Journey Divergent's SEO Journey to $100/Day (Massive Action Plan)
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Hello Elites!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their Journeys. You inspire me to take action!
Special thanks to HawkEye for such a wonderful forum.
Why do I start with SEO? I think this is a good Free Source of Traffic.

What do I really want?

$100/Day in CPA-Marketing

Why I want it?

To live a full life, to travel, to see the most beautiful places on the planet.
To feel that every day I become better.
I really want to buy a new iMac as a reward.

Massive Action Plan:

1) Niche&Keyword Research
2) Register new domain + Setting up the site (On page SEO)
3) Create content
4) Link Building. Build 20 links to each of posts
5) Affiliate Link / Content Locking
6) Scale&Automate. Create more inner pages / Site categories

Since I am newbie, I will be glad to any advices. Join the discussion, I hope this Journey will be useful.

It's not that simple

Day 0: some details

I have already started my journey a 4 weeks ago. What I did:

1) In fact, in the beginning I didn't understand what to do and so I just created a website in a highly competitive niche. Created one article of 1K characters. Site is indexed Google, but... then I realized that there is no keyword which I can easily rank it.

2) Just read some journeys, tutorials on this forum and take notes on them.
For a quick start I decided to try a niche Game Generators.
- Created account in CPABuild
- Simple Keyword Research. This game looked low competition and I decided to just try to do it
- Registered a new exact match domain
- 1 Page Wordpress Landing  5k symbols -> link to Generator LP.
- Simple On-Page SEO
- Only two BackLinks from new Twitter and Google+ accounts (just to get my site indexed)

2-4 days and my game site was actually indexed, but very low ranked. I was slightly disappointed.

After 10 days I was pleasantly surprised that my site is on page 1 for main keyword.
#10 Ranking for "GameName Hack".

And last week I already got the first leads and earned $ 3.67 in total.

It really motivates me!

But looks that this keyword has little traffic.
Google Keyword Planner shows me: "No data" for this keyword.
Also the site loses the ranking from #10 to #14 Google position and traffic became zero.

3) Started WhiteHat Long term Site with a wide structure and scalability.
(I'll keep the niche in secret)

Most of the traffic I expect to receive from Long Tail Keywords.
In this niche there are competitors, but there are a lot of Long Tail keywords
which have high domain authority and low page authority.
I want to try be targeted on those keywords.

Registered 2 domains:   keyword.domain  + keywords.domain (plural)

Total Spent: $50 for domains, whois privacy, shared hosting.
Total Earned: $3.67

I think for the first earnings I need to focus on niche games generators. For long-term stable income, I'm going to do whitehat site with a wide structure and with lots of categories.

Must to do (due tomorrow):

For Game Site
I think it's a waste of time and money to do for each site a separate domain, set up a wordpress ... so I have to make one new site for all game generators. I just leave the old site for a specific game (with exact match domain), it does not bring any traffic now and loses its ranking.
- Register new domain & Setup Wordpress
- Configure Wordpress

For WhiteHat site
- Configure Wordpress, On page SEO (Just install the required plug-ins)


Now I use for keywords:
- KWFinder (Free ver.)
- Google Keyword Planner

I heard proranktracker has a free version and want to try it.

What else can you advise? (free tools / SEO tutorials)

Thanks for reading!
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2017-08-20, 10:09 PM,
Nice and detailed. Good luck with this, keep us posted.
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Divergent(2017-08-20 10:25 PM) 
2017-08-21, 12:03 AM,
Great thread. May i ask you mate... arent you scared about bans? hacking niche +seo is risky cause seo takes long time just to see that your website got banned.
2017-08-21, 07:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-08-21, 07:48 PM by Divergent.)
(2017-08-21, 12:03 AM)salaykum Wrote: Great thread. May i ask you mate... arent you scared about bans? hacking niche +seo is risky cause seo takes long time just to see that your website got banned.

Of course, I understand that this can not be a long-term site for several years.
So I will not make it perfect.
If anything happens to the site - I'll just create 2-3 new sites.

