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Journey MY OGADS JOURNEY $50/WEEK to $50/HOUR Proof Attached
2018-08-13, 12:22 PM,
Great! What is your traffic source?
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2018-08-13, 01:29 PM,
How to get approved to Ogads? My application has been rejected. :(
2018-08-30, 01:33 PM,
ok you spent $450/campaign in SEO.what is your profit gains per campaign ?
2018-09-08, 04:46 PM,
Good work mate, I hope you do well.
2018-11-12, 07:43 PM,
Hello . Do you use custom domain for the locker , or you use the one ogads provide ?
2019-01-11, 02:54 PM,
(2018-05-14, 01:14 PM)ZackY29 Wrote:
(2018-05-10, 08:52 AM)anwarm607 Wrote: I have seen same thread in another forum... There the people said that the person is promoting links and OGads network and most of the peoples are experienced persons on that forum.. They said it completely fake.. I don't know what is the truth is..

Yes im promoting ogads. Im sure thats not illegal. Im trying to prove that if you have good traffic then you will make the most from here. When i joined ogads i was working 9 to 8 pm in automobile showroom making $120/month. Now i WORK 15-20 hours/day at home. Have breakfast lunch and dinner with my family everyday and make 20000-22000 USD/MONTH.

How do you do this with CPA?

I'm a little bit nervous because I'm a newbie with CPA,

I will really appreciate If I can get a response
2019-01-12, 02:10 AM,
Do you do blackhat niches?

[Image: banner1.gif]
2019-01-26, 12:07 PM,
Good luck mate, Hope you do well.
2019-02-12, 11:50 PM,
Keep up the good work man

[Image: mlALYeA.gif]
2019-02-14, 03:03 AM,
I'm glad mods closed your other thread! I know your earnings are true since Ogads confirmed that but I'm more than sure that you aren't giving a clue about your traffic sources. How come you haven't mentioned Youtube in the current thread? but after this comment:

(2018-05-02, 01:03 AM)chigoinc Wrote: I thought you always say your traffic was from yt on the chat, how come there is no mention of yt here?

You denied using Youtube then created a new thread (The closed one) and this time you mentioned Youtube

I don't care if you are willing to gain referrals, sell courses or whatever.. but I really hate the way you ignore other people questions in your thread while the main OP provides 0 value, I'm not used to this community but in another forum you would get a very bad reputation acting this way and you may even get banned.

If I ever said I'm making money, I MEAN IT Mad

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