Let the dreams come true
2014-08-12, 08:53 PM,
Good morning/afternoon/evening for everyone who is reading this thread.
Let me introduce myself. I'm an ordinary guy from eastern Europe that has ordinary family with mid income, I finished high school this summer and I will start studying at university this September. (I will study IT) Everything is flowing pretty smoothly in my life and I am happy with it. But there is one problem:
I am always wondering, what could I do with my life that would make it special, that would make it different and when I'm old I could tell myself that I took everything I could during my journey in this earth. SO many dreams I have, like: drive a motorcycle, create my own home and live without parents, travel around the globe, have the greatest wedding in the whole planet with my beloved girlfriend (I'm with her for 2,5 years already and I love her so much), test drive a Formula1 car, own a personal jetplane and so many more!!! These are just the big ones, don't forget the small ones, such as buying a new phone, organising an unforgettable birthday with my friends, letting myself eat at restaurants when i want to, etc.
So when I dream about these things that I could do and that would make my life the life that I would be happy with I face one problem: money.

Lets make the dreams come true I told myself. So now I am here. I'm reading this great forum for over a half a year already, but I never took some serious actions to earn something. I tried with YT, but I totally failed earning 0$. But reading about big money that members of this forum are getting each day I get motivated again. So I will not waste my life like an ordinary man, living an ordinary life. I'm not even happy with the live that my parents or brothers are living, I want more than they have, more than they experienced. I WILL MAKE MY LIFE DIFFERENT.

So because I have no possibilities to start again with CPA now (because I am working a shitty job far from home), I will start in September, when my studies starts. Of course, studying will also be an important part, so I will do CPA slowly but I have a little plan already. The one thing that I know: I will work with CPAGrip and do SEO+YT. And the money that i will get in the beginning is not important because I know I will be happy even with 5$ a day. It will be a great encouragement to try harder.
Let me change my life!

Thanks for reading. I will definately create a journey when I start :) Have great last weeks of summer everyone :)
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2014-08-12, 09:51 PM,
Wow, long intro you made..

Welcome aboard and best of luck with your business!
2014-08-16, 05:23 AM,
I said earlier that my network will be CPAGrip, but eventually I've found out that I already have some earnings on other network. Just check it out.
As I said, few months ago I was trying to do something with CPA/PPD. I tried lots of networks and one of them was Sharecash. I have set up a copied youtube video and a very simple landing page. Also a password protection of the .rar file. And it was long time forgotten. Guess what? I logged in to my sharecash account just to chech it out today and WUALA 27$ Total earnings since April. That got me motivated alot and I am so happy because it is my first bucks made online! So I guess I will stick with Sharecash for a while and see how it goes because I don't want to loose that money!
What do you think guys? :)
2014-08-16, 05:26 AM,
Welcome to CPA Elites, And that introduction is the best i've seen in a while, Good job.

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

2014-08-16, 05:56 AM,
(2014-08-16, 05:26 AM)DutchPride Wrote: Welcome to CPA Elites, And that introduction is the best i've seen in a while, Good job.
Thank you, I appreciate that :) It is simply my thoughts which have been running through my head for a long time. I think many of members have the same ones but are not willing to share their dreams. I did because I knew that here I would be understood and welcomed happily. It is great to have so many nice and honest people here. Best of luck for everyone! I will start my journey in September :)
2014-08-17, 01:15 PM,
Welcome to the forums relajus. And like you said 'Let the dreams come true'. That's what CPAE is all about. :)
2014-08-18, 01:47 PM,
Now that's an intro! Makes my into look like a chump.

Anyways, welcome aboard and wish you tons of success.

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