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Introduction To MMO Cashout

MMO Cashout is a gaming community and business opportunity website specially created for video gaming enthusiasts who wish to earn money by doing what they love most, playing games.

MMO Cashout focuses on the rapidly growing MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing games) and non-MMO video game markets, and how gamers can use their skills to build large networks.
What’s more, gamers can interact, build relationships and be involved in the video gaming community like never before.

MMO Cashout is a revolutionary income opportunity for not only video gaming enthusiasts, but for non-gaming network marketing professionals as well.

MMO Cashout envisions itself to provide a new entertainment hub for the video gaming industry, as well as the opportunity for gamers, producers, game developers, and others to earn by way of the growing the video game industry.

How Does MMO Cashout Work ?

The MMO Cashout business is still in its infancy, this image shows the different stages that the business is going to go through:
[Image: image.png]

At present, we are just at the start of Chapter 1. Now is the BEST time to get involved and take your position for the future expansion of MMO Cashout. As in every business, the earlier you get in, the more potential from growth, income and speed of development.
Each of the 3 later Chapters will each see the launch of a new website (currently under construction) each with serious attraction to the Online Gaming world and its Gamers.
The reason we are bringing in the MMO Cashout website first is so that we can have a Kingdom built ready for when the more interactive Gamer-type websites are ready.
By building a Kingdom at this stage we will then have a solid platform to introduce more Gamers into the business with the extra attraction of the new sites bringing the social and interactive elements.

MMO Buy It

Ebay For Gamers. This will give you your very own online store for all your gaming and monetary needs. Registered gamers will be able to post their items, harvested or customised items, gold and/or characters in certain games up for sale. They will also get commissions when those in their kingdom make any purchases.
[Image: image.png]

MMO List It

Craigslist For Gamers. A gaming advertising platform like Backpage or Craigslist.
[Image: image.png]

MMO PlayBook

Facebook for Gamers. Self explanatory really … a central hub for Gamers all over the word to meet and interact. PlayBook will obviously provide plenty of gaming related services to members of MMO Cashout.
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Starting With MMO Cashout

MMO Cashout is an opportunity
that is attracting both Online Gamers and also Network Marketers.
The fact that over 10,000 people signed up in the first 10 days of pre-launch is proof of this!
There is one thing that Gamers are good at … inviting their friends/other gamers into join in the fun! MMO Cashout offers the first ever compensation plan that allows you to earn by doing just that!
By bringing in other gamers/business people, your Kingdom will grow and at the same time, you will be paid for every Kindred you invited into your Kingdom. Also, every time one of your Kindred brings in their own people, you will also be paid.
[Image: image.png]

How much you are paid (called Tax collecting) depends on the level of Membership that you and your Kindred are at. There are 3 levels of Membership: Peasant, Squire and Royal.
This is a diagram to explain the different levels of Tax collection within a Kingdom:
[Image: image.png]

Membership Options: Peasant, Squire or Royal?

[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]

The 3 levels shown are for your information. Most people come in as a Peasant at just $10 per month, and can upgrade when their Kingdom grows. The next section shows the financial returns possible from each membership level. People with BIG Teams are coming in as a Royal, if the numbers justify this. We anticipate most members will become Royals eventually and the monthly fee can be taken automatically from earnings.

Making Money With MMO Cashout

The attached diagram shows how many people you need to bring in to the program to open up the different levels. To open up ALL the 20 levels in your Kingdom, you require 7 direct Kindred / soldiers eventually. However, just 2 direct Kindred is enough to start earning money.
[Image: image.png]

Example -
Mr X chooses to register with MMO Cashout as a Peasant – cost of $10
He brings in 4 people personally and all 4 people bring in 2 people each. In addition to this another 40 people flow down within the kingdom of Mr X from the work done by others in the group.
Earnings for the first month are as follows: 4 x $2 for the 4 personals ($8) + 48 x 25c for the 48 other people in his kingdom ($12) – Total payout is $20.

The Company

MMO Cashout is the brainchild of Las Vegas, NV-based Peak Venture Group Inc. featuring an extraordinary executive and management team with extensive experience in network marketing, the gaming industry, information technology, sales and operations. It offers an innovative business venture for professionals, game developers, publishers and gamers.
MMO Cashout and the entire MMO Community has been vetted by one of the World’s top MLM/MLM/Pyramid schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. attorneys, Kevin Thompason, of Thompson Burton.
Kevin has confirmed that MMO Cashout is 100% compliant, legal, and he expects our company will last long term, is stable, and will keep on growing.
In fact, Kevin even helped to write the TERMS and CONDITIONS for MMO Cashout, MMO BuyIt, MMO Playbook and MMO List It.
So please share our wonderful business with confidence!!

“Kevin Thompson is an MLM/MLM/Pyramid schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. attorney, proud husband, father of three and a founding member of Thompson Burton PLLC. Named as one of the top 25 most influential people in direct sales, Kevin Thompson has extensive experience to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses on secure legal footing. Recently featured on CNBC with Herb Greenberg, Thompson is a thought-leader in the direct sales industry.”

Thank You For Taking Time To Read This Introduction to MMO Cashout.

Payment Proofs:

[Image: nOmk1oL.png]
[Image: QFPgoGi.png]
[Image: AcwnR01.png]

Referall Link:
(you CAN'T register without Referal link, try it yourself and you will see).
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