Knockout Game’ Claims Another Victim [VIDEO]
2014-06-17, 02:26 PM,
[Image: Screen-Shot-2014-06-16-at-10.49.42-AM-e1...241226.png]

Quote:In yet another suspected example of teens playing the “Knockout Game,” an unsuspecting man waiting for a trolley at a Philadelphia-area metro stop was viscously punched by a group of six teenagers.

According to FOX29, the unnamed victim was minding his own business waiting for the next trolley car, when a group of hooded-teenagers approached the man and slugged him.

The “game” requires that at least one assaulter must strike a victim, while the rest of the group records the attack. The police believe that after the teens assaulted the man, they posted the video to Facebook as proof they committed the act. (RELATED: ‘Knockout Game’ Blamed In Attack On Autistic Teen)

“It could have been worse because they did hit me with glasses on, and they could have sent my glasses right into my eyes,” the victim told FOX29. “I take anxiety medicine and it was quite a setback.”

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2014-06-17, 02:28 PM,
My thoughts - What has the world come to when you can not go about your daily life without being attacked by brainless idiots.
2014-06-17, 02:36 PM,
This is honestly the dumbest thing. Unbelievable.
2014-06-17, 02:38 PM,
(2014-06-17, 02:36 PM)Cyber CEO Wrote: This is honestly the dumbest thing. Unbelievable.

That kid punched someone in his 50s that was wearing glasses, the poor guy could of been blinded or worst. Sickening!
2014-06-17, 02:41 PM,
[Image: i_don_t_want_to_live_on_this_planet_anym...6uh5ce.jpg]
2014-06-17, 02:42 PM,
Nothing ever surprises me ever anymore.
2014-06-17, 02:48 PM,
This is why you need to beat your children, thay need to learn that their actions have consecuenses (rip english) or else thay gonna end up like these dumb f$%$s
Also the mass media should stop broadcasting news like this because thay make the agressors into antiheroes and making them more famous , obviously the agressors agenda is to become famous this is why thay record these attacks and post it on fb, yt etc.
There u have it I single handedly fixed the problem
2014-06-17, 03:45 PM,
Those pricks need a beating, or atleast an uchi mata. Thats very coward,and stupid thing to hit someone who is not expecting it. I hope they will bump into a trained martial artist, and get their present... Fortunately these dumb thing haven't arrived in our country, but i would beat them to death with my team mates, if i heard that someone does this to older people, or anyone..

[Image: Sig-e1402449184840.png]
2014-06-17, 03:58 PM,
All i can say is Murica.
2014-06-25, 03:30 AM,
These "Games" are so stupid, everyone participating in such games needs to have a proper beating lol.

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