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JOURNEY Working towards Financial Freedom
2019-06-19, 08:47 AM, (This post was last modified: 2019-06-21, 03:24 AM by Required.)
I figure I will start a journey, mostly for my personal record. I will edit each record with the date, personal thoughts, achievements, and end with the earnings for the day. Criticism or improvement is welcomed. It's a plus if you are inspired or motivated.


Personal Thoughts
I had a niche in my mind for the past couple weeks but would always delay. Today I finally bit the bullet and created that niche. Tomorrow I will possibly make videos and a work on a new niche.

Found a free website host.
Learned some HTML
Coded the website via Dreamweaver (This was very tedious work. It took a while to create and design multiple pages, including adding pictures etc. I'm going to work towards automating this process)
Created and verified an IG & Twitter account. (Made the logo while I was making the website. I use the homemade logo for one and a person for the other)
Replaced my link with a anonref cloaked link.
Started following on both accounts, somewhat automated. (This is also tedious, looking to completely automate this. But that will cost money :p )
Looked for website templates, decided I will custom code again for the next niche.

[Update for the day]
Completed another website (way quicker this time)
Made a video and uploaded (Should probably do some SEO on this tomorrow. For now I just did some free seo like Facebook Linter and some free backlinks.)

Earnings for today: $3.34 66.67% CR

Repetition & Improvement
2019-06-19, 02:51 PM,
You are using IG as a traffic source, right?
Cool journey and I wish you a good luck. Keep us updated! Cool

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2019-06-19, 07:45 PM,
Good luck in your journey, i hope it keeps you motivated and the rest of us who read you!

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2019-06-19, 08:06 PM,
Looks good, I wish you the best of luck with this journey! :)
2019-06-20, 12:12 AM,
Nice CVR. I wish you all the best!

[Image: banner3.jpg]
2019-06-20, 04:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 2019-06-22, 08:17 AM by Hyperion.)
good luck on your journey
2019-06-20, 02:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 2019-06-20, 02:16 PM by Required.)

Personal Thoughts
Adding a new segment called downfalls because I
think it's important to note what I had to solve
and how I did it. I'll name my first niche A and
second niche B, and so on. Really don't want to go
the Youtube path, I had to ponder on this a lot to
figure out an idea. I realized that most tools
that were only available to download, are now ALL
free and work well.

A. Got banned from my video streaming host I was
using related to content.
A. Reverted the experimental onclick locker hidden
on my site, did not work. Redirected that to my
main lp.
B. Got banned from vimeo :x lol
Setup my GSA Breaker, SER and Scrapebox.. a bit
too advanced $ and time consuming for now. (Will
learn it if I get into more saturated niches. For
now I will just index.)
Still getting views on my last publisher after switching to ogads.. not sure why.

Found a better video streaming site, way better.
Found a somewhat alternative to my video upload
site for niche B
Set up two backlinks for Niche BSimilar to this:
Bit the bullet and uploaded a video for niche b on
a personal YT email to see if it's worth going
back to youtube.
Changed to OGAds (For CPI)
Updated Niche A with a new download button and
some catchy funnel type talk to really wheel the
user in.
Learned some Bootstrap for Niche C.. in the works.
(Gonna be a huge blog type site)
Created a demo website with bootstrap/css/html

Earnings: like 100+views 7 click 1 $0.52 14.29%

Thanks for all the replies.
I do use IG right now, looking to move into SEO or ramp up on IG/others as soon as I figure out a solid enough method. Hoping for Niche C

Repetition & Improvement
2019-06-21, 11:40 AM, (This post was last modified: 2019-06-21, 11:42 AM by Required.)

Personal Thoughts

Slow day, spent a lot of my time reading on other
methods, trying to scheme up... definitely need
another source of traffic.
Might work tomorrow, have my other job during the weeked. so i'll be back monday.


Stuck on what my next niche should be.
Spent a lot of time thinking today
No conversions after the new site change, might
have to switch back. will try again monday.

Found a way to create beautiful professional
Landing Pages Easily and Effectively.
Remade the entire site for Niche A. A lot more
professional/funnel like. (Hopefully this improves

Earnings  29 2 $0.87

Repetition & Improvement
2019-06-22, 09:22 AM,

Personal Thoughts
I think my main goal right now is to optimize my
landing page as much as I can, I will be adding
some social aspect to it. Like so so and so just
unlocked, etc.
Am also looking into other sources of traffic, if
not that is okay.
Once the landing page is well optimized, then I
will scale my current methods. I see the potential
of maybe $10 a day from this.

Not sure whether to stay with OGads or CPAGrip...
Can't work much today.

Thought up a blueprint

Earnings: 15 Clicks 3 Conversions $1.33

Repetition & Improvement
2019-06-24, 12:05 PM,

Personal Thoughts
Because my IG got banned, it's time to multiply. That will be my main goal for today. After I
set up an account I realized I need to automate further, sort of figure out a strategy. Right
now, it costs me about $0.15 an account, creating them manually and I'm not sure how long it's
going to last. Jarvee is dope. looking into grm2

IG for niche A Banned :D (That means i'm doing something right :])

Setup Virtualbox
Jarvee Trial
Setup an Instagram account Under VPS/SMS Verified
Put in Jarvee and successfully automatically followed 25 people and posted 3 things (Took a
while to figure out lol)
Made 2 New Accounts, Hopefully they stay up for a day, set up to auto follow and like.

Earnings: 5 Clicks 1 Conversions $0.14

Repetition & Improvement

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