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[KILLER TUT] How To Smash Facebook Ads The Right Way!
2019-01-15, 04:55 AM,
Message to Elites - --- The previous admin/owner of CPAElites --- said we can share from other forums. I did NOT write this is comes from --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- and all credits where credit is due!

Do Facebook Ads Still Work For Affiliate marketing/ecommerce/selling goats?

To answer this question, I first need to ask you this; does google still work? Do planes still fly? Do Elephants still shit?

I would hope you answer with a yes to all of these questions.

The reason why facebook ads work, and will continue to work is, despite what everyone in our micro-communities believe, facebook depends on us.

Yes they have been cracking down, and yes it's gotten more difficult, but does that mean it's impossible? Well, if you think facebook ads is impossible, then you shouldn't really be stepping into any form of digital marketing. It's all fucked by those standards.

Long gone are the days where you can setup a facebook account with a vpn, and next day fire up ads. Long gone are the days where you can spam groups endlessly from 2 accounts.

It's difficult yes. But Not Impossible.

The reason why Facebook has clamped down so much is because media has put pressure on them as a company to clamp down. We can all hate zuckerberg as much as we want, but ultimately the problem comes down to this:

Some political agenda comes along...

Some asshole uses facebook to spread that agenda

Media find out through a series of "leaks"

General public complain

Facebook clamps down.

We ourselves are part of that general public demographic fyi, so we have ourselves to blame for this too. We as humans are toxic; We wanted the banks to give us a house with little-no income, so what did the banks do? They created sub-prime mortgages. Which led to the 2008 global financial crisis. Now yes, the banks are a bunch of greedy pigs, but it was us that demanded their services. It was us that couldn't fulfil our monthly repayments because we had taken on more debt that we can chew. The same people then went on this crucade against banks to get them to regulate more. The end result; market stagnation. This may seem like I support banks, I really don't, I'm just shedding a cynic's perspective on this. We have ourselves to blame just as much the banks, and the same applies to Facebook too.

It's really not in Facebook's best interest to bring in such tight regulations, and I can say that because the cost of moderation has gone up 100x for them in the past 2 years alone. Labour is the most expensive overhead for any business, and facebook is forking out more on it to keep itself in check.

Furthermore, there's also the issue of spam. Facebook was abused with people essentially posting porno and death videos/posts. It was abused with male enhancement shit. It was abused with scammy pin subs for kids. Let me ask you a question:

If you have a kid, would you want your kid seeing such toxic posts?

I would hope you answer no.

With all this in mind, would you also not have done the same if you owned Facebook?

But ultimately, its a business, and it needs us; the advertisers who spend money

So by no means is Facebook dead, but it also means you can't be a complete moron about it. A good case study here is Google adwords; google has long had one of the most powerful AI bots around, and adwords used to be a big thing for bh media buyers. Then the hype died and everyone moved on. I however know at least 20 people that swear by google adwords, and for them they find adwords much easier than facebook ads. How is that so? Is that because Google suddenly decided to be nice? Fuck no, it's because there aren't so many spammers about, and so they aren't complete dickheads. In the same vein, I genuinely believe Facebook needed this purge in the past 12 months just as google did back in 2013.

Just keep that in mind.

Enough bs, tell us how to run our filthy ads for free

Unfortunately, there is no "free" method anymore of spamming/running ads.

However, I can point you to the right direction:

The things you need

1. You need multiloginapp , get it, it's a gem. Set it up so that with each facebook profile you have a seperate identity.

2. You need decent proxies. Now I personally recommend setting up a DNS server and rerouting your mobile data to your computer, but if you aren't technically gifted, proxymillions service is rocksolid, I have tested it. Please don't ask for my proxy setup, I won't share it publicly.

3. You need a payment solution. The best way to find a payment solution that works for your country is by typing "Business prepaid cards {country name}" in google, I can assure you all the fb ad acc sellers used the same research technique for their payment solution provider :) - you will find a solution that works for you. Please don't ask me for mine.

4. You need fake profile identities. The best way to get these is fakenamegenerator.com

5. You need sms verification service: smspva.com

6. You need unlimited amount of emails: get some hosting with a cheap domain. It needs to have cpanel. Go to cpanel on that hosting, go to email accounts, and setup a catch-all email. Now whatever email you use in fb, all emails will go to one email address. If you can't do this yourself, your hosting provider should be able to do it for you.

7. You will need a cloaker, unless you have some rocksolid whitehat idea, in which case if you are in that position, skip down to the bottom. The cloaker I recommend is fraudfilter. They have awesome documentation on how to set it up, follow it.

8. You need a landing page, but I won't really be getting into this.

9. You need a safe page; the best way to find what safe pages are working for your particular campaign type is by using spy tools and going on other people's campaigns. The way to see their safe page is by accessing in a geo that they are not targeting, so for example, if they are targeting US, use a UK proxy, and that should show you their safe page. Pick one that has been running ads for longer than a month, it generally means their safe page is solid.

10. You need access to spy tools, for the above, and to spy on others. Because this is a public forum, I really don't want to screw over the very few spy tools that are left, so instead of saying the ones that are active, I will say this; Search on google for "whichadswork down" - this should bring up the results you wish for :)

What you need to do

1. Setup your multiloginapp with the settings provided in their documentation

2. Create your fb profile

3. Fill the profile from the details you got from fakenamegenerator.com

4. Keep it within the geo of your payment solution

5. Start MANUALLY liking things and commenting. Don't be robotic about it. This is where everyone fucks up. Do it as if you are a real facebook user. This is why I won't give you any "settings" - settings only really work if you follow a specific setup, and everyone's setup will be different. But what I can do is push you towards the right direction; think about the data facebook sees from your profile. Read multiloginapp's blog, he has some awesome info on this. You should be able to figure it out :) Join groups too. Only add a max of 10 friends/week - these friends should be in close geo to your profile geo, so join groups in your geo too.

