Landing Page Ideas & Examples
2014-02-28, 03:58 PM,
Hi everyone,

Some Affiliates recently created a few landing pages that could serve as demos (these are not real LP's) for what our CSS wizard can do and more importantly, sit within our dashboard and perhaps provide inspiration to others for some direction. These were all created by users who have other very strong landing pages and tend to do very well conversion wise. Since landing pages are used across multiple platforms in online marketing, I thought this may be of potential use, regardless of what type of online marketing you do. As such, I wanted to share them with others in hopes of perhaps providing some ideas or inspiration when creating your own landing pages.

I know that its not the norm for networks to openly share landing pages or ideas, but here's hoping that others may more frequently follow the lead and help Affiliates wherever possible. As the whole space grows, it serves everyone involved, right down to the forums like CPAElites :)

Here's wishing everyone the best conversions possible, wherever you may work in online marketing.

[Image: yEGDXPq.jpg]
[Image: OaG0HgO.jpg]
[Image: 9jR8ZAo.jpg]
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2014-02-28, 04:00 PM,
Awesome tutorial , thanks for the share!
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NorH(2014-05-02 11:11 PM) uragunkid(2014-04-16 07:42 PM) GetExcellence(2014-03-08 12:28 AM) CPALead(2014-02-28 04:04 PM) 
2014-02-28, 04:05 PM,
Thanks Tommy Tommy,

If I do get a chance, I'll post an actual tutorial. I thought of this as more of a quick example / demo.
For the way these pages were made though, it was all through a wizard so it may not even require a tutorial ;)

Ty and I hope these serve as the inspiration they're intended to be. I see some LP's that are very low quality and its a shame, each of those in the example above took less than 3 minutes to create.
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Brut(2016-01-20 12:01 AM) 

[Image: RoZnyPa.gif]
2014-02-28, 04:12 PM,
From my experience custom edited designed lockers always get less clicks and less converions. What work best for me is clean, proffesional and simple locker.

Trade Cryptos on BINANCE
2014-02-28, 04:13 PM,
I would like to know how to create such simple yet creative looking LPs with >>>Blogger<<<
2014-02-28, 04:23 PM,
Some examples of how to do that will be really great.

Sig goes here...
2014-02-28, 08:29 PM,
That looks really cool, I'll check this thread again later.
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CPALead(2014-03-01 02:05 AM) 
2014-03-01, 12:09 AM,
Is CPALead allowed copyrighted content? sorry if i asking this because i see your file name look's like a copyrighted content.
2014-03-01, 12:47 AM,
Really those LP are tempted to do surveys !! great Work Cpalead
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CPALead(2014-03-01 02:05 AM) 
2014-03-01, 02:11 AM,
(2014-02-28, 04:12 PM)Diem Wrote: From my experience custom edited designed lockers always get less clicks and less converions. What work best for me is clean, proffesional and simple locker.

Great post! I like to hear different takes.

I'll share some insight and detail. What landing page you use is very much dependent on your target audience.

I not only have experience as a network but a background that includes marketing for a Fortune 50 company.

Depending on the product you're trying to advertise, you may need to be more or less visually engaging. It also has to match your audience.

Take for example films. A Multi BILLION dollar industry, I don't any of us would say they don't know what they're doing. Films are media based and therefore visually engaging. They all have "MOVIE POSTERS"

If they went with a clean and simple page, it wouldn't appeal to their audience who are seeking something that is visually attractive.

Its a bit of a science to nail each time though and "simple, clean" is not a bad way to go overall. If you don't have time to create a page for each promo or think of your market, that's the way to go.

Last example, even within games. Take a game like Battlefield vs Angry birds. Battlefield thrives off of its visuals and that it engages users as an advanced piece of media. Angry Birds thrives off of its simplicity. A full page (above) would be advantageous for Battlefield and a simple / clean page would bode well for Angry Birds.

Again, the best way is slightly more advanced but having the option to experiment and learn is what helps grow our abilities on that front.

(2014-02-28, 04:23 PM)umerjutt00 Wrote: Some examples of how to do that will be really great.

I'll do just that soon :)

(2014-03-01, 12:47 AM)ZohnSon Wrote: Really those LP are tempted to do surveys !! great Work Cpalead

Thanks so much,
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the_merchanter(2014-03-03 12:32 PM) 

[Image: RoZnyPa.gif]

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