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JOURNEY Growing A Money Site Network To Over $25,000 A Month!
2020-06-01, 05:26 PM,
[Image: FIqwFtXm.png]

So my actual journey has been going for a while now and I managed to earn almost $6400 last month from the Amazon Affiliate program as you can see in the image above. Although I am yet to break the $10,000 a month mark yet, I have set myself the goal of getting to >$25,000 a month as I am trying to scale as rapidly as possible and want to document the process along the way.

The majority of my current income is from two sites that were not affected by the Amazon commission changes, I also have two sites still well within the Google sandbox too that should start aging out over the coming months, and another site that has been hit by Google updates and Amazon commissions that only makes around $200 a month now. I am spending most of this week trying to fault find the Google May 4th Algorithm update to plan for future domains as I want to try and outsource a domain as much as possible in August 2020 with the team that I am building.

The vast majority of my income currently comes from the Amazon Affiliate program but I am starting to diversify as I am overexposed to Amazon cutting their commissions as they did in April 2020. My current main project is mainly a display ad site and I am looking to add some stuff based around ShareASale and CPA networks to it too as it breaks my income sources up.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-01, 11:56 PM,
[Image: mDj5VVpm.png]
  • Income seems to be down due to Amazon suspending delivery services due to the riots as actual orders seems to have held as normal.
  • Article 1 - 2105 Words - Outsourced.
  • Article 2 - 1500 Words - Outsourced.
  • So I was talking to a friend who has been doing really well with affiliate blogging and asked how he is diversifying away from Amazon and he basically said he is going all-in with Amazon and dropping more per month on scaling than I am earning from my own network in total. I asked him about shareasale and other programs like that and he basically said how they have their own issues too as vendors leave the platform or close their affiliate program down with little to no warning and its usually harder to find an alternative where as Amazon can just do their job of trying to show an alternative/more recent version of an item to someone who clicks your links. Although I am still wanting to scale this latest domain to diversify income sources, I also want to look at getting back into a fresh Amazon blog in a month or two as I have more confidence in actually ranking those types of keywords.
  • I spent most of today fault finding on May 4th update, and it looks like the YouTube videos in the SERPs for my niche have normalized into the horizontal YouTube widget now rather than 3 individual YouTube entries in the SERPs. I have been doing keyword research in a bunch of niches for “review” and “best x” terms and this seems to be widespread unfortunately and the niche for the domain I started in January is affected too. does look like it will hold on the top page too now as its showing results for some really good customer reviews rather than the old product page it used to prior to the update so seeing Amazon on the first page of Google is not a tell for low competition and an easy keyword anymore. I am wanting to put more time into trying to tweak my keyword research method to try work out a way to quickly find low competition keywords after the May 4th update for the potential new Amazon Affiliate project in a month or two so that will probably be the plan for tomorrow.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-02, 05:01 AM,
Nice read. Well organized thread. Good luck on your journey bud. Please, keep us updated. Thanks

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2020-06-02, 09:09 PM,
[Image: SMqwgQLm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Did a ton of keyword research ready for the potential new Amazon Affiliate site in a month or two. I ended up getting a fair few decent keywords that could actually be split into two domains if needed. I found 127 for one sub-niche and 55 for another sub-niche but will probably initially go with a much smaller number initially. I basically want to try a scaling process where I do the keyword research and then outsource the backlinks and content to keep as much as my time as possible. This next site can probably work as a test for for this process.
  • Spent more time fault finding the May 4th update. It definitely seems as though YouTube and Amazon have been given more power for buyer intent keywords and Reddit, Quora, and stackoverflow have been given more power for informational keywords with Pinterest seemingly winning on both fronts too. Some of the keywords for a domain that I started in January have been effected pretty badly by the update unfortunately before that project even had a chance to rank.
  • The owner of the new writing service that I am using got back to me and confirmed that she will tell her writers to type my content directly into Surfer SEO to prevent the formatting issues that I previously had. I have built out the first buyer intent template for this new site as it is currently all informational content and put the order in to see how it goes. Once it has been delivered, I will do some initial backlinking as this is kind of a mini test for the new affiliate domain I plan to build in a month or two with as much of the process being outsourced as possible. Should be a week or so before I get this buyer intent article back, my other freelance writers should be returning their informational intent content over the next few days.

(2020-06-02, 05:01 AM)DrKent Wrote: Nice read. Well organized thread. Good luck on your journey bud. Please, keep us updated. Thanks

Cheers dude.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-03, 06:07 PM,
Seems interesting and solid journey.

All you have mentioned about content but nothing about link building.
How you build links.

Your journey seems amazing. Would follow
2020-06-03, 08:41 PM,
[Image: k25AzScm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 2003 Words - Outsourced.
  • Article 2 - 1509 Words - Outsourced.
  • Article 3 - 2074 Words.
  • The second affiliate program that I applied to on ShareASale seems to have been removed for some reason. Not sure if they ended their affiliate program or if ShareASale kicked them off or not but kind of goes to show that programs other than Amazon can have their own dramas too so the grass is not always greener.
  • Google put out a tweet last night saying that they were aware of and have now fixed a bug with their indexing, as search console has a few days delay on it update it will take a while before I know if its the same bug on the coverage tab thats being a pain for two of my domains or not but I have my fingers crossed.
  • Finished putting together the services that I wanted for my outsourcing team to try scale as quickly as possible in the future. After reaching out to a bunch of web 2 services, one seemed promising but they seem to be ghosting now so I will just stick with guest posts, niche edits, and manual forum posts for the foreseeable future as it has worked out well enough so far.

