Make $XXXX per month with E-mail Marketing
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The business plan: Build the biggest list possible and generate income with nothing but emails.

The plan is simple: collect emails from a highly targeted traffic, build a relationship with your new subscribers by providing great value and promote quality offers to them that you think can help them.

Here is an example: Let’s say you have a list of 5 000 people that you’ve built in a few months. There is a product launch that you want to promote (affiliate offer). You send them 3 emails for the launch. Let’s say the product is $100 and with each email, 1% of your subscribers buy the product (which is pretty low). That is 3% in total which makes you 150 sales for a total revenue of $15 000. If your commission is 50%, that’s $7 500 in your pocket, just from sending 3 emails.

What You Need: A domain name and hosting, an autoresponder, an internet connection (which you have if you reading this), one hour per day.

PS: English is not my native language so I apologize for the bad spelling.

I hope you will enjoy the guide

Step 1: Choose your niche.

This step is crucial. It’s actually the most important because if you don’t have the right niche, you won’t be able to make a lot of money and to scale your business.

I’m going to give you a simple checklist to help you get this right in an efficient way. You’re going to ask yourself the following questions:

· Is there a lot of offers in this niche?

· Are people known as buyer in this niche?

· Is there enough traffic to this niche each month?

· Are there new people entering the market each year (like newbies for example)?

· Do you like this niche?

This is the process I use when picking a niche.

For each question, I’ll give you a guideline of research you can use to find the answer.

1. The offers

Why do we want to know if there is a lot of offers? We are going to start with affiliate marketing and you will the possibility to scale the business with your own product. We want to know if the market is big enough to be profitable. If there are a lot of offers, that mean there is of lot of information about this niche. Since our customers will be those who are looking for information, there would be a lot of potential.

To know this, we are going to look on affiliate networks like clickbank or jvzoo. You want to find niches with different products which have sales and good statistics. For example, on Clickbank (you have to create a free account), what you need is a niche with at least 4 products with 30+ gravity. What is gravity? It represent the number of affiliates who are selling the product, so the more the value of the gravity is high, the better. Clickbank is pretty easy to use : you just have to search by keyword or categories to find products relative to your niche. Write down the offers that are interesting.

2. Buyers


Look at magazines to see if people are spending money on the niche. Go to and browse by best sellers. Here you can see the top niches (magazines) where people are spending money. This will give a good idea if there is a lot of buyers in your niche.

Google ads

This one is a pretty simple to validate the fact that there are buyers inside your niche. All you have to do to is type in google common keywords of your niche. For example: “train your labrador” or “how to lose weight fast”. Now, what you are looking for is if there are ads on the top of the results. Why? If there are, that means there are advertisers who are spending money to sell information and then that there are indeed buyers.

You can do this for 2/3/4 keywords. If each time you have 2 ou 3 ads on google, which means it may be a good niche.

3. Traffic and keyword Research

For this point, we are going to get back at the keywords one more time. But this time, we are going to use the google adwords keyword planner which is a free tool given by google. This will allow us to know an estimation of the traffic per month related to a keyword. There are plenty of paid tools out there, some are good like semrush, market samurai, they offer a lot of analytic but for now, you can start with the google keyword planner.

So what you are going to do is type the keyword or group of keyword related to your niche and check the number searches per month. You want to find enough traffic, but not too much:

- Under 3,000 searches : not enough, not a profitable niche

- Between 3,000 and 10,000 : that is a good number, profitable niche and good number of buyers

- Between 10,000 and 30,000 : this is great, the niche is very profitable, you will find a lot of buyers

- 30,000+ : even more buyers but the niche will probably be too much competitive

4. Audience & Newbies

You can use Facebook to see if there is a lot of people interested by your niche. You just type an interest (your niche) in the search bar of Facebook and you will see the number of people who like this interest and the number of pages and groups about it.
For a broad interest (like dogs for example), you want a least 1 million people with all the audience combined (interest, pages, groups,…). For a more targeted interest (like the german shepherd’s niche for the dogs market), you want a least 100k people.

If you want more info on your audience, you can use a tool called Facebook audience insight. It is free. It is a key tool when you want to launch a Facebook ads, which I will present you later on this guide.

Here you will find the details about this audience who are interested in your niche: gender, age, page liked, location, activity… This tool is literally gold.

How do you go to Facebook audience insight?

Then, there is a second point you can think on: ask yourself if you think that each year, there are newbies in this niche. This is just common sense. If you have enough audience and if you think each year there are new people starting in your niche, then you got on more good point about the choice of this niche.

5. Conclusion

Let’s recap. Here are your questions:

· Is there a lot of offers in this niche?

· Are people known as buyer in this niche?

· Is there enough traffic to this niche each month?

· Are there new people entering the market each year (like newbies for example)?

· Do you like this niche?

All the previous part helped to answer each question. Except for the last one : “Do you like this niche?” But for this one it is up to you and your preferences.

