{METHOD} **100$+/Day With AdSense & YouTube**
2015-01-20, 06:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-20, 06:07 AM by DaveS4.)
**** Before starting: this is a invest method, if you got 0$ to invest then dont expect those results unless you are very lucky.****

Hi guys, I've got a method to share to the community since people struggle with YouTube.
This is not CPA related but I got the permission to create a thread about it.

First thing first, what you need:

1) A 6 months+ old YouTube account (I believe almost all CPAE members have it).
2) An AdSense account.
3) Some Money (you will see why later).


1) Make an YouTube account focusing on Car Crahses, Dash Cams and Security Cams. Link your YouTube account with AdSense and enable monetisation, which will automatically make you an YouTube partner. Make sure that you get the feature of custom thumbnails.

2) Search on LiveLeak, YouTube and the internet in general for interesting Dash Cams and Security Cams footages showing car crashes, mugging caught on tape etc.

3) REAL IMPORTANT: Do NOT download videos of car crashes or robberies/potentially viral which has been recorded by a pedestrian/amateur videographer with his/her mobile phone or digital camera, because they will be protected by viral angencies).

4) Start to upload dash cam/security cam videos. Upload custom, interesting thumbnails for every video. VERY IMPORTANT: You are making a legit channel. Don't spam and upload 100 videos at once. YouTube WILL catch you and your monetisation option will be disabled eventually.

5) Dash Cam/Security Cam footages NEVER get DMCAed. Getting DMCAed for uploading a dash cam or security cam footage is as likely as getting struck by a thunderbolt. In the rare event a video is "Claimed" by a third party (Note: Not DMCA), just delete that video.

6) This is the invest part. NOW PROMOTE AN EXTREMELY INTERESTING, POTENTIALLY VIRAL VIDEO PAYING MONEY TO YOUTUBE. This step makes all the difference. YouTube clicks are very cheap. Don't narrow down to any particular demographics (that will raise cost). If your video is very interesting, people WILL Like and Share it. Within a couple of days, YouTube will naturally begin to show it as video suggestion beside extremely popular videos. You will notice that your other videos are also getting views, which you are not even promoting. You will also get a bunch of subscribers.

7) Once one of your promoted videos have got a minimum of 100000 views, stop promoting it. It will now get views naturally. Choose another video and repeat the process. In the meantime, don't stop uploading videos.

8) Your channel will get thousands of subscribers. Once your channel has a few thousand subscribers YouTube will start featuring your channel in SUGGESTED CHANNELS. By this time, you are set.

9) Your AdSense will skyrocket and you will not be banned. If you implement this method carefully, you will earn hundreds of Euros/Dollars per day with AdSense.

10) Count your adsense money. Money Grin



This method involves work, but has huge potential.

1) Open PowerPoint
2) Search TOP 10 List on Google.
3) Get an interesting article and make a REALLY NICE PowerPoint presentation of that article.
4) Convert your PowerPoint presentation to a video (Hint: Camtasia). Search Google for detailed tutorial.
5) Use Royalty Free Background Music which allows YT monetisation (without paying a dime, just credit required). There are such sites with really nice music. Search Google for such sites.
6) Implement the original suggestion for quick YouTube fame.
7) Become a big, respected YouTuber. Cool

If after implementing this method you don't make money, you can seriously consider quitting IM. Cute

For other questions which were not answered, just ask !


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2015-01-20, 06:10 AM,
Seems like an awesome method, never got Adsense running succesfully though, but I am sure I'll check this out soon.

Thanks mate!
2015-01-20, 06:19 AM,
yeah this is 2013 post from member Bl@ckHatw0rld
good method,still workable.
2015-01-20, 06:21 AM,
(2015-01-20, 06:19 AM)CpaFiend55 Wrote: yeah this is 2013 post from member Bl@ckHatw0rld
good method,still workable.

Yes it is and it Will always Work !
2015-01-20, 06:32 AM,
How much money are we talking when investing? How much would it cost to get to 100k views?
2015-01-20, 06:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-20, 06:41 AM by DaveS4.)
(2015-01-20, 06:32 AM)Sky Wrote: How much money are we talking when investing? How much would it cost to get to 100k views?

This is up to you ! You can try by investing 50$ as a test (ppc campaign is always about testing).

After that people will view it naturally and share it and Its the snowball effect.

I will post earnings proof tonight when I Will get back home on my lap top.

2015-01-20, 08:30 AM,
Thanks. But I read this method in other forum 2 months ago. And now, this method is little outdated
2015-01-20, 08:33 AM,
Lol directly copied from Forum discussions are not allowed here. old method, try not to leak any more bro, kind of a low blow to the owner ;)
2015-01-20, 08:45 AM,
... And I sourced it at the bottom too ..
Anyway it was public Its not if I took it from a paid section like the legends section here.

As I can see 80% of the people who replied here said they saw it on another forum so I presume it was Forum discussions are not allowed here..
2015-01-20, 12:33 PM,
From where you get the views and subscribers ?

[Image: ytsrcpae_500x90.jpg]

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