[ METHOD ? ] Targeted @Facebook.com emails what to do NOW?
2014-08-19, 03:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-19, 03:53 AM by SashaBlack.)
Hey guys Sasha here,

So I stumbled on something today, that I am thinking can be a new method?

Now that we know we can scrape Facebook.com emails, What about inviting those emails to be your friends?

Would it be possible to get 5k friends a day? What are the limits on that?

Imagine inviting HIGH TARGETED FB users to be your friends?

So I did a test trial from this page:

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Scroll down to see the invite your fiends widget on the right!

[Image: jSz0CAY.png]

I posted one of my accounts that I had Facebook.com email,
and to my surprise I received an invitation

Check it out below

[Image: MDU04Qv.jpg]

Since I don't do any mass friend invites or sell accounts with targeted friends Maybe you guys can help others here who have questions.

Here are a couple?

1. What is the limit to this?
2. How often can you invite friends like that?
3. Can this be profitable?

Well I hope I tickled some brains today

Happy Monday!

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2014-08-19, 04:41 AM,
1.limit is 200-300 a day, if you try more your account will be banned
2.every day
3.yes if it is used by the right person Grin
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SashaBlack(2014-08-19 04:48 AM) 

She said to me : "I don’t care if I fall in love with a devil, as long as the devil will love me the way he loves hell." Angel
2014-08-19, 11:28 AM,
I used 2 fb account, use FB (1) invite to one facebook (2) email, but no happen in FB (2), no message or notify received.
2014-08-19, 01:33 PM,
Most will reject your request which will led your account to be blocked from sending requests.
2014-08-19, 02:48 PM,
I am also trying to figure how to use facebook emails and uids (around 300k only for mobiles with niche iphone and samsung),i have many of them. If someone has a solution on this it will be nice to use it.

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