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Lets rock 2016! Mastermind Rockstar Group
2016-06-10, 03:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-06-27, 07:02 PM by Stefan..)
Hey Guys, Stefan here!

Because I get tons of requests feel free to add me to skype: (Write a few words about yourself)

I want to play the CPA game again and want to rock in 2016 and earn massive. The goal should be, till the end of 2016 +$50,000 earnings in pure profit.

First a few words about myself,I´m 26 years old and do IM for nearly 8-9 years now.
In 2011 we had massive success and had a few $1,000 pure profit days, now it is time to play this game again.

I´m also the CEO of a company located in Austria which provides Webdesign and custom Coding for clients in my hometown.

You know, it could be a pain in the ass to setup, lets say a new IG campaign..built accounts,PVA them, buy Accounts, gain traffic and so on...
You also know those days, wtf what I´m doing? where is my motivation?

Here is my idea, why not create a skype group of 3-4 people and make money together?
The primary idea is, why not motivate each other?
Second, try new stuff fail and win with a new idea about it why we failed, fix those mistakes and earn big!
Last but not least, split work!

To be a little more specific think about this: You want to start a new group posting campaign on facebook.

1) Find the right niche, no ideas, everything is saturated?
2) Pain in the ass to built tons of accounts, right?
3) Post in different groups "manually" , horrible?
4) CR is horrible? Maybe the wrong offer? Maybe the wrong network?

I think you get it what I mean! Think about this, lets say we can work in a group, do brainstorming,create accounts,post in groups together and profit huge!

The good thing is everyone has a different sense, what is possible,what could work..

Because there are tons of people in the IM world, which you cannot trust, I would love to setup a small contract between all parties.

Promote Affiliate Links with one account?! Noway! If we are able to setup a "mastermind-rockstar-group" we are going to develop a script where we are able to randomize our LPs and Offers.

The min. requirement to get started ,you MUST have experience in IM/CPA ..I don´t want to work with newbies!

My mind is open for all stuff,
Facebook Ads
Paid Traffic
Email Marketing
...and all other stuff which brings us huge profits!

If you are interessted in this mastermind-rockstar-group drop me a message about your background and skype id.

P.S English is not my main language, so we also can target the german/austrian market (very untapped!)

Have a nice day!

P.P.S found an old screen of one of my best days in 2012 with CPA
[Image: AdEUpF3.png?1]

P.P.P.S we started about 1 hour ago with a new IG campaign and here is the result with one "new" account:
[Image: 5tQcIjq.png]

$1 is better than $0 :) so I would say the sky is the limit, going to scale this shit in a few hours and lets see the results after a few days.

Today Update,Just to motivate you guys, to get started asasp with this group :-) (2 Accounts)

[Image: fgWbbw7.png]
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2016-06-12, 02:47 AM,
pm me with your skype id i would take part of this group
2016-06-12, 05:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-06-12, 06:02 AM by cpaseeker.)
what cpa network are u working on ?

can u leave your skype id here? i cant pm u because of unsufficient posts.
2016-06-12, 07:16 PM,
Please PM me your skype IDs.

2016-06-12, 07:24 PM,
Sent you a PM ! with my skype.
2016-06-12, 07:29 PM,
i'm not a big earner but i want to be part of group because i want to be a big earner.
So pm you skype
2016-06-12, 07:42 PM,

2016-06-12, 09:06 PM,
Hey Stefan would be nice to talk with you guys. I cant pm right now so maybe pm me your Skype please :)
2016-06-12, 09:15 PM,
Would like to join also.
2016-06-12, 09:20 PM,
Pmed both of you.


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