Journey from Zero to 10$/Day and then to Hero! [Instagram/Youtube]
2016-08-18, 09:28 PM,

Hey guys, my name is Robert. I'm studying IT and also working part-time job in IT company. I'm qualified as junior web developer.

I have been lurking this forum for some months and now decided to start the IM. I think I have enough of information in my mind. By combining them with my web developer skills and trying things out, I think I can achieve some great results in near future!

My goal for the moment would be to earn about 10$/day. This is what I earn as a student part-time employee and would be great to earn the same money by doing IM.


[] $5 / Day (5 Days Straight)
[] $10 / Day (5 Days Straight)
[] $50 / Day (5 Days Straight)
[] $100 / Day (5 Days Straight)


I will be using 1 main niche with some semi-niches.

Example: (this is not what I will use at the moment, just to give an example what I think niche/seminiche is)

Main niche: Computer Game Hacks
---Semi niche 1: Hearthstone hacks
---Semi niche 2: League of Legends hacks
---Semi niche 3: CSGO hacks


I haven't really started to do anything. At the moment I have only one Instagram account with 2000 followers.

1) Need to create a landing page. I will create my own HQ landing page so this could take some time. I will be creating one landing page for my main niche and will edit images/texts for semi-niches.

2) Need to buy domain. I will probably buy .xyz cause they are cheap and I think they are good for budget start.

3) Need to buy hosting. I would love to get your opinions on what hosting to choose. I want high speed with good stability. I think faster page load times will convert better.

4) Need to buy VPS.

5) Need to buy Massplanner. I will use MP cause it does have free trial and it's cheaper. I don't have a high budget for my start.

6) IMPORTANT! I need to get a lot of Instagram accounts and Youtube accounts. If anyone can give me tips on how to create them so I reduce my flag/banrate would be cool. At the moment I can't afford to buy those aged accounts.

7) Create HQ videos with proofs of working niche. Oh yeah, my niche is blackhat, so it will be a fake video! Ofcourse, upload videos to YT when they are created! :P

8 Generate tons of money and live happy ever after!


0.00000000000000$ (Earnings from OGAds)



I will start to update my thread on 22. August cause I'm really busy right now. I will also get a new PC on 22. August so cya there guys!

This thread is created to track my progress and to stay motivated!

And please don't PM me with questions about creating LP. I don't have a time. You can ask me any questions you want tho!

Have a great day guys!
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2016-08-18, 09:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-08-18, 09:31 PM by Pursue.)
Good luck on your journey, if you have any questions regarding YT feel free to message me.
2016-08-19, 12:36 AM,
1.Delete your niches from your thread...
2016-08-19, 12:53 AM,
(2016-08-19, 12:36 AM)lordscarlos Wrote: 1.Delete your niches from your thread...

Why? Those are not my niches, just examples if you read carefully :)
2016-08-23, 07:28 PM,
23 August Update:

So I got my new computer yesterday. Didn't have time to install Windows on it so will be doing that today. After that have to install Photoshop and many more needed programs for me to start working. Currently working on my notebook, but it's much easier for me to work on PC so will have to install everything today so I can start work on it tomorrow.

From the TO-DO list what I've did today:

1) Registered on and ordered 1 domain. Ordered .xyz and spent around 1$!
2) Registered on AWS and set-up VPS. This is 12 months free, cool right.
3) Registered on DigitalOcean and will order 5$/month hosting plan.

4) Found where to buy proxies from. Will order as soon as I have landing page ready.
5) Found a guy who offers a very good price for aged IG accounts. Will buy it later. (Sorry, I won't tell you, private source)

6) Have decided on my first main niche. I will try 1 main niche with 4 semi niches. Will use 25% of accounts for each niche. Then decide which is going better.

7) I also created Google Doc Sheet today where I store all my information about accounts/proxies and so on.

8) Have started to create my landing page. Need to finish it as soon as possible so I can order and set-up Massplanner and start my CPA journey. (I haven't ordered MP yet cause there is 5 days trial and I don't want to miss a day)

This is it for today, I'm off to work on my Landing Page.
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Dipsy(2016-08-23 07:48 PM) 
2016-09-02, 06:37 PM,
No news? What's up? :(
2016-09-02, 07:31 PM,
Have been pretty busy. I'm working my real time job + doing this journey. This IM is taking much time as well as you have to create landing pages , think of niches, create accounts, create images, proofs etc. Had problems with phone verifications, had problems with proxies. A lot of problems overall but I'm working on it and will update at the end of weekend! Cheers
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Setes7(2016-09-03 05:57 AM) 
2016-09-03, 03:20 PM,
Good luck for your journey. Please share with us how you solve problems too.
2016-09-03, 05:46 PM,
This is great, I just finish setting up my landing page, as well as 2 new Instagram account. I'm new to IM, so I would appreciate if anyone caries me along. I would love to follow your daily stats, perhaps, we could achieve this together.

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