[METHOD] Build a business doing (almost) nothing
2018-05-21, 08:20 PM,
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Simple plan to build an semi automated business the lazy way.

Let the clients come..

-Find a freelancer who's good at something, let's say webdesign (you outsource to him/her).
-See on fiverr and other websites.
-Tell the freelancers you are staring a business and you need some of their portfolio to use it as yours in exchange of bringing in clients.
-Build a 4 pages website with wp and woocommerce:

1) salespage: offering the service in a limited way, in a limited time (5 or 10 website design offers only at xxx price this month only) 2) about us
3) portfolio (of the freelancer).
4) terms/ conditions.

-Add a simple affiliate system for woocommerce, any plugin will do, configure a 25% commission or so to affiliates.
-Contact anyone you know on social media and tell them about your limited offer and the commission you are giving, tell them you starting up a new business and you need their help to spread the word.
-Ask them to register as affiliate to get the link, then share it anywhere.

People register as affiliates > share the links > some will order > you get in touch with the buyers for details > you contact the freelancer and order > you get your margin > your contacts get a commission after a certain time (indicated in the condition, usually 30 days).

One very clear offer with the included options.
A simple website at $297 for example.
Affiliates get %25 = $74 .
Freelancer gets %50 and you %50.
You get around $110 each.
After you sell all you packs (remember sell 5 or 10 first only), optimize your business according to the people requests you had before.

That's it.
All of this will take you a weekend and few dollars to setup, so just do it and do not over complicate,

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2018-05-21, 08:20 PM,
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lamamba(2018-05-22 11:22 AM) 
2018-05-21, 08:35 PM,
After this post, many freelancers will take the positions of middle man and noone will be middle man any more. :)
2018-05-21, 08:51 PM,
(2018-05-21, 08:35 PM)affmarketer101 Wrote: After this post, many freelancers will take the positions of middle man and noone will be middle man any more. :)

Well maybe some will be eager to do the work themselves and earn even more.
2018-05-22, 11:59 PM,
Good guide mate :) Thank you!!
2018-05-25, 07:07 PM,
Sounds good, this might be useful. Thanks for posting.
2018-05-26, 01:30 PM,
Good idea, Thanks for the suggestion mate.
2018-05-26, 11:55 PM,
(2018-05-22, 11:59 PM)grenadez Wrote: Good guide mate :) Thank you!!

(2018-05-25, 07:07 PM)TheCpaMaster Wrote: Sounds good, this might be useful. Thanks for posting.

(2018-05-26, 01:30 PM)epalyou Wrote: Good idea, Thanks for the suggestion mate.

You are welcome.
Have you tried the strategy?
2018-05-28, 11:26 PM,
Thank you for sharing, Hope it works!
2018-06-01, 07:48 AM,
(2018-05-28, 11:26 PM)lingapalm Wrote: Thank you for sharing, Hope it works!

Hope you good luck, how's it going?

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