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Keep yourself Safe while Searching [Tutorial]
2013-12-15, 11:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-21, 08:08 PM by editify.)
[Image: vMoZNYO.gif]

How to keep yourself safe when searching

Safety is something that we all enjoy, and where's safety there is privacy.
That being said, you must know that Google violates the whole privacy concept, using your data for their own advantage and for the government's advantage.
One might find that tolerable, but personally I find it an outrage.

So here is another contribuition to this forum.


[hide]#1 - Block the Trackers : These trackers are used by corporations, so they know what the users are seeing and what articles/products will be more profitable. This could sound all very normal, altough when these trackers are used to scam money out of you, you won't find it so amusing , believe me.

How to block them?

Use DoNotTrackMe for Chrome or Firefox
This tool will block third-party trackers on varied websites.

#2 - Selling your search history

When you search something on google, they track what you searched, and this way they can put ads right next to the pages you search according to your searches. This way they can sell stuff to you at a higher price, boost CR, etc.

But worse, they can even sell your search history to the government, violating the whole concep of private. Using google incognito won't work!

So in order for this not to happen, say goodbye to google and search using DuckDuckGo ( which will use https on websites and let you enjoy your privacy and anonymity.

#3 - Always Use HTTPS

HTTPS is a protocal that provides you a better experience while surfing the internet, giving you a better privacy.
Not going to dig on this , but it is very IMPORTANT!

Use "HTTPS Everywhere" on your webbrowser

#4 - Block Flash Cookies

"Similar to browser HTTP cookies, flash cookies can be used to collect data about you and your Web activity. Also called "LSOs" (Locally Shared Objects), flash cookies are added to your computer when you visit a Web site that uses Adobe Flash. Unlike browser cookies, Flash cookies are not stored in the same location on your computer and are rarely mentioned in Web sites' privacy policies."

Explains itself, so use Click&Clean in order to block Flash Cookies

#5 - Fixing Privacy Settings

Usually , when you search something on google using your google account, it goes directly to their servers and it gets stored for future use!
So in order to fix a bit of that a nice app was made, and they teach you how to fix some settings, for a better privacy on the internet.

Download Privacy Fix

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, pelase be sure to leave a reply, it means alot to me.
2013-12-15, 11:59 PM,
Thanks for the information, mate. Already added both chrome extensions.

Again, you can use SRWare Iron. As it is open source chrome project. Better than chrome and faster too.
2013-12-16, 12:01 AM,
(2013-12-15, 11:59 PM)aceyx3 Wrote: Thanks for the information, mate. Already added both chrome extensions.

Again, you can use SRWare Iron. As it is open source chrome project. Better than chrome and faster too.

Yes indeed!
I'm not using chrome, but the format is similar.
Embrace open-source for better security
2014-02-10, 09:08 PM,
thanks , bookmarked for later :)
2014-07-07, 01:57 AM,
A world spy us :=). Thank you for this great share.
2014-07-07, 06:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-07-07, 06:21 AM by Captainn.)
The chrome itself makes you unsafe. Plugins with chrome, make you even more unsafe.. Plugins=99% backdoored? Coincidence? I don't think so.
Well, correct me if I am wrong, but trust chrome=Trust NSA.
[Image: nsa-google.png]
Chrome is same as NSA honeypot.
2014-07-07, 08:48 AM,
Thanks man but i don't really care if the goverment or google sees what i'm doing xD
2015-02-10, 05:40 AM,
nice info.thanks a lot

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