So, to validate the niche: you need to get a YES at every question.

Step 2: Setting up a website

6. Hosting

You will need a hosting for your website. It is pretty simple to set up, you can find a lot of free tutorial on the internet about it. Here are some hosting that I would recommend because they are good quality and also cheap:

- Hostgator

- One

- Bluehost

- 1and1

7. Domain name

Next step, is to choose a domain name for your website. You should use 3 words MAX to keep it simple. That way people can remind easily the name of your business. I recommend that you use 1 power word and 1 word related to your niche. What is a power word? It is a word that can attract people and make them understand what your website is about. For example, my domain name is The first word “biz” means “business”, so we know what my website will talk about. The second is “profit”. When a visitor read both words, he understand, with the association of the two words, that the website is about making profit in business and then help people to do that. If you don’t have an idea of power word, you could just use something that will brand your business.

Domain names are cheap too, some hosting services (like 1and1) can even give you one domain name for free or you services like namecheap, godaddy.

8. Wordpress

The content management system that I would suggest you to use is Wordpress, it is I think the best option to build a beautiful website really fast, you will have a ton of themes and plugins. I never used anything else. Besides, you’ll get a better rank on Google using Wordpress.

You will need some plugins. The most important for this business model is a website/page builder. It will allow you to build beautiful special pages really easily, I’ll explain what these pages are in the next step. I would recommend to use optimize press, leadpages or instabuilder. Unfortunately, they are not free, but it is worth the price.

Step 3: The money making combo

9. Pick the right offer

Ok so now, we are going to choose offers to promote. Remember the list of offers of Clickbank you wrote down in the first step? Well we are going to use it. Go back to Clickbank and where you found the product, then click on “promote”. Then copy your affiliate link that they give now et write it down.

You can also go to Jvzoo. They have good offers. Rank top sellers products for the past 7 days or go to the product library.

10. The bait to get people on the list

If there is one thing that everyone likes, it is the word FREE.

So here is the plan: give something valuable for free in exchange of an email. Where? On an opt-in page, I will explain what it is on the next step.

Of course, the free gift will be related to your niche, it has to bring value and help the future subscriber. It can be:

· A pdf to download : a guide or a report

· A video course

· A podcast

· Anything that can bring value

A pdf is the easiest to do and converts really well.

How do you create it?

Think of a major problem in your niche and give something that can help against it for example.

You can find inspiration in PLR documents or articles related to your niche. PLR means that you have all right for these documents. What I advise you to do is to take the main ideas and then rewrite it to make it your own.

You can find good PLR offers on

Once you have your free gift, you will have to upload it to your website, with a program like FileZilla (you can find tutorials online).

Step 4: Important Pages

11. Opt-in pages

This is the only page you will really need with this business model. What is it? It a page where a visitor have only 2 choices:

- Give his email in exchange of something valuable from you for free

- Get out

It is that simple. As you may have understood, this is where we are going to use the free gift. Indeed, the opt-in page (or also called landing/squeeze page) is really important because this is where you are going to get your subscribers. Once they opt-in, they are on your list and then you can write them emails when you want, we will see the steps of email marketing later on the guide. Which means, when you send an email to promote an offer, there is a chance that a subscriber buys it.

That’s why we say “the money is in the list”!

Which is also cool is that after a visitor signs in, you can redirect him to a affiliate offer! I will explain you how to do it in the step of the autoresponder set up.

But for now, you need to build an opt-in page. How do we build a landing page?

We are going to use a page builder, as I mentioned it earlier. You can use optimize press, leadpages, instabuilder for example, they are really good. You can find tutorials to follow to build a page on one or the other on google. If you don’t want to invest money into it, an autoresponder like getresponse will allow you to build a landing page for free, so I you want you can start with that. I will present you getresponse later.

What are the keys of a good opt-in page:

· The headline: this will be the first thing a visitor will see. It has to hook him. Declare the benefits that he will get from signing up and getting the free gift

· Bullet points : details of the benefits in 3 or 4 bullet points MAX

· Power words and numbers: numbers are really important to quantify the benefits. Power words are shortcut to your reader’s emotions. Here are examples of power words : best, beautiful, winning, simple, legendary, mind-blowing, proven.

· The word FREE : Mandatory. Put it at least 3 times on this page.

· Call to action : This is where the visitor will click to subscribe and get the free gift. Here are some text that have been proven to bring the best conversion : “Download My Free Gift Now” or “Free Instant Access”.

Make sure to promote an offer after they opt-in instead of just using the generic thank you page, you will able to do that on this step 5 : the autoresponder set up.

The two next types of pages are optional for this business model for now. Indeed, we are going to start by promoting products (aka affiliate marketing).

