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[METHOD] Finding the perfect niche for IG+CPA
2017-12-22, 10:48 PM,
Sorry for my bad English, first of all! :)

Since I learned a lot from this forum and the whole community, I wanted to give back to the whole community! This is one part of the ebook I'm writing right now (it will be a free ebook so this is not a promotion at all lol) I decided to share now with you guys. There is a lot of things you do wrong when you pick the niches and since I'm making decent money with Instagram + CPA I have some knowledge to share!


This is the most important part of the whole process and if you pick a good niche you will bank a lot from it. I won’t bring you NICHE IN HAND in this why? Because if I share the niche right here it will become saturated and no one will bank from it.

I will teach you now how to pick the right niche:
  • · Find something people care about, offer them something they are really interested into or something that can change their life (for example weight loss, six pack abs program from Lazar Angelov, tickets for hip-hop tours, clothes from some big brand, clothesline from some celebrity, makeup from some celebrity etc).
  • · Always go for something that the main source of followers has at least 500k followers, everything below that is just low niche.
  • · Always go for trends, check trends (google trends), follow celebrity scene, Forbes magazine etc. It’s really important to know what is in trend in order to get an idea for a potential niche. Example. Find some hype games that are really popular right now or some hype games that will come out soon, or some celebrity that went viral in short time (Gucci Gang Lil Pump lol) etc. So spend some time on research for trends, write down a couple of them then pick the one for the first test.
  • · Check your competitors always! Find some competitors in the niche, if they have a google short link in the bio just copy it and add “+ ” to find out how many people clicked on the link, based on that you can see how profitable the niche will be actually.
  • · Choose Tier 1-2 country niches ALWAYS. Don’t play around with Indian traffic because you won’t get any ROI out of it, believe me!


This is my way of doing things, you can follow it or just do it your way but I prefer to test things out before scaling and going hard with the method.

Step by step:
  • · After research from the steps below I pick 3 niches to test out, all of them fill the requirements I wrote above.
  • · I create landings, find sources, images and everything I need for the setup.
  • · I add 10 accounts per niche and profile them, set up the following tool, like tool and DM tool. Hit the start button and the magic begins.
  • · I always test niche for 7 days! No more, no less!
  • · I track statistics each day and do some tweaks in following sources, spintax for DM and change Landing Page if the CVR is below 20% (sometimes even more).
  • · I find the winner and scale it to 40 accounts right away, the rest 2 niches I leave them on 10 accounts as long as it brings me some money, if not I just switch to the main niche.
    I know that this takes some time, but the proper research and testing is the key to success in the CPA business if you ask me, so do it right!I usually run around 100-150 accounts per niche unlike others who run around 50 max.

I hope this helped you out guys, soon i will release some other tips and the final ebook with all the people on the forum and you will have plenty of things to read! :) Thank you for your time!


[Image: bDR0Jhv.gif]
2017-12-22, 10:48 PM,
IMPORTANT: Users are encouraged to check all downloads including: landing pages, PDF's, and anything else that requires a download. Ensure the thread creator has provided a virus scan before downloading anything, if it's missing go ahead and report the thread by hitting the (Report) button located below the fold. Please read this thread: Here to learn how to check landing pages for sneaky redirects.
2017-12-22, 11:45 PM,
This thread is gold for newbies. Well done! Long time without a HQ thread in CPAElites!
2017-12-23, 01:15 AM,
Thank you @SpawneR for the time you took creating the thread.
Much respect.
2017-12-23, 02:10 AM,
Thank you so much for this informations
my question is , what is the best offers to use in ig , email submits ( like enter your email to win...) or ppi ( like ogads) ?
2017-12-23, 11:37 AM,
Thank you SpawneR for the time you took creating the thread.
Much respect.
2017-12-23, 12:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-23, 12:00 PM by EnChanter.)
Now that's what I call High Quality stuff!
Thanks for sharing.
2017-12-23, 02:38 PM,
Great, thanks bud! HQ stuff for sure.

[Image: EqcluVC.gif]
BH niches, templates, bonuses, btc - weekly payments..
2017-12-24, 04:05 PM,
Amazing method from you buddy, I want to start my new project with IG and this will help me a lot to find a niche.
2017-12-25, 01:47 AM,
My pleasure to help you out guys :) Ebook is coming out in January, a lot of useful things will be available for free! And the blog I'm making is launching soon! Go go go smash 2018!

[Image: bDR0Jhv.gif]

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