6. Let the account rest for 2-3 weeks, browse on it everyday for 10-15 mins

7. Create ad acc, start small, start with a personal ad account.

8. Don't spend on ad acc just yet, create a facebook page first, and start sharing links from websites that DO NOT have facebook pixel installed. A way to test for this is by installing facebook's pixel helper chrome extension.

9. Let the facebook page build for 1 week.

10. Create your first page likes ad on your ad account. Always target the geo your campaign is going to be targeting, and use the interests you have in mind for your campaign.

11. Run your warmup ads (please don't ask me about my warmup strategy, I can't give everything away)

12. Run your real ads

13. Test Test Test

How Do I Find Killer Ads For Facebook?

- Spying is one of the techniques I use on facebook. But how I take my spying 1 step further is manual spying, so I have fb accounts setup in the countries where I target, and they have liked shit that are similar to the interests I'm targeting. I then get my staff to pick out ads that are working. Building manual spy accounts is very similar to the above setup but you simply like stuff similar to the campaign you want to create.

- Another technique which some of you may not be familiar with is adplexity, now this basically spies on native advertisement campaigns. The good thing about native advertising is it's almost similar to facebook - you have a core image and a headline, which gets people to click through. To demonstrate it a little, here's a video:

How Do I Setup my campaigns?

So I can't spoonfeed everything, but what I can do is push you to the right direction.

Here are some videos that I feel have a very good foundation:

And how to setup your facebook pixel:

And that's it

I honestly wish I had this write-up when I started, but I didn't. No one was really willing to give info for free, and some of the gurus charge $10k+. If you can't make it work with the info I have provided here, you will never make it work.

And that's kind of my point with all of this; Making facebook work is about your own ability to work hard, and be dedicated

The fundamental problem everyone faces with digital earning is their brains are all over the place. They can't really focus. I know, because I was like this. The younger version of me literally wanted his hands in 1000s of pots, and I didn't really know about everything.

Then in 2013, I decided to take a huge break, and think about where I really see myself heading to. I realised I love social media. I love facebook ads; I love waking up and finding I have conquered another day with Facebook, because with each day, my posts just get stronger and stronger and stronger.

So I dedicated myself to facebook, I dedicated myself to 1 avenue, and focused on it. Now I am pretty proud to say I have a small little team, and I have a business partner. Sure I'm not as big as some of the big players, but I am dedicated and focused.

I'm paying £29 ($45) per purchase for this particular campaign, but I make $300 per purchase, I'll let you calculate the ROI ;)

To hit a decent ROI, it means you can't half ass it. You have to really commit yourself. It takes time, it takes a lot of patience, but I will maintain, facebook is still one of the most profitable advertisement spaces on the web.

Why do I think that? Because of the viral factor. The above campaign took us a month of tinkering and optimising, but now we are in the position where 40% of our traffic is organic (i.e. via shares), which is where you really start to make money.

It hasn't been easy to get where I am, but I'm glad I have. I have a genuine skill now, and I'm able to help others with it.

If you want to make facebook ads work this year, it is your time, because it will only get harder. I suggest you start now, but it means you can't try and do 100s of other things at the same time. It means placing all your effort into facebook.

Oh before I finish, I'm not affiliated with any of the videos above, please don't buy their services, they were just decent and that's why I used them as resources.

Please don't ask for help by pming me, I will only answer questions that are posted here, and please be fair with your questions.

The main thing you should take away from this is; there are always resources around for loopholes, you just gotta be willing to get your head focused.

Message to Elites - --- The previous admin/owner of CPAElites --- said we can share from other forums. I did NOT write this is comes from --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- and all credits where credit is due!
2019-01-15, 05:01 AM,
This is an High Quality guide shared by you. I was thinking about trying facebook ads and this is the guide I needed to start.
2019-01-15, 05:09 AM,
Great share buddy, thank you so much.
2019-01-15, 05:39 AM,
(2019-01-15, 05:01 AM)ashpaul Wrote: This is an High Quality guide shared by you. I was thinking about trying facebook ads and this is the guide I needed to start.

(2019-01-15, 05:09 AM)EpicWarrior Wrote: Great share buddy, thank you so much.

My pleasure was not me that wrote it though but great share!
2019-01-15, 08:05 AM,
Good stuff from you mate, thank you so much!
2019-01-15, 10:48 AM,
Thank you for your tips mate, I am gonna follow it
2019-01-15, 11:16 AM,
Its good share, I read it on another forum and its good to have it on here as well. Thanks for doing that. Cool

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2019-01-15, 09:52 PM,
Thanks Op really nice share..

That having been said lol

Just my thought here, While it's cool and normal practice to share from other forums I think maybe you can shoutout the USERNAME of the sharer as opposed to shouting out the OTHER FORUM By name or initial lol...and just refer to having gotten the share from ANOTHER FORUM as is the usual practice... and as the rules do kinda state we shouldn't be mentioning other forums... even if we share from them.

Again it's probably nothing and just my Viewpoint and again we really do appreciate ALL quality shares such as this one..

Thanks Buddy
2019-01-16, 10:57 AM,
Thank you for the share mate, Good tutorial
2019-01-18, 02:10 AM,
Another HQ share from you OP. Thank you!

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