Make a functional movie website in 5 minutes [Noob friendly - no coding required]
2016-02-13, 10:12 PM,
Hey everyone, I know a lot of people say movie niche is dead but, in my experience it's not. I have a few movie websites all on autopilot and they give me about $50 a day.

When I first started the most challenging part was to upload movies. For that you either need a good internet or a server somewhere, and a script to automate things, and I got caught up in that so much that I didn't spend as much time on social and seo which kinda pulled me back.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a functional movie/tv show website in 5 minutes, so that people who are just starting off, can concentrate on more important part which is getting traffic.

Things that you don't need:
1. Money
2. Coding skills
3. Server or domain

Things that you'll need:
1. Time - First for the initial setup, then just to add movies that you please.

It's fairly easy -
1. Sign up on a blogging platform that lets you publish blogs on a subdomain.
Example: Blogger, wordpress, tumblr etc.

2. Choose a free but fairly neat template (preferably dark themed) and install it. You can find tons of articles on how to install wordpress or blogger so I won't go deep into it.

Now that our blog is set up, time to post movies.

3. Go to IMDB now in theaters page
Check out what movies are releasing because that'll bring you most traffic.

4. Once you know what movies you are going to post, for each movie go to the imdb page of the movie
and take a note of there imdb id.

Example: if you want to add deadpool on your website go to that movies imdb page and check out the url
which will have tt1431045 at the end of it.
take a note of the numbers after title/tt in the url, here which is 1431045.

5. Now go sign up here [free]: Google Vidsource API Ultracor3d.
And read the documentation there. (link on top)

it's a service that lets you add movies that it has already been uploaded for you. Take a note of the api key it gave you.

7. Add a new post on your blog with title like "watch {movie name} online" or "{movie name} full movie".
8. Now from that imdb page for deadpool
copy some data from it like runtime, cast and crew, plot, genre, release date etc and add it to your post.

9. Now as it says in the vidsource api documentation add an iframe
which the url being like at the end

apikey={your api key}&imdbid={movie imdb id}&redirecton=true

and just replace the api key with your key and movie imdb id, which the imdb id that we got before hand.

For example to stream deadpool on your page the iframe url would be at the end


10. At the bottom you can also add youtube trailer from youtube if you want.

I know to add one movie it took like 5 minutes, but once you get it, adding a movie page is just a minute away.

If you have gone through all of the procedures then now
you have a website with a couple of movies on it [hopefully at least 20], and each page having some movie info a trailer and also a stream which
will enable ur users to watch movies.

Now go search your website to google, bing and yahoo.
Post a few links of facebook, wordpress, tumblr, stumbleupon.

Sit tight for a week. It'll bring you some once google indexes your website. Because you have
a lot of content on your page and due to the streaming functionality your bounce rate will be less.

Making money:
Once you see some traffic on your website,
there's a ton of ways to make money our of it.
I won't say the names of the companies i've worked with because i don't know about the rules about that in here
But you can use pop up, pop unders, cpa lockers, banner ads.

If you do this right, you'll be making at least $1/day on complete autopilot in a month.
Keep adding more movies, it'll keep going up.

Once you reach something like
$20/day or something, you can think of making your own setup.

I made vidsource api.
And I make money every time your user watches my link. How much? $20/10000 visits.
If you don't like it here's a tip, don't use it. Get your own setup.
I have a custom script and a server set up to upload movies and tv shows costing me
$200 a month for server and bandwidth not considering the time and money it
took for the initial setup.

P. S => Right now for free you get 5000/requests per day. But this limit is just to limit abuse. If you need
more just go to support and request for more, it's totally free.

I'd say, if you are a noob and don't want to lose money on this, go ahead
and give it a try. Hope you liked the tutorial. Thank you.
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2016-02-14, 12:53 AM,
can we use adsense on this type of blog?
2016-02-14, 01:21 AM,
(2016-02-14, 12:53 AM)usmang Wrote: can we use adsense on this type of blog?

Nope. Google will ban your account. Google hates copyrighted content.
2016-02-14, 11:44 AM,
(2016-02-14, 07:08 AM)BryanX Wrote: "status":200,"msg":"OK","result":{}} i have this error.. but i don't see any video player when i post the iframe with api and imdb id etc.. why?

i got same error when i post and no video
2016-02-14, 10:13 PM,

means no video is available for the movie you asked for at the moment.
2016-02-15, 08:12 AM,
Thanks for this, will give this a try
2016-02-17, 05:29 PM,
My video don`t started : The video could not be loaded,either because the server or network failed or because the video is not supported. Can u help me,please ?
2016-02-18, 02:51 PM,
thank for share. Can you PM for me your network to make money: popup, cpa, ...
2016-02-18, 03:41 PM,
This is one niche I personally stay away from, good guide though.

2016-02-18, 05:31 PM,
(2016-02-17, 05:29 PM)butcher96 Wrote: My video don`t started : The video could not be loaded,either because the server or network failed or because the video is not supported. Can u help me,please ?

That's your network issue. Use someone else pc to check. Don't worry though it'll load just fine for your visitors.

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