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Learn About Funnels And Landing Pages
2018-03-06, 05:56 PM,
Landing pages and Funnels

A landing page is a unique page created to grab the attention of the user with the aim of attaining conversions. A funnel, on the other hand, is the steps used by the marketer to walk the user through the conversion process. A funnel can be as simple as redirecting the user from the Ad Page to the Offer Page and then Conversion. Another option is to redirect the user to the Landing Page from the Ad Page, then to the Offer Page and finally Conversion.

Landing Pages Advantages

The greatest benefit of using landing pages is that they really improve conversions. It is an added step that gets the users in the right mindset to go through the funnel and convert. It presents the user with the big opportunity to sell the conversion to the user. Landing pages also gather valuable information from the users such as contact details, preferences and other demographics. The CPA marketer can use this information to contact the user later with an offer tailored to his/her needs.

Types of CPA Marketing Landing Pages

Sales Funnels: Involves a series of pages aimed at converting the user. They include sales page, up sell, checkout, and confirmation page.  
[Image: salea%2Bfunnel.png]

Click Through: A simple landing page that focuses on getting the user to “click through” to the offer page. It typically features the benefits and key points of the offer and a call to action.
[Image: click%2Bthrough.png]

Advertorials: These are blog articles that pre sell the landing page or redirect the user to the landing page.
[Image: advertorials.png]
Viral Landing Pages: Entails use of attractive content that not only attracts attention but also gets the pages shared across the internet.

Lead Capture: Also referred to as opt-in or squeeze pages, they are aimed at capturing, client information such as email address or a phone number so that affiliate call follow up later.
[Image: lead%2Bcapture.png]

Microsites: They are multiple landing pages and websites that mainly promote a product with lots of information, or rather have rich content. This enables the affiliate marketer to reach a wide audience.
[Image: microsites.png]

Infomercial: Is a lengthy one-page landing page that has got tons of details about a product, service or offer. They are perfect for direct-response marketing.
[Image: sale.png]

In CPA marketing, whether or not to use a landing page or the type of landing page to use largely depends on what you are promoting. However, a landing page needs to have essential items for it to be effective.

First it needs to have great content in terms of text. This not only helps in converting the users but also gives you leverage when it comes to SEO. Having great content means, hosting well researched ideas and relevant text and images that give value to the user. It also means that you have to create effective headlines that capture the attention of the user. Secondly, to create effective landing pages, you should pay attention to the design factors. Your pages should be responsive, have cross browser compatibility and most of all, have fast loading speed. Minimalist design is the way to go, to avoid distracting the user from the main goal.

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