Journey $50 /Day with IG + YT
2017-12-28, 02:18 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-06-19, 07:07 PM by geraldosfire.)
Hey there Elites,
I'm back with a journey using OGAds to keep me focused and keep other people motivated. I am going to try different types of traffic sources and different kind of niches for this one, then I'll try to focus more on the most profitable ones. So let's take a look at what I've done so far...

Instagram Checklist:

- Pick Niches ✔
- Add Accounts with Proxies ✔ (Bought 30 Accounts, Most of them are still warming up)
- Buy GMT2 Bot ✔
- Buy 10 Private Proxies for my 20+ old accounts ✔
- Buy a VPS ✔
- Buy Cloaker ✘ (Using the trial right now)
= Spent: $75,00

YouTube Checklist:

- Uploaded 40 Videos Set n' Forget method ✔ (did this a while ago using MVB Pro and VMB Pro to generate title, description and tags. This works with really low comp but didn't bring me any real traffic, won't focus on this)
- Develop my own Youtube Comment Upvoter Bot ✘
- Buy YouTube Accounts ✘
= Spent: $0,00

Note: For this I may need some help on finding which accounts work and where to buy them, also any simple advice will help so I know what to do while developing the bot.

- [☑] $5,00 /Day
- [☑] $10,00 /Day
- [☑] $15,00 /Day
- [☑] $20,00 /Day
- [☑] $30,00 /Day
- [✘] $50,00 /Day

  • Total Spent: $185,00
  • Total Earnings: $71.19 so far
  • Focusing on Instagram Sources & Niches right now, Wanna buy 50 More accounts from Valaar but I wanna see if this goes well or not
  • Also Need some place to buy facebook accounts

[Image: 65yKq9r.jpg]
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2017-12-28, 03:02 AM,
Best of lucks with your journey, good move diversifying your traffic sources

2017-12-28, 03:14 AM,
A MULTI Traffic Source Journey! Looks Great.

Subscribing to this as I am pretty sure this is going to be extremely interesting.

Good Luck and do keep us updated.

BTW that $3.35(TBE) is earned just from insta, right?
2017-12-28, 03:15 AM,
Good luck on your journey mate! One thing, which one is that "- Buy a Facebook Bot ✔" ? Thanks and GL Cool

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2017-12-28, 01:06 PM,
good luck on your journey, I wish you the best.
I'm following your journey.
2017-12-28, 01:29 PM,
let me bookmark this... will follow you soon
2017-12-28, 03:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-28, 03:51 PM by geraldosfire.)
Pachu Thanks mate
EnChanter Thanks mate. That is mostly Google Traffic. I'm having nightmares with instagram, struggling to even get $1 a day with 50 accounts (Not all warmed up as I said but let's see). I'm going to redirect the traffic directly to the LP using the cloaker. Although most of the accounts already have it.
DrKent Thanks mate. It's the facebook automation bot from snaware
alaahit Thanks!
agus240273 Thanks!

[Image: Y20I87v.jpg]

So I made a little progress yesterday. Most of the traffic comes from Google although the keywords I want to rank for aren't still there and my PBN order hasn't been processed yet so there will be no updates on SEO till the PBN order will be done.
I'll set the earnings from Instagram at $3,00 or lower. I had 50 accounts on there, 5 Accounts have the Location Loop and 1 got banned. The warm up process isn't done yet, so the accounts aren't on full following. I have like 20 accounts following on 200-350 people per day though. I'll stop at 400 F/U per day. I schedule the following and unfollowing at different time schedule. Tuesday is the rest day for all of them.I expected more from this. I guess it's because I'm using the OGAds made LPs but still there would be more traffic in my opinion.
Want to buy some Facebook accounts and start with facebook traffic as well but my budget is pretty low so I'll try with some "homemade" accounts I guess haha. 
Same thing with Youtube. Need accounts but low budget + I need more time on understanding how it works and how to make my comments and likes stick!
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EnChanter(2017-12-28 04:55 PM) 
2017-12-28, 07:56 PM,
Wish you good luck for the journey !! :)
2017-12-28, 11:34 PM,
Goodluck on your journey :)

One question/tip/note though;

Please please please make sure you have a good way to measure your traffic. For example if traffic source A brings in traffic for good profit, make sure you are able to know its from source A and not source B. Might sound simple but lots of people don't do it :(

Awareness is important :)
2017-12-29, 05:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-29, 06:16 AM by geraldosfire.)
sudirbhai BlueJoker Thanks guys. I have links to track the stats and it won't be that hard to keep a track of the source as I won't be using same niches on every traffic source
Anyways I got 5 accounts banned today, a bad sign. Probably cause of the posts I made daily. I used to post and delete post after some hours, probably people reported my pics and I got banned from Instagram. I am also thinking to change the niche. Instagram niche is over saturated even if I'm not doing it with all of my accounts (Was using 21 of them only for the instagram niche)
Some of you asked me how I keep away the action blocks (follow/like blocks) from my accounts. I can't them away on all of them but anyways, I usually start every account with 5 follows/unfollows max a day to warm them up and then add 5 follow/unfollow actions each day. After a 7-10 days I add 10 (increment) and after a couple of days add 20 and that's where I stop. An incremention of 20 follows per day till I reach 400 Follows/Unfollows per day max. I know it's slow but it's safer for me.

Edit: I forgot to add that after 24 hours I resumed the accounts (5) that had the location loop and will start searching for a niche to use them for.
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EnChanter(2017-12-29 05:24 AM) 

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