Lethal - Official CPA Elites Interview
2014-05-15, 02:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-15, 02:35 PM by DutchPride.)
Lethal - Official CPA Elites Interview
By DutchPride.

How did you find cpaelites?
I think i found it via google when i was searching some some cpa stuff. Also i saw people talk about it on fileice forum.

When did you first start getting into internet marketing?
Well i am making money online for last 5-6 years (some gaming related business at first) but I started with IM/CPA in December 2012. Then in may 2013 I took a break from IM until December 2013 and now I am back on track again :)
So I am into CPA for like 11 months in total (working time).

What inspired you to start internet marketing?
Some of my friends got into CPA and I was really impressed with their earnings so I decided to try it myself. I made around $11k in first 5 months in CPA I think.

Where do you spend your hard earned money on?
Well I don't spend a lot of money, I mean yes I bought some nice things like motorbike, phones etc. But I keep most of my money and I am always looking for best way to reinvest that money back in internet marketing, so I can hopefully make more ;)

What do you think about CPA Elites?
CpaElites is nice and friendly forum and I will say it is probably best place for newbie's to get started with CPA.

What is your motivation to keep on making money?
Well I always try to work harder to reach my goals. My plan is to master other things like paid traffic (PPC) and list building in the future.

Your well known as an top earner, do you get spammed to hell for advice?
Yes a lot! But I don't have time to answer pm's a lot but when I have time I help people with some basic SEO stuff via skype.

What's the total amount of Money you have made?
I will not share that but it is very nice amount made in 11 months of work. Also I had a lot of $1000+ days which is huge milestone for me.

Any tips for the community?
Never give up, work hard and smart and you will get there for sure. I was very close to give up 2 times in my IM carrier when thing were not going as I wanted them to go. But now I am glad that I did not. You will have ups and downs in this business and that is normal, and when you get slapped then DON'T give up! Put that behind you and work and you will get there again!

Any thing you would like to say here? Go crazy.
Kurchina method 24/7! :P
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I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

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2014-05-15, 02:44 PM,
Kurchina and Hi5 method are too OP ! Nice interview.
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Alek(2014-10-22 05:54 PM) staffer(2014-05-15 08:32 PM) Angelo1710(2014-05-15 05:33 PM) 

Trade Cryptos on BINANCE
2014-05-15, 02:49 PM,
another troll post :D
2014-05-15, 03:21 PM,
Nice interview buddy :)

I can say that Lethal is a real inspiring member for me, he wanted to quit as well, but didn't gave up and now he's making a fortune!
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Angelo1710(2014-05-15 05:34 PM) 
2014-05-15, 05:46 PM,
Nice Interview Lethal :)

Kurchina Everywhere :D
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Angelo1710(2014-05-15 05:48 PM) 

Your CR and EPC sucks? Want more earnings? I have the best choice for you, look at my earnings with CPAgrip after joining them


[Image: fTwNogI.png]
2014-05-15, 05:52 PM,
lol. I searched on google for "Kurchina". Looks like it is the latest troll method.

Sig goes here...
2014-05-15, 05:58 PM,
I saw him on Cpagrip, He's a great guy. Hope someday i can chat with him.
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Angelo1710(2014-05-15 07:42 PM) 
2014-05-15, 06:47 PM,
Kurcina method <3 Keep scaling :)
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Angelo1710(2014-05-15 07:42 PM) 
2014-05-16, 06:16 AM,
Nice and short interview. Can I ask you few questions,
I would like to know, what is kurcina method?

I am coming across many unusual name of methods like churn and burn, when googled found nothing which can add to my knowledge!

Thanks for the time!

2014-05-16, 06:26 AM,
Yeah Kurchina method made me a rich a$$ too.
Keep calm and kurchina method bro <3
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Angelo1710(2014-05-16 05:55 PM) 

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