[LEARN] Fall asleep in 1 minute
2015-01-30, 02:11 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-30, 03:54 PM by MrZeus.)
I have read in the forums that many people have trouble falling asleep, certainly staying up awake until 3 AM watching your computer's screen at full brightness does not help, and neither does surfing the internet on your smartphone.
Today i found this article which according to the author could make you fall asleep in 1 minute. I still haven't tried it but i will certainly do. Even if it is not 1 minute, if i fall asleep in under the 30 mins or more that is actually taking me i will be happy.


Please try it TONIGHT and tell me how it worked for you, i'm trying it myself too.


Adjust your PC and smartphone's brightness automatically so your eyes are not fucked up when trying to sleep
I hope this works for you, as sleeping is crucial for health.
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2015-01-30, 02:16 AM,
inhale for 7second and exhale for 8, that's it? what's the 4 in there for?

Definitely gonna try this, have been searching for something like this for almost a year
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angelis300(2015-01-30 05:29 AM) 

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2015-01-30, 02:20 AM,
(2015-01-30, 02:16 AM)Holo The Wise Wrote: inhale for 7second and exhale for 8, that's it? what's the 4 in there for?

Definitely gonna try this, have been searching for something like this for almost a year

"You simply breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds."

btw, thanks for sharing, I'm going to try this :)
2015-01-30, 02:49 AM,
OMG it freakin works I was just going to... zZzZz

Just kidding. Will give it a try today
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Matt1(2015-01-30 04:13 AM) 
2015-01-30, 04:13 AM,
And i seriously recommend installing the program in the bonus in your PC and smartphone ( it needs jailbreak), it makes a HUGE difference at night.
2015-01-30, 08:57 AM,
Just hit the gym.


''If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done.'' - Bruce Lee
2015-01-30, 02:30 PM,
Thanks ! I just installed "F.Lux" https://justgetflux.com/

Get 1 month of PREMIUM evernote. Register under me, by clicking here.Thanks!:)

[Image: Orange_500x100.gif]
2015-01-30, 02:40 PM,
Lol didnt work for me :)
2015-01-30, 03:51 PM,
Nice, might try this at some point. I struggle to sleep most nights.
Find myself up watching garbage on Tv, was fine one year ago though.
2015-01-30, 03:57 PM,
didn't work :( had high hopes though

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]

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