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JOURNEY Growing A Money Site Network To Over $25,000 A Month!
2020-06-26, 08:52 PM,
[Image: byKiN8Um.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 2018 Words - Outsourced.
  • Built out more Surfer SEO templates for next month's content orders all caught up with the template side of things now.
  • Spent most of the day prepping the content from that was delivered from the freelance writers while I was sick, pretty much up to date now but still have a hand full to finish tomorrow then its up to date.
  • Guest Post order from the new service has been delivered, the actual article content is solid and the post is on a DA89 domain with solid metrics so I'm really happy about it in all honesty, going to put more orders their way next month.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-27, 09:42 PM,
[Image: 3xfJHOtm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Finished formatting all of the banked articles for this new domain, I will probably start publishing them tomorrow ready for the 1st as I have a few things on next week so depending on how things land I might not be able to publish them all in a single day.
  • Been number-crunching my analytics and rank tracker data more and more today and I think buyer intent affiliate keywords are only going to be getting harder and harder as Google seem to be adding more and more widgets to the SERP rather than just having organic articles. After this domain that I am launching in a few days, I will probably try an informational domain again for the one after it based around display ads.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-29, 12:38 AM,
[Image: H3VV36Om.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 2034 Words - Outsourced.
  • 3 x niche edits delivered from last month's order, all 3 have solid metrics and I will be using the niche edit service again in the future for this new domain.
  • The guy I reached out to a week or two back to work on the domain I started in May got back to me and said he can probably fit me in for a few articles a week starting next week as one of his clients has cut their order short. Going to have him work on some informational articles for the domain that I launched in May using a tweaked version of the keyword research method to try and avoid the issues caused by the 4th May update.
  • Prepped the keywords to push to the writer for the informational domain and gave them one last check, tried to make the Surfer templates for them but the Surfer server seems to have been down most of the day or something and I couldn't log in so I will do it tomorrow.
  • Finished setting AAWP up with the Amazon API access on the domain I am launching on the 1st and finished off a few other little things so its pretty much good to go now.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-29, 09:20 PM,
[Image: eemXMrYm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 1565 Words.
  • Article 2 - 1473 Words.
  • It finally looks like microphones are coming back in stock so hoping to get a new mic for YouTube next month.
  • Managed to publish all of the content for the new domain and submitted the sitemap to GSC. I will keep an eye on the coverage tab as I am expecting to have indexing issues with this domain too but fingers crossed it doesn’t happen.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-30, 11:14 PM,
[Image: nGS6YZam.png]
Income is from my full money site network.
  • Article 1 - 1616 Words.
  • Article 2 - 1281 Words.
  • Smashed out some Surfer templates to use the rest of the credits that I have for this month before the credits reset tonight. I will probably quickly use up the credits for July too and then downgrade my package with them as I'm not getting through the credits quickly anyway.
  • Two test orders sent out for the informational domain started in May using the post May 4th update keyword research method and I will scale this up over July.
  • All of the content that I published last night for the new domain has had its initial crawl from Google according to GSC and there's no issues in the coverage tab yet so hoping for more of the same as the pages start to jump into the SERPs and hope it will just climb as usually and not be in the Crawled - Not Indexed section.
Published the video below going over my highest income domain that may be helpful for some people following along.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-07-01, 06:50 PM,
[Image: teTcnImm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.
  • Article 1 - 1558 Words.
  • Article 2 - 1694 Words.
  • The pages for the new domain that I just launched are starting to show up in webmaster tools but they are in the "Crawled - Currently Not Indexed." section. I'm hoping that its just because it's brand new and that they will index soon, if not I will try the forced indexing thing in GSC to see if that can help.
  • Ordered 11 new 4000-word buyer intent articles from Buy Sell Text.
  • The guy who I have sent templates to for my informational domain emailed me back saying the slots he has free are in the middle and end of the month but he will try to get content back as and when he can.
I published a video going over ordering content on Fiverr at different price points with examples of the articles that the gig vendors delivered that might be helpful to people.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
Yesterday, 09:26 PM,
[Image: RMhojBxm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 1583 Words.
  • Article 2 - 1623 Words.
  • Article 3 - 1797 Words.
  • Did more keyword research for the domain that I launched in May using my post May 4th method. With any luck I will have this new domain that I just launched in maintenance mode by the end of this month and then be able to focus on the domain from May again as my primary project as the issue with the coverage tab in GSC seems to have cleared up.
I also published my monthly update video that might be helpful for anyone following along.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]

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