I think if I learn SEO and ranking sites, then it will be easy.
The income may be lost for a while, but it's normal for CPA marketing.

Seo really takes a lot of time, maybe that's why it's better to rank several sites at the same time. I'll start with two sites for the first results, but then I can make more sites.

Day 1: simple On page SEO


- Registered a new domain for games niche

- Installed WordPress

- Simple On page SEO:

Set up permalinks
Social Share Buttons
Related Posts
YOAST SEO (Site Titles, etc)
Set up a Wordpress template and site categories
Contact form

The site looks ready to be filled with content.

Maybe I need to create a privacy policy or a cookie policy - I do not know whether this is necessarily.
Perhaps this is an additional sign for Google that my site is high-quality.
I'll do it later.

Also I need to create profiles in social networks and set up auto-posting to social profiles.

Total spent: $60 (for all domains, hosting)

Must to do:

I do not know should I do posts or pages for content.
I heard that Bing loves pages.
But the posts seem more logical to me, so I will make posts.

- Create social networks profiles for sites

- Keyword Research

- Create content

1) One post (3k words or more) for one game

2) One post (3k words or more) for a whitehat site

Content is the most important part. And the hardest for me, because I do not know English well. It takes some time to translate.
But I will not make it perfect. 20 percent of actions give 80 percent of the result.

The day is not over, I still have time to do a lot.

Thank you for reading!
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RIP LITTLE CUZ(2018-03-05 03:55 AM) 
2017-08-22, 12:22 AM,
Nice mate. Stay motivated and work hard buddy.
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Divergent(2017-08-22 11:49 AM) 
2017-08-22, 06:15 AM,
You are well organised kind of person. Update us as much as you can, subbed and GL Cool
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Divergent(2017-08-22 11:49 AM) 

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2017-08-22, 07:37 AM,
I will follow this journey bro since we are on the same track. Keep it up.

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Divergent(2017-08-22 11:49 AM) 
2017-08-22, 09:57 PM,
Day 2: Content

Thank you all for kind words!


- Keyword research. Chosed one game with low competition (3000 searches per month)

- Created one post about hack for this game (7k symbols)

Just found all the information about the game.
I used a SpinBot for most. And I wrote manually a section about hack.

Added a table of contents.

After that, I spent a lot of time to consider the recommendations of the YOAST SEO.
But it still shows that the readability needs to be improved.

I just leave it that way, and I hope that with experience I can create posts faster.

Must to do:

- Create custom generator (template in CPABuild)

- Create one post for WhiteHat Site (with good readability)

I think to do links and indexing after 2-3 posts for each site.
2017-08-24, 02:00 AM,
Day 3: ways to create unique content

Today I was faced with the difficulties of creating unique content.

For a site with game generators:

I found information about the game,
Used a spinbot (Readability is bad)
And wrote some text myself.

The uniqueness of the text is about 60%.
Not so good, but it did not take long time.
Maybe it will reduce the conversion ratio, but it works.

For a whitehat site

Here it is more difficult, because I need texts with good readability for people.
I collected information from different sites, tried to do a rewrite, but the uniqueness of about 30% is very bad for SEO.
It is difficult for me to write down my own words because of poor knowledge of English.
Maybe in the future I will be able to hire writers, but not now.

But I think I found one way to create unique content, and I want to try it tomorrow:
1) Take information in another language
2) Translate it to English

If you know more interesting ways to create unique content, you can advise.

Must to do

- Take information in another language. Translate into English. Check uniqueness and readability
- Find more ways to create unique content

By the way, I got 1 lead from the first game site with an exact-match domain and earned $1.68.
Of course this is so small, but it motivates. I no longer do anything for this site, but it still works. Site on 2nd page of Google for main keyword.

Thanks for reading!
2017-08-24, 07:56 AM,
Great thread my man! I like how you have styled it! Keep it up as I would very much like to see your progress!
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Divergent(2017-08-24 10:32 AM) 

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