Just a little disappointment
2014-01-12, 03:14 PM,
Hi guys, I am iSagani a new member of this forum and I just got unbanned from a simple reason. Check the reason heck the reason here.

Yes I have read the rules and regulations of this forum, but what is the point of having a warning level on every user if MOD/Admins will not use it to warn? Also I have received a negative reputation from a Quality Member only because of that?
Quite not acceptable for me, because for me reputation is far more important than money! I am not saying that this forum is a crap, I really love this forum, the way how Admins/MODs run this community is outstanding. But for me my ban reason wasn't acceptable.
You can just warn me and move my thread on the right section, that was very very easy or if you are a quality member you can simply PM me and tell me that hey your thread is not on the right section, then for sure I will definitely remove it and put it on the right place.

Quality is a group of members that are highly reputable on this forum, they maintain the forum to keep it more HQ. But please don't use your group name or your reputation level among us members. We members are the heart of this forum, without us this forum will be such a crap.
I don't say that this forum is a crap, I only say that don't be too harsh to us, not because we are newbies here or free members you can simply do what you want, use your group name "Quality" very well. Having a thread on a wrong section is not a crime, it's just a simple misunderstanding.

I love this forum so much, I have learned so many great things here being a free member, but all I can say. If Admins/Staffs put a warning level on ever member, use it well, don't use your powers to insta ban them. We are all humans guys we commit mistakes, and from that mistake one person must help us correct it.

I hope this message will be seen by all members, I am not mad on this forum, why should I? This forum is great and I can definitely admit that, but please, holy please, learn how to use your name, powers and position. To the person who neg rep me, you know who you are, all I can say is, it is your choice not mine.

Thank you for reading.
I hope Admins/MOD will not misunderstood this thread.

I love CPAElites. :)

Last Statement: Sorry for my mistake, but I think giving me a negative reputation because of that reason is not acceptable. Thank you! :)

(I'm not here to fight against the admins or mods, I'm just here to seek fairness on every member, legends or not, top earner or low earner we are all equal. We all need equality, and fairness.)

Kind Regards,

[Image: addskype.png?u=iSaganiCPA&c=purple]
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2014-01-12, 03:17 PM,
You do know that you get instant ban for things and other reasons like Cross Posting you get a warning also Rep is just a number no Need to complain about it.
2014-01-12, 03:20 PM,
(2014-01-12, 03:17 PM)RZeroX Wrote: You do know that you get instant ban for things and other reasons like Cross Posting you get a warning also Rep is just a number no Need to complain about it.

Then what is the use of warning level if it won't be useful and one more thing for you reputation is just a number, for me a reputation is a treasure. :) It's a different belief for each and everyone of us. I just want to have fairness and equality on this forum. I love this forum that is why I want to keep it HQ as possible! :)

Kind Regards,

[Image: addskype.png?u=iSaganiCPA&c=purple]

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