Journey to having fun and living life at its fullest - Update no1
2014-03-16, 03:29 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-18, 10:46 PM by amru82.)
Hello Elites. Here I am starting a new journey that hopefully will not die like the other one. For those of you who have not followed my previous journey, I will start all over again with some personal information, my Internet Marketing story and what my dreams are. So without further ado I will start now.

My name is Amru and I am a 17 years old boy from Romania. This summer I am turning 18. I do not like the fact that I am madly lazy so this is one of my defects. When I first "stumbled" on Internet Marketing I was 16 years old and I had no idea what I was doing. A friend of mine told me about Forum discussions are not allowed here. and I started reading here and ther. I have tried lots of methods but none of them seemed to work. One day I discovered PPD and CPA. I had no idea what I was doing in there either but I started reading for like 1-2 months with no action taken.

One day I "found" that Google can really help me so I started watching tutorials on YouTube regarding Visual Basic ( I found those vids through Google Grin ). So that day I remember that I was really anctious to start working and I thought that because I have learnt to create a simple vb app, I will bank hard. Well, I could have if I worked enough, but why do that when I can play Metin2, right? (sarcasm). For 6 months I kept hoping that I will earn but where from if I did not work too much? Then, right before giving up I found a mentor who now is my best online friend. From then on I started earning. December was my highest earning month with $792 but then lazyness struck and I did not work anymore.

I was still earning $5-20/day in February, although I haven't worked since October (awesome, heh?). Then in March the inevitable happened and I lost 10/11 videos. I was not mad, it was my first mass ban and those videos were up for more than 5 months each so what was I expecting? Well, since that mass ban my lazyness didn't go away. I was not pissed or demoralized but I was (and still am) lazy as fu*k. Now I want to start earning again and make my dreams come true.

As for my dreams, hopes and goals regarding non-IM stuff, here they are:
  • My biggest dream, and for sure hard to achieve if I am not pulling my stuff together, get to move to the US in Los Angeles, California

  • The next year I am having "the most important exam of my life" so I have to start learning because I want to pass it with 9/10 at least
  • Study at medicine and show my brother that I am better than him at any aspect (he failed at medicine and also got 8/10 at that exam)
  • Have a lot of fun and make my teenage years worth remembering

As for a bit smaller goals that I want to achieve with these earning, here they are:
  • In Romania when we turn 18 we have the best birthday party of our lives. This is why, my mother will allow me $600 but my goal is to add $600 too, so it would be $1200
  • Buy some cool sunglasses
  • Get my driving license
  • Buy a car with my own money
  • Learn SEO (at least the basics)

I know a lot of these goals sound selfish but I always think of others too so I will have no problem giving something back too. After all of the smaller goals are complete, I will start saving some money because who knows when I need them.

Below I will write this jouney's goals and milestones:

Earnings goals and milestones:
When I hear X amount a day I do not think that I got it one day then it's ticked. A day means every day for a period of time so this is why I am doing the following thing:
[ ] $5/day for 30 days
[ ] $10/day for 30 days
[ ] $20/day for 30 days
[ ] $50/day for 30 days
[ ] $100/day for 30 days

[ ] $500 in a month
[ ] $1000 in a month
[ ] $1500 in a month
[ ] $3000 in a month

More goals to come after I reach these.

What I will do the first day of this journey (March 16, 2014):
Search for 20-30 niches and getting ready to set them up.
The method I will use:
Not sure yet. I think I will go with upload and forget but I am not sure yet.
Which network I will use: because it is a great comunity and it has great support

I will update this journey every 1-3 days! Each goal above will turn to green color after I achieve it.
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staffer(2014-03-16 08:23 PM) Sergiu(2014-03-16 04:51 PM) moneyboy2012(2014-03-16 04:14 PM) 
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2014-03-16, 03:58 PM,
good luck brother hope u reach that
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amru82(2014-03-16 04:27 PM) 
2014-03-16, 04:13 PM,
Thats a good journey thread :)
I have full supoort for you and if in need of help u know m dere,right? :p
I will come to meent you at USA :p
Don't let this thread DIE!!

mine is still going on xD :p
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amru82(2014-03-16 04:17 PM) 
2014-03-16, 04:51 PM,
Am citit tot. Misto. La mine la majorat a fost unu asa beat de a trebuit sa chemam salvarea, intrase in coma alcoolica :)) deci grija cu bautura.

Bafta si sper sa-ti atingi "goal"-urile.

I read everything. Cool. At my 18th birthday party we had to call the paramedics because one guy had too much to drink.

Good luck and I hope you achieve your goals.
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amru82(2014-03-16 05:06 PM) 
2014-03-16, 05:06 PM,
Thank you all for your support. You are great :D
2014-03-16, 08:25 PM,
Good luck amru and do not let laziness creep inside you this time. Make this a success and you will have all your wishes come true. My best wishes.
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amru82(2014-03-17 01:15 AM) 
2014-03-18, 10:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-18, 10:46 PM by amru82.)
So, I didn't even start the journey and my brand new laptop broke, in the first day of journey. Well, looks like the odds are against me but screw them. I figured that if I want to earn I should treat PPD at least like a part time job so this is why I will work 4 hours a day, every day.

Later today I will post a new reply with my stats and what I've done today. I have a problem though. I have a static IP so I can't upload too many videos on YouTube because I fear of them blacklisting my IP and/or mass-ban, what can I do? I would apreciate an answer to this question.
2014-03-19, 02:43 AM,
Is this also the reason you stopped providing SEO services cause your PC broke?

You can use (public, private preferred) proxies and/or a VPN as far as creating YT accounts.

Good luck with your journey!
2014-03-19, 04:14 AM,
Good luck bro, hope to make more than 600$ for your party. :)
2014-03-23, 04:41 PM,
No updates again :( please dont leave it dead

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