12. Content pages

You can create content pages for :

· articles if you have a blog,

· videos (for a launch of a product for instance),

· thank you page after an order,

· Member’s area

13. Sales Pages

They are also called sales letters. This is simply to sell a product. It can be a long text or a video with some text. I’m not going to go deep into that.

Step 5: Autoresponder Set Up and E-mail Marketing

14. Choose your autoresponder

What is an autoresponder. It is was will allow to automated your business. This is basically a service for sends email for you. You want one that is reliable and have the best delivery rate. I would advise you:

· Aweber

· Getresponse

· Icontact

They often have a free trial so you can try them. After that the price varies according to the size of your subscriber’s list.

You want to set up your web form (with the thank you page being the offer you are promoting) and get the html code from it. Then paste the web form html code in the landing page. You can go on youtube and look for a tutorial on this, they are easy to find.

With getresponse, you have the opportunity to directly creating a landing page, so in that case you don’t need a web form.

15. Type of emails

· Content emails

They are extremely important and will allow to prepare your list for the promotional emails. Indeed you want to bring value to your list so that they don’t get bored or even complain about you sending only sales emails. So you want to give tips, advices, guides related to your niche on theses emails.

· Sales emails

They are the ones that will make you money! You will do the promotion of a product through a sales email. You will to present the product, explain briefly the benefits and then insert your affiliate link (that you got from step 3). You can send up to 2 or 3 different email to promote one product if you want.

16. Follow up series
· Frequency

I would advise to send emails to your subscribers at least 4/5 times a week. It will allow you to build a relationship with them. Without a good relation with your list, you won’t make any sale, your subs will be disengaged and you will have a very low open rate.

· Distribution

If you want to keed your list engaged with you, I would that that you should send about 80% of content emails and 20% of sales emails. You could do something like one promotion per week (so one to three emails depends on the product) and the rest you give them insane value and build a good relationship with your subscribers.

· Length

Furthermore, you want to vary the length of your emails so that they are not monotonous. You don’t want do become predictable.

Example of a sequence
· Day 0: welcome message with the free gift

· Day 2: Give some valuable content

· Day 4: Send a little email with a link of a video, article that you liked and think will help your subscribers

· Day 5: Give some more value

· Day 6: Promote a first good offer

17. Broadcasting

The second way you will send emails is broadcasting. It means that you send the email manually to your list, they are not scheduled. There are some benefits to it:

· You will give fresh info

· It allows you to promote a product recently launched

· You can make instant money!

Step 6: Get traffic

Now you want to get traffic to your opt-in page!

18. Free marketing

First, I’m going to give you some free traffic sources.

· Facebook groups, fan page and other social media

Use social media! For instance facebook:

Ø You can post on groups to promote your free gift (and then your opt-in page). You can use an auto-poster which will post automatically for you.

Ø You can create a facebook page and write some content on it every day. You can promote your website from the page there is a special box for it. So promote your page, get some likes and you will get free visitors on your opt-in page.

Use Instagram, twitter, pinterest as well, you can do similar stuff!

· Forum marketing

This a way to get a lot of traffic. This is simple: put the link to your opt-in page on your signature and answer posts on forum related to your niche to help people. Choose thread that have a lot of views, this way you will have potentially more visits. You can also create thread.

· Blog post, blog comments

Same principle than forum marketing : answer the article with a constructive comment. You can also ask a blog’s owner to do guest post : everybody wins, he gets high value content to his audience and you get exposure to your opt-in page.

19. Paid ads

Ok, let’s get to the paid traffic.

· Google ads

Google is receiving millions of visitors every day. It can be the engine to generate a lot of leads to your business. As I am not experienced enough in Google ads, I will not give you details on this, but you can find tutorials online if you want.

· Facebook ads

Facebook ads will give you a laser-targeted audience. Facebook has a huge database and has numerous options of targeting. It allows you to get highly qualified traffic and then get a good % of opt-ins.

To be able to see all of the targeting options, you have to go to facebook audience insight (juste type in google). As I mentioned earlier on the guide, you can find everything you need to know about an interest, an audience, a behavior… So what you want to do, is:

Ø Type the interest, niche that you want to target

Ø Check the related liked facebook pages

Ø Rank by affinity : the higher affinity the better

Ø Write down facebook pages names that are relevant, they will be your audience later when you will launch an ad.

To launch an ad you need a facebook business account, it is free. Then I prefer to use the power editor to set up an ad. I can’t really explain everything you need to know about facebook ads, it is very hard without a video. You can still find tutorials explaining how to run a facebook ad.

Start at $5/day to let facebook the time to optimize your ad. After a day or two, you can go up to $10 or $20. Then scale up if you have good results.

· Solo ads

It consist on paying for the promotion on your list on somebody else’s list. You will pay for the number of clicks. The clicks are theoretically highly targeted and you should get a good opt-in conversion. You can google it if you want more information about it. I don’t use this very much, you just wanted to show you that this is a possibility.

Credits: Found this on B H W.
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