wanted to check :
i wanted to check if youtube algorithm only checks videos if the uploaded videos are public or also works if we upload in 'unlisted' mode.
and if the videos were flagged by other spammer in the same niche or its just the youtube algorithm that flag the video.

Result :
All 10 accounts got flagged . But two of them are still accessible. meaning although youtube flagged and deleted about 10 videos in each account and gave 6 months temporary suspension ,still youtube dint take down those two channels like others. i wonder why ?

But its clear that its the youtube algorithm that detects the video and flag them . and this flaggin mechanism also works for the unlisted mode.
2016-03-13, 08:09 PM,
Youtube is hard nowdays . Your videos will get flag in a matter of hours .Blackhat niches are reallly difficult to keep up . if some videos stay alive than you are lucky :) Try try and try to see if you can manage to escape from their algorithm :/ wish you good luck :D

2016-03-13, 08:11 PM,
Me to i gave youtube few chances, but I quit from testing with very bad results
2016-03-13, 08:12 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-03-13, 08:25 PM by neotron.)
So now i know that youtube still check the videos if its uploaded in the 'unlisted mode' .
Now i wanted to know what is it that youtube is flagging:
1) the videos footprint
2) Something in the title (like serial keys)
3) something in description
4) Something in the Tags

i will be testing each case in the coming test cases


Although i m modifying all videos before uploading my changing the MD5 Hash keys still This time i want to test if youtube is checking the video footprint somehow.

So this time i setup 5 new accounts ,
and uploaded the same videos i used in the previous test cases. But this time i dint use any title. tag or the description. i uploaded in the 'unlisted' mode.

i just used some random numbers in the title like 98234982 . just to check if the youtube is checking for the video footprint or not.

Result: After 10 hours of videos uploading all accounts are still active. That clearly indicated that youtube dint check for the video prints otherwise youtube would have deleted these videos too.


Now i wanted to check if youtube algorithm just work on the newly uploaded videos or also works when a video gets edited . what happens if i change the title tags and description of the previous uploaded videos ( videos with random number in their title which have stayed alive for about 10 hours) .

So this time i just created an ran script to change all the title of the videos in the previous test case.

Result: all VIdeos got deleted within few hours . :( :( :( so youtube also check when the videos is edited and its title is change. DAMN youtube...


This time i used another set of 5 accounts and this time i removed the "Serial keys" from the title, instead i used {software name} Full Version,
and in the tags and description i still kept serial key.

Result : again after few hours all videos got deleted :(


This time i am trying to upload videos with

Title: {software name}
Tags: Blank
Description: Blank

i removed everything in the title except the niche name. to check if youtube flag specific keywords like serial keys, full verision etc. or just flag the videos with specific software name in the title.

This is a running test and i will update the result after it done.

Let me know if you have any ideas that i can test.

(2016-03-13, 08:09 PM)GhostxScripter Wrote: Youtube is hard nowdays . Your videos will get flag in a matter of hours .Blackhat niches are reallly difficult to keep up . if some videos stay alive than you are lucky :) Try try and try to see if you can manage to escape from their algorithm :/ wish you good luck :D

Thanks for the reply, i know its damn hard but its the only thing worked for me in the past so i want to give it one more try.

(2016-03-13, 08:11 PM)Elitequadro Wrote: Me to i gave youtube few chances, but I quit from testing with very bad results
Thanks for the reply , May i know what kind of tests you did .
2016-03-13, 09:01 PM,
Awesome test! Jeep posting!
2016-03-13, 09:20 PM,
one of the best thread i read here, keep it up mate you WILL make it :)
2016-03-13, 09:24 PM,
Very useful and contributing thread, keep us updated!
2016-03-13, 10:42 PM,
Thanks for doing these tests. It's very helpful!
2016-03-14, 12:36 AM,
Please test if it is good with [Name software] Full version and in comment a link + [Name software] Full version (not a black hat word) Thank you ^^
2016-03-14, 12:46 AM,
You are just wasting your time buddy. There are so many better things to do now like instagram, fb groups spamming this all can make you quick money. The days of bh niches and yt are gone better focus on something reliable.

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