I also published my monthly update video going over the progress for my full affiliate blog network that may be interesting for some following along.

(2020-06-03, 06:07 PM)IM2020 Wrote: Seems interesting and solid journey.

All you have mentioned about  content but nothing about link building.
How you build links.

Your journey seems amazing. Would follow
I use Niche Edits, Guest Posts, and Manual forum posts, I will mention link building as and when I put orders in but since starting the journey thread I have been busy with other stuff.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-04, 03:41 PM,
From where you buy content, guestposts & niche edits ?
2020-06-04, 10:30 PM,
[Image: DJbYIBim.png]
Income is from my full money site network.​
  • Article 1 - 2645 Words.
  • Article 2 - 1496 Words - Outsourced.
  • The Google indexing bug seems to be worse than ever, there's reports of all kinds of random stuff happening since Google pushed their fix live and it looks like one of my older sites may be affected by it now too. Until more is known about this indexing Issue I am slowing my content production right down when it comes to freelance writers to save cash.
  • I got an email from ShareASale saying that one of the programs on there has changed their payout rates so with one program removing themselves from the platform and this new one changing their rates, it's making me just want to stick with Amazon even more. I have been asking around and people have told me that this is very common for platforms like ShareASale so I am just going to build out the keyword list for this next domain-based around Amazon and potentially eBay while also trying to fault find the indexing bug more.
  • Spent some time doing keyword research for this new project, I have well over 100 keywords that fit my new keyword research method that I have tweaked since the May 4th Google update now but they are definitely harder to find than they used to be due to Amazon, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube taking up so much of the first page and seemingly being unshiftable able right now but I will keep doing keyword research.
  • I had a little think about domain strategy for moving forward too, I am kind of looking more towards building smaller niche sites rather than bigger authority domains to try and reduce the risk and open the buyer pool more for potential exits on the domains in the future.
(2020-06-04, 03:41 PM)IM2020 Wrote: Okay,
From where you buy content, guestposts & niche edits ?

Content is from buyselltext, I am testing a new supplier for guest posts and niche edits right now as my old suppliers have gone downhill, deliveries should be back in a week or two with any luck.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]
2020-06-05, 02:14 AM,
It`s nice to see someone is getting great results on the forum with Amazon affiliate program!

I have seen some people are complaining all over the internet about their recent commission cuts :(
2020-06-05, 07:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 2020-06-05, 07:40 PM by shaunm.)
[Image: RqX21EIm.png]
Income is from my full money site network.
  • Did some fault finding for the pages pushing my blog pages down in the SERPs. From what I can tell, Google are now actually ranking reviews from Amazon in the SERPs as well as actual product pages. From what I can tell, if there is a decent review for the product on Amazon Google rank it highly but if its still just the regular product page then my articles are still beating them. Did a little keyword research based around this for my next project and it seems to be a mix of product pages and review pages from Amazon ranking for various keywords but I am still currently taking product pages in the SERPs as a tell for low competition but if a decent review is posted on Amazon then it could probably outrank me with ease.
  • I got the new article back from buyselltext and although the actual content is great, it has the same formatting issues in the Surfer SEO again so I have requested they fix it as its a 4000 word article and I can't be bothered to fix it myself as the writer was specifically told to type the content up in the Surfer template rather than copy and paste the text in due to it breaking their formatting.
  • Manually checked the keywords for all 136 pages online for the domain I launched in May and only 37 (27%) of them seem to have made it through the Google May update without having their competition increased by sites like YouTube and such on the first page. As it is a brand new domain I don't have any pages ranking for it yet so I couldn't see a traffic drop in my analytics to see this happening but the domains and level of competition on the first page has definitely increased in general.
  • Due to so many of the keywords for the diversification domain that I launched at the start of May being affected by the May 4th update I have just decided to flip my freelance writers over to working on my next affiliate project to let the dust settle for the informational domain to see what happens with it. I pushed the first article out to one of my freelancers and I will put the rest of them onto this new project as and when they deliver their content jobs that they currently have. This domain will be outsourced as much as possible to try and use it as a proof of concept for a scaling system that I am wanting to use to grow everything rapidly over the coming years. I also have some keywords for another domain that I can work on in my downtime too in another niche that I know pretty well too.
  • Built out a bunch of surfer SEO templates for this next project so I can easily send them to my freelancer writers when required and did some final keyword research checks too to double-check a few things.

I also published a video going over a zero search volume keyword strategy that I have been playing with over the years that may be helpful for anyone just starting out.
(2020-06-05, 02:14 AM)Dario Wrote: It`s nice to see someone is getting great results on the forum with Amazon affiliate program!

I have seen some people are complaining all over the internet about their recent commission cuts :(

Yea it's a pain that they cut their commission rates but their conversion rate is still better than anywhere else from what I can tell. I have lost count of the number of people who flipped their links to another affiliate program only to come back less than two months after the Amazon cuts because the other programs are just not converting with the traffic. Even after the comission cuts in some of the categories people are making more on Amazon then they can with other programs.

[Image: 31R2yVS.png]

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