Journey [CASE STUDY, SPECIAL APPROACH || #2,1 pages already] Trying to rank YT nowadays
2017-12-03, 05:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-27, 02:09 AM by Dipsy.)

Hi guys, It's great pleasure to be back in the community of CPA after long lurking and making passive income.

During the past year I've managed to rank my website for some keywords, so they bring me constant traffic and income, not much,

but ~200  extra dollars/month is always not bad. Though this SEO ranking was rather random than planned, so I got lucky to have

ranked for these KW's.


Now I decided to try to get back in business with YT, although I know it's quite saturated nowadays and algo. has improved much since

my last attempts in 2016 summer.

This thread will be about trying to better understand what's important right now in terms of trying to rank a video on Youtube.

I've chosen quite old BH niche, main KW has ~40k monthly searches on Google Adwods, and 4 million search results on YT.

Video uploaded on: 2017-12-01

  • 10k High 60-90% watchtime desktop views for 18 dollars.
  • 100 likes for 2$
On 2017-12-02 my main KW managed to climb in 1st page 13 position.

Today, 2017-12-03 it has dropped to #2 page, #1 position.


But I'm not making a simple invest-approach of fast-paced feed of views and social signals. I have same niche ranked on google (as I mentioned above)

so, I've forced my google visitors to visit YT video watch at least half of it and make some social signals (comments, likes, subs). These was

instructions for them in order to get what they are searching for. I'm receiving 300 such visitors/day and 20% of them

make social interaction on video. So I think that in long term this constant traffic will eventually help me to rank if my video stays unflagged.

My video has brief, 450 words decription, main kw is in the start of the title, as well as in the first line of description.

I will track stats for 5 keywods in total, for now the rankings are:
  • 1 keyword: 15k monthly searches
  • 2 keyword: 6.6k monthly searches
  • 3 keyword: 15k monthly searches
  • 4 keyword: 27k monthly searches
  • 5 keyword (main) : 40k monthly searches
[Image: OJboUD0.png]

I hope that during this study we will all benefit from each other in terms of getting to know new
information, which might be related to YT algo. So any suggestions, ideas or recent experience with YT videos is welcome.


Some motivation and conclusion of 2017 years:


[Image: lYqiCCK.png]


[Image: SpUBtKg.png]


[Image: QPidd3Y.png]

Over $4,350 in 2017, wish you all Happy and Successful New 2018 Years!
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2017-12-03, 08:02 PM,
good luck mate, going to follow you and hope to learn something here because im also doing youtube but not saturated niches...
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Dipsy(2017-12-04 12:37 AM) 
2017-12-04, 02:50 AM,
Subscribed, will have a look into your journey every time you update. Good luck!
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Dipsy(2017-12-04 01:50 PM) 
2017-12-04, 02:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-04, 02:23 PM by Dipsy.)

Here are the same kw's climb over last day:

[Image: 6RPanox.png]

As you see, 3 keywords, that already had ranking, climbed up in pages 1 and 2. Those 2 kw's, which weren't ranking, are not ranking now too. Don't know why though, maybe because they're not exactly mentioned in title as well as description, but I didin't want to throw bunch of kw's in description due to YT optimization effectiveness. 

Overall, it seems that technique is working - sending constant social signals (likes,subs,commens) and high retention views (at least 50% video length). At first day when I bombarded with paid 10k views and likes it climbed up for short amount of time and suddenly dropped, but now, I guess, it will gradually climb up again If I continue sending constant traffic. (~250 real traffic from my SEO website, who interact with video).
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HawkEye(2017-12-06 02:34 AM) 
2017-12-05, 12:54 AM,
Best of luck for the journey, I hope you do well.
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Dipsy(2017-12-05 12:55 AM) 
2017-12-05, 04:08 PM,

[Image: TJxspu9.png]

First I would like to thank you all guys who follow my Case Study! You keep me motivated :)
So as you can see overall the changes from yesterday are not that bad. 2 kw's that weren't 
even visible in search, now appeared in quite good positions. Though, my main KW dropped
for 7 positions, I believe this is temporary. 

Today I'm gonna make some minor changes:
  • Remove my link from description and put it in pinned comment.
  • Add some authority niche website links to the description, add social media links.
Video stats so far:
  • 12k views (44% watchtime retention)
  • 83 real comments
  • 30 new subs
  • 200 likes (60 new).
I hope that you will take something from this case study as this is the primary goal of my Journey.
New suggestions are always welcome aswell :)
2017-12-06, 01:53 AM,
Good luck with the journey!

I am doing something similar, what I experiment lately is to try and make the videos as short as possible so I can up the retention view a bit more.

Where do you get views from ? Do you drip feed them?
2017-12-06, 02:01 AM,
(2017-12-06, 01:53 AM)IntensE Wrote: Good luck with the journey!

I am doing something similar, what I experiment lately is to try and make the videos as short as possible so I can up the retention view a bit more.

Where do you get views from ? Do you drip feed them?

Thanks for following me! :)

Don't you think that short video length is indicator of bad quality content?
I mean, maybe there's more bad things using short videos than longer but with lower retention?

I had some spare dollars in ClaimSocialAuthority SMM panel, they declare to have one of the best
HR Desktop views in industry, so I decided to use my dollars (didn't use dripfeed). But as I said, for now I only send
my Google traffic to youtube video (~350 views per day) and those viewers interact with my video.
So it's kind of natural dripfeed, hope it will help to rank, but can take longer.
2017-12-06, 02:13 AM,
Yeah, you are lucky with your website so you can have something natural as well, along the botted views :P

Regarding what you asked, it depends on the niche I guess, but I started with 5 videos between 5-10 minutes where the quality (imo) was absolutely amazing. Good audio, good editing, personal voice over where I explain everything and so on.

Problem was that it was costly to send high rettention views for a 9 minute video. Then I tried with a couple videos which were under 3 minutes long, and the results were pretty much the same in conversion rate, but better in terms of rankings (easier to achieve 90% retention on a 3 minute video compared to a 10 minute video)

Of course, I don't have enough data to take a solid conclusion.
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Dipsy(2017-12-06 02:46 AM) 
2017-12-06, 03:18 PM,
[Image: 151255025197772?12963]

Quite happy with the results, slowly, but steady, my video appears to climb up.
Also yesterday bought 100 YT reshares, so that might helped too.

I'm wondering: maybe I should additionally ask my google visitors
to share video on FB, Twitter in order them to get what they want?
I mean, maybe someone could tell if social signals on external social networks
have big impact on YT video ranking?

Waiting for your opinions :)

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