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Make Your Facebook Page Viral!
2013-12-30, 06:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-30, 06:44 PM by Dysfunctional.)
This is my way how to make my Page on Facebook viral without any script, apps, bot, etc, this is manual way.

[hide]For example, my niche is GTA V Beta Key. I will make fanpage with name like GTA V Beta Keys Giveaway. Next step will be to bring 200+ fans from forums, youtube, other familliar facebook pages etc...
After I boost my page with 200+ fans it's time to make it viral, semipilot. I will find nice GTA V wallpaper, maybe just GTA V logo with black background. Save it, and edit with Paint (cause this is simple trick). I will add some specific text to image. I will choose bottom of wallpaper for that. Text will be something like this: "Bonus! Like and share this picture with your friends and get 5 GTA V Beta Key for free! (optional tip, write url of your site/page)". After I do that, move to final step, share edited image on my fanpage.
I will post some proofs here:
[Image: GAjcJ0e.png]
This mean that my post for now saw 665 fans in "new feeds".

[Image: f1mj.png]
This mean that 52 fans share my picture and for now bring me 140 fans today.
2013-12-30, 06:18 PM,
Little bit limited but I get the point. Nice share

2013-12-31, 12:41 AM,
nice share thanks so much
2013-12-31, 01:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-10, 01:50 AM by HIENA.)
good trick ;) , thank you

2013-12-31, 01:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-31, 01:08 AM by J@bz.)
Very simple. I will be getting in to the Facebook game very soon... this will be useful. Thanks.
2014-01-01, 06:19 PM,
I don't suggest you to use this for Facebook games (fake niche). You page will be banned.
2014-01-01, 06:39 PM,
(2013-12-30, 06:15 PM)Dysfunctional Wrote: This is my way how to make my Page on Facebook viral without any script, apps, bot, etc, this is manual way.
Here's my facebook page it's not going viral how do i fix these i bought the likes but now the're going down.
2014-01-02, 12:21 AM,
You need better title, and don't boost your page with likes from exchange sites, almost all likes will come from fake accounts, You need real fans.
2014-01-02, 12:44 AM,

thank you for this nice share. However, I do not understand everything. At first you say, you get about 200 real fans. Where do you get them from?
Then you edit a wallpaper and 650 fans saw it, but there were 200 fans, where did the other 450 come from then?

Also are you sure they actually saw it? Or it only says that 665 fans COULD have seen it in the news feed. E.g. a friend of me has about 3500 friends, and once he made a test post "Everyone who sees this post, please press like. I just want to see how many people actually see and read posts in the news feed". Only about 100 ...

Then you say, 52 fans shared it and this brings you 140 fans. So you now have about 800 fans, and how many of them actually went to your website to "get 5 keys for free"?

The biggest problem I see here, all the popular games already have fan pages with thousand or ten thousands or hundred thousands of fans, so if your fan page has 800 fans, nobody will find it. Because facebook always ranks pages with highest amount of fans highest in search results.
2014-01-02, 01:15 AM,
I got 200 fans from youtube by promoting my page locked with social locker.
The number of people who saw your post include people who will see your post when somebody share it on his profile (I got some from 52 shares).
650 fans saw my picture in 20 hours old post(I'm doing 4-5 posts per day), 650 fans was online when my post appeared in new feeds.
Check my new stats for same post:
[Image: esb7.png]

My leads in general depends of number of fans, but that isn't crucial, cause I'm doing whitehat niche that require daily update, same person need to do survey every day to get what they want.
Example: "If you offer One Month Hulu Accounts Free" you will need to do update every month, and the same person need to do survey every month to get another Hulu acc.

I'm not deal with games niche...

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