Making money with direct CPA offers !
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Disclaimer :
I am not the original owner of the tutorial but i can guarantee that this method works ! Tried it with some gaming offers .

I know how hard it is to have an idea or the damn feeling of "Only if I can Get the TRAFFIC I know it will work" Shit we all thought and still think like that. So I thought I share a Method for people to get a idea and play off that. This will help them to get traffic to their site/offer or where every you need it. Read ON!

This Method is free no money cost to you ( but I do Recommend you have your own domain and hosting I will explain this later in the advance section and plus all serious IM'er will need it anyways, SO GET IT! )

So let get started. You want traffic and you know youtube has it! let take a look.

say we want to target movie traffic, Okay let take a look @ john carter results

thats 10 million potential views in the top 3 results only, and if you can rank your video in the top three for something so popular you dont need my advice.

But for those thinking how do we get a piece of the pie? We are going to create our own trailer with our own PRE ROLL AD! Not sure what I mean check this out


That's what we are going to create, the PRE ROLL AD we create will be any "call to action" type of Landing Page/Image to push our targeted traffic to our offers, in this case "movie traffic" to our offer which is "free netflix".

**Keep in mind this is just a tut, don't copy this excatly. Think of your own niche, one where their less competition so you have a great chance of landing on the first page and showing your "OFFER" to the most potential targeted traffic.

Allright what we need is

1. A image editor. I use adobe photoshop cs5 (you can find this on any torrent site) but any MS paint is just fine.

2. A Youtube Downloader. I use the Firefox plugin DownloadHelper.

3. Window Movie Maker, Or any video editing software. I used window Movie maker for this.

Let build our PRE ROLL AD

Step 1.
Allright open your Photo Editing and create a new document. size has to be 640 X 360. Now create you LP/image how every like. This I cant help you with, Make it a Great Call To Action to get your Targeted visitors attention. Now Some where make it have a count down "Skip Ad In 8 Secs" (or however long you want it to show), I Usually choose the top right.

[Image: othhjn.png]

Now save that as 8.png and then re save as 7.png and so on and so on till you have excatly the amount you want the PRE ROLL ADD to show for, I choose 8 so I just saved 8 images.

Here we go with

Step 2.
Open Windows Movie Maker. add your image starting with the highest number (seconds) first. in my case will be 8.png and just double click the image to change the duration time to 1 second. and do that same with 7.png and so on and so one till you done

[Image: 15n4oir.png]

and then save as a high def 720 video. remember where you saved it at.

Now Step3.
Download the trailer or whatever video you are going to place the PRE ROLL AD before. I use DownloadHelper on Firefox you can use anything you want this part is easy. You can do this slap yourself. That it for this step just remeber where you saved it.

Step 4 last part.
Upload both files to youtube, use the youtube built in video editor to combine both videos into one. And Bam we have the finished product. just Name it, add your description and tags.


Now advance section (hosting and domain needed)
You dont want to direct link to your offer, Cause what if your offer dies, or Your AM finds your link or someone snitches you out. And plus how are you going to test what offer performs the best with this traffic. Blah Blah Blah. We just point the link to a Page we control and we redirect from their.


<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

var randomlinks=new Array

("http://Your OFFER LINK ONE .com",

"http://Your OFFER LINK TWO .com",

"http://Your OFFER LINK THREE .com",

"http://Your OFFER LINK FOUR .com");

location.href = randomlinks[Math.floor(Math.random()*randomlinks.length)];


Just add that to an html page, fill in the offers you like and whichever one has the highest epc replace all them with the that one.


Have any Question Post them Here , DO NOT PM ME PLEASE

* Disclaimer the better you are at video editing, use pro tools the better the quality and more legit you can make it look the better. Take your work serious and you get serious results.
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Adult Baby !!!
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2013-08-24, 11:55 PM,
Great guide emil, will sure give it a try when i have some spare time. After reading it all, i'm pretty sure it will work, but need to get new ideas first.
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blackemil(2013-08-25 01:02 AM) 
2013-08-25, 01:10 AM,
you know one metode for sell referalls link or give bonus for registre under me you know one way thx
2013-08-25, 02:10 AM,
I'm gonna try this one! Hope this works.
2013-08-25, 04:06 AM,
1. Which affiliate network are you using?

2. This can be done with PeerFly also?


Adidam | Skype: AdidamHere (without live)
2013-08-25, 12:43 PM,
(2013-08-25, 04:06 AM)adidam Wrote: 1. Which affiliate network are you using?

2. This can be done with PeerFly also?


I use adworkmedia. But sure ,as far as i know peerfly allows youtube promotion and they have great payouts for their email submit / zip offers.

Adult Baby !!!
[Image: 4wz14as.png]
2013-08-25, 06:29 PM,
Man this is genius one of the greatest shares on CPAelites in my opinion!!!

Going to try something like this soon!

[Image: H6JU6ed.png?1]
2013-08-28, 04:36 AM,
Thanks for this! Hopefully this will clean CPA industry!
2013-08-28, 05:59 AM,
(2013-08-25, 02:30 AM)anth Wrote: Would this have to target 1 specific country though? as offers are for certain countries only

Just use a GeoIP redirect for each country...
2013-08-28, 10:28 PM,
great tutorial! im gonna try this :)

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