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[Journey] $500/day using IG+CPA
2017-11-09, 06:05 PM,
Hi guys,
So it's been a while since I've been reading about IG and seeing people bank hard from IG (which kinda made me more hopeful). I've researched almost everything about IG and have followed a lot of threads up to the end of them (even if they were 68 pages long journey threads). I went through every single post till date and made notes. From AMA threads to Journey threads, I tried to gain as much knowledge as I can. After this much of reading and gaining insight into this wonderful traffic source, I think I am finally ready. I cannot procrastinate anymore because if I do that all the info. that I gathered and all the posts that I read would be for nothing. 

A lot of people have helped me in starting this journey thread. A fried of mine have lent me some money for this journey. A lot of people believe in me, and it's about time I thank them by proving that I have it in me. Thanks to @valarinstagram sponsored this journey by giving me IG accounts.

I created one babes account and it was growing fine, every post was manual and all of a sudden one of the posts hit the explore page and I gained 2800 likes on that single pic overnight. I gained 3500+ followers on that account before it got banned because of some asshole who reported it saying that I am stealing his account info and I don't know whatnot. Maybe it was just a competitor who just got jealous or maybe it was someone for whom IG didn't work. Either way, that account is gone and crying over it won't do anyone any good. So, I am here ready to start a journey. This time I won't wait for them to ban my account without monetizing it first. 

I will be using IG + CPA(including dating/adult) to monetize the accounts. I will start monetizing the accounts after warming them up for about a week. 

I am aiming for $500/day at least because anything else won't do it this time. If I have to fulfill my dreams, I need loads of money. A hell lot of it. I know $500/day is not too much for a lot of people here, but it will be a start. Once I start earning $500/day consistently for a week at least, I would be able to invest the money somewhere else so that I don't have to rely on IG alone for my income. I have a lot of ideas that needs to be worked on, and I am going to do it. 

My plan is to do the traditional F/U method along with some twists. I will start the journey with 20 accounts for now and will keep adding in the accounts to compensate for the banned ones. I have ordered a VPS with 6GB RAM, I have got the bot ready, I have ordered some IPv6 proxies, and the accounts are almost ready. I won't start right after purchasing the accounts, I will first warm them up and then start monetizing them. I think that covers everything about my plan.

I will be posting updates when I have something to share. :) If you guys wanna tag along this journey of mine, then I'd be really honored.
2017-11-09, 06:13 PM,
just started my own IG+CPA journey, will be following yours!

GL :)

[Image: banner1.gif]
2017-11-09, 06:32 PM,
Good luck. :) Hope you reach your goal soon.

[Image: oMf1PAv.gif]

2017-11-09, 07:30 PM,
Good luck with the journey! I'll be following!
2017-11-09, 08:31 PM,
im reading about IG+CPA Too i wish good luck in your journey! btw what do you mean by F/U method ?
2017-11-09, 08:36 PM,
(2017-11-09, 08:31 PM)Almarketor Wrote: im reading about IG+CPA Too i wish good luck in your journey! btw what do you mean by  F/U method ?
If you dont mind can you share were i can read about this strategy in details?
-in what you gonna use the vps ?
-Were i can buy some IG accounts?

thanks in advance!
2017-11-09, 08:40 PM,
(2017-11-09, 08:31 PM)Almarketor Wrote: im reading about IG+CPA Too i wish good luck in your journey! btw what do you mean by F/U method ?

F/U mean Follow/Unfollow
2017-11-09, 11:03 PM,
Good luck with your journey mate, I hope you reach your goals soon.

2017-11-10, 05:30 PM,
Share your earning update bro


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2017-11-10, 08:01 PM,
Great journey brother! Hope you do well.

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