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JOURNEY This is my journey from noob to all star!
2017-07-10, 10:24 AM,
Ok!! Here we go!

I was a member at another forum for a long time and learned alot there about several different things. I never put it to work for me.

This will be my journey from nothing to something!

This forum is the best, and the paid VIP content is def worth the money if for nothing else but access to the vast knowledge here. I highly recommend anyone to purchase the legends package.

I followed a few threads and a few guides here. Credit to Deadz and WarrAffliliate for some great content here. Then i got in touch with OGADS and there were some really good resources there to.

I purchased hosting and a domain from two common sites and downloaded the members only landing page pack. I created a content locker on ogads and placed the code where it needs to go.

after some serious trial and error i finally was able to get the website up and running. Its just for testing and it doesn't work correctly at all.

kinda stumped on that point but i will figure it out. Its for a candy crush hack and the landing looks sweet but there are no buttons there. not sure whats the deal with that.

i am able to access the content locker tho and after doing my own testing (hope its allowed) i found that surveys sucks and i don't think those work. definitely need to go with the installs instead.

so far things are looking up but there is still a long road to travel ahead. I have not picked a niche or anything like that so I am not really worried about stalkers trying to copy my stuff... nothing to copy!

look forward to seeing the feedback that i can get from here as we go along!
2017-07-10, 11:55 AM,
Well just hit a road block! So i used the link shortener in ogads to mask the link cause well i still haven't figured out where the content should go so the address is long. I posted it to my personal Facebook account to see if it would even make it onto the page and it did! I was excited! So i edited the post and told a few of my close friends to take a look at the link and see what it does blah blah... well about an hour later, Facebook deleted the post. bastards.

so back to the drawing board i went and i decided to just private message a group of my friends. too bad its like 3am here tho... somehow i sent it to my entire friends list lol... some were mad and rolled out the group and about 7 people looked at the post but didn't click the link evidently. no traffic. shows how much friends they are of mine.

Another friend messaged me and was like wtf was that all about. anyway he never saw the post and i tried to send it to him. Facebook is now blocking the short url cause its spammy. So i tried to send him to the actual page, again blocked.

So now i have no way of marketing the test LP...

so where did i go wrong? I am not buying IG accounts just to get them banned immediately cause thats just dumb
2017-07-10, 02:34 PM,
Well had a little success... someone was able to access the link completed a CPI and i made .28
so thats a good start! going to wipe that page now and start figuring out how to make the content acuatlly work that I am locking... and then after that its time to figure out how to market it out to the masses... pretty excited
2017-07-10, 02:43 PM,
use youtube for starting
2017-07-10, 02:50 PM,
(2017-07-10, 02:43 PM)imrichierich Wrote: use youtube for starting

Sorry.. for starting to learn or as a niche?
2017-07-10, 02:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-07-10, 03:01 PM by imrichierich.)
make niche videos showing how to complete mobile install thorugh your LP and then promote this video on youtube

search on youtube like clash royale hack you can make video like them according to your niche
2017-07-10, 03:13 PM,
(2017-07-10, 02:52 PM)imrichierich Wrote: make niche videos showing how to complete mobile install thorugh your LP and then promote this video on youtube

search on youtube like clash royale hack you can make video like them according to your niche

Oh wow!! Dang! Its like a light bulb just went off in my head!
I have watched these videos before, like long time ago looking for farmville hacks and stuff as an end user. Ok cool!

so lets take castle clash for an example:
create landing page on my domain
install script for the CPI in the header
create video demoing the hack? (the hacks actually work? or do we spoof that?)
black hat the seo for the video and basically just created passive income?

am i on the right track with that? cause all that seems doable... i dont care for the idea of lying to the end user about the hack if they arent legit tho... i suppose you would turn commenting off
2017-07-10, 04:41 PM,
Just check others video how they make videos . and you can rip their landing page using httrack website copier
2017-07-11, 07:13 AM,
Best of luck mate! hope you do well in this journey.
2017-07-12, 09:34 PM,
All the best mate! keep up the good work!

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