[Journey] Growing A Money Site Network To $10,000 A Month!
2018-01-14, 10:49 PM,
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Only pulling a half day with it being the weekend.
  • Listened to Audible, completed “The house the Jack built” about Jack Ma. Added it to my recommended reading.
  • Spoke with my of the writers I am trying out as a MS writer to see what volume they are able to handle as I want to get as much test content online ASAP for this test, hoping that the better writer is able to get three MS articles out per week but she has other stuff one so may only be able to do two.
  • My second main sites traffic is down 60% on the overnights in comparison to last week. Its been offline almost four days so i’m guessing Google have pushed it down the ranking, hoping it will recover over the next few weeks. My main site was only offline for a few hours and doesn’t seem to have had any change on its traffic. Went into the SERP tracker and both sites have lost a bunch of SERP positions across their pages over the past few days, not sure if its because of the sites going off line or all the stuff on Algoroo.
  • Went to the gym.
  • Setup the hosting and registered a new domain name for my fresh domain zero back linking test site. I wayback machine checked the domain before purchasing to make sure its clean. A bunch of my domains from this time last year have notifications up reminding me of how far I have came from the stuff I was doing to sites back then.
  • The fresh zero back linking domain has now propagated so I have installed the plugins/theme and such. Its pretty much as far as I can get it now without adding content but my main sites zero back linking page tests are priority.
  • YouTube suggested a Jordan Peterson clip that I found really interesting that touches on the 1% and productive people. I will try to work parts of it into the next video I have planned for my own YouTube Channel that is based around how long it actually takes to become a millionaire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb7ZC1YbcV0

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2018-01-16, 12:12 AM,
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  • On of the writers I was using for money site content for the zero back linking tests on my aged domain has family issues and has had to drop out. I have pushed his jobs to my main money site writer. He is double the price but an excellent writer. I have also been going over my Analytics and SERP trackers for my current zero backlink stuff. It still seems that super low comp keywords take around the 10 week mark to get traffic.

  • Manually submitted some new pages to Google that I added to one of my domains a few weeks back as a test as they are all indexed but not in the top 300 for their target keyword. Checked my rank tracker on the overnights and they have all jumped into the top 60 for their target keywords with one jumping to 12th. Curious as to if this will hold though.

  • Reduced the affiliate links on three pages on my main site to zero as a test as they seem to have been hit the most by the update on the 12th. In theory, it should be the easiest way to see if it recovers or not.

  • Started to type up some of the articles for my main sites zero backlinks to page test to help get the content online quicker. It will also help keep the costs down.

  • A few of my money pages on my main site have jumped back onto the first page for their keywords so thats a good sign of recovery from the migration. Its traffic is also back to pre-12th December rollout levels. The money page for my bridge network test has also started to climb in the SERPs already.

  • My legacy site has also recovered after the migration and its traffic is back to its pre-12th december rollout levels. I thought this would take longer but I am glad its back to pre rollout levels as it was running at around -40%. I am hoping that this either holds or increases over time but time will tell.

  • Had Natural-language processing brought to my attention over on the GSA forum. I would imagine Google have implemented something like this over the past 12-18 month and thats why I am seeing such bad results with anything using auto generated content.

  • Received some of the content for my aged domains zero backlinking test so posted it out to the money site network and submitted it to Google.

  • Listned to Audible

  • The last money site article for the site I started around the start of January has been delivered so that site is now complete. There are a few PBN/BN/Web 2 tests running on it but a bunch of the pages have been left with zero backlinks. I will leave it six month to see what happens.

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2018-01-16, 11:45 PM,
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I havent had much time to get stuff done today due to having a bunch of real life stuff on.
  • Typed up three money site articles for my aged domains zero back linking keywords.
  • The crypto markets seem to have had a pretty big correction over night due to China potentially banning centralised exchanged. This is excellent news for OmiseGo who are my second largest holding right now as they are planning to release a decentralised exchange. With all that traffic being pushed to decentralised exchanges it can increase the dividend from OmiseGo POS. Hoping Jun from OmiseGo has some good news regarding Plasma when he speaks at a crypto conference on the 18th that can help rebound OMG and ETH.
  • Listened to Audible, finished the art of war.

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Yesterday, 11:56 PM,
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  • The crypto markets are pretty much a bloodbath right now. I am hoping that the coin.jp event starting tomorrow has some solid announcements for both ETH and OMG in a hope it can stop the bleed or even get them growing in value again. I have did some math and even if the crypto markets drop below the market cap they were at when I got in, I should be able to wait out the dip on my current savings and the income from my sites for a fair few months as I have no plans to sell anything.

  • Typed up two money site articles myself for my main site that has aged in and decided to type up two money site articles for my fresh domain that will get zero backlinks. The keywords for these articles are using a new twist on my keyword research method so I am curious to see how they turn out. Even if they reduce the sandbox time for me for a month or two I would be happy.

  • Listened to audible.

  • I have transferred my BTC holdings into OmiseGo as I feel it has a better potential for growth this year in comparison to bitcoin.

  • The site I built out earlier this month is now starting to get traffic from Google, its only 1-2 hits per day but its better than nothing. Not expecting much from it until May/June. My main two sites are bouncing all over the place now, not sure if it is due to the roll out on the 12th December, the current rollout showing on Algoroo for the past week or so or just issues from changing hosts. CRT to Amazon and CR is down accordingly even though I did expect a down turn with it being January, I didn’t think it would be this bad.

  • Completed my first crypto swing trade managed to make 0.17 ETH profit. Its not much but its better than nothing. Although I am brand new to it, I definitely want to do it more in the future when the markets are more stable.
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