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2015-01-03, 08:39 PM,

First of all let me introduce me an my company.
My name is Stefan and I´m 24 years old and I´m the CEO of a company
located in Austria. We provide Webdesign/SEO and Social Media for our Clients.
We also work on CPA and Affiliate marketing. In 2011 we had huge success with
CPA (EWA and BLAM) and also reached +1,5K profit days with Dating and Adult CPA Offers.
We stopped working with CPA after we got scammed from a few networks.

4 years later it is time to play the CPA Game again, we already developed a new business plan.

What we want to do:
Adult/Dating CPA Offers with Email Marketing (PPL and PPS)
We did a testrun and the open/click rate was ~6%, which is quite good (no cpa offer) For this JV we get each week +150,000 new double optins, if this is required.

Before we send a campaign we check each email if it is active or dead. = Bounce rate = 0,1%

What we are looking for:
JV partner for longterm. You should also have experience with CPA and know how to write emails, content.
You should be able to invest at least $150-$200 bucks. The investment is reuqired only for a security reason for us. We want the best :P

What we can offer:
Adult/Dating User Database ++150,000 verified EMail Adresses(double optin target US male and interesst adult/dating)

Complete infrastructure
Custom Coding and Design
CPA Network Accounts

Here is the deal:
JV 50/50

Why we are looking for a JV partner?
The CPA game changed and we need some help to get start again (and english is not our main language :-) )

If you have more questions, feel free to add me to my personal skype account : Stevie.ad

Best regards
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2015-03-11, 08:27 AM,
I'm interested in working with you. I have experience pushing adult cpa offers (SOI typically).

Please send me your skype via pm so we can hash out the details (unable to pm as I don't have 50 posts)

2015-03-11, 09:02 AM,
This JV has the potential to earn 1k+$ every day ? Thats alot !

And the investment is for what exactly ?


2015-04-04, 12:34 PM,
I'm interested to work with u...I hv a source where i can get tons of email....
2015-04-04, 12:49 PM,
Sounds kind of sketchy.
If you own a company doing SEO for other clients, why would you be doing email marketing for a dating/adult niche, where seo would get you much further.

Anyway, I would like to hear more about what the 200$ investment goes to? I assume these 200$ dosnt just go down your pocket.
However, if you can pm me a detailed description on how the whole project is going to be working, who does what and such, I might be interested.
2015-07-11, 03:30 AM,
(2015-03-11, 08:27 AM)cryptobank Wrote: I'm interested in working with you. I have experience pushing adult cpa offers (SOI typically).

Please send me your skype via pm so we can hash out the details (unable to pm as I don't have 50 posts)


Hey , I`m interested in working with you Cryptobank. Looking to work with someone who is making atleast $500 - $1000 per day with CPA (paid traffic Preferred).

I have Budget to fund Campaigns and work with a person to scale earnings to over $50k a month... So I`m interested in working with you since you say you have been doing Affiliate marketing for 5 years and already making a decent amount of money.

I am currently with contract with some really wealthy Realtors doing lead generation with a partner. So I have good funds to invest.

Add me to skype, I can`t PM since I have not done 50 posts... Ive been on this forum though for over a year, just not active.

LQ spam posts to bypass 50 post restriction.
2015-07-11, 09:46 AM,
Not saying this is BS post to scam people from there money But it is deff Sketchy man. 1st. Dead email's have nothing to do with Bounce rate, Bounce rate consists of people clicking on your site then clicking off or hitting back,
Emails consist of those which im sure you have opt-ins and others that dont click on your email called your CTR if they are "Dead" Then that would be called Cold email list=Those who dont click on your email and or no CTR.
Can over look do to english not being main language.

2nd CEO of a company I find to be Total BS 1st if you are then give company name and contact info, Such as DBA= Doing Business As (Your Company Name) Let people research your company. 2nd For benefit of the doubt say you are CEO of this company you NEED to give company info, Else you and whoever joins this "Company" Will be prosecuted by the IRS and labor board, Might be fine for where you are but Caution to those Joining from places where you have Taxes "IRS" since you will be audited and fined for not providing how much you made, Which is why CPA companys now require this.

3rd stopped working with CPA after we got scammed from a few networks <------- This is red flag I doubt if you were running legit Business then this was to happen. Not saying it couldnt but "NETWORKS" more then 1 I doubt to be creditable, Most common thing for this to happen Black Hat Promotion, Reversal On lead generation.

4th $150-$200 dollars hahahaha for security hahahaha OKAY this is BS this is why but let me say I agree your service should not be free if legit. There is no Security the Security is for you. This is how I know this 1,Your only thing you are asking for in this WHOLE thing is somebody to do your work. Writing and sending emails graphics etc etc which mean from somewhere you got hold of an Email list and having people pay to use it which is fine to an extent 2nd did not mention you would need an AutoResponder such as Aweber, 3rd I agree there is money to be made in this promotion however How profitable will it be when say you have 10 fools that do this all marketing to the same damn email list? you say dead emails =0.1% which I doubt but for argument sake we will go with when did you get these stats how long ago, 0.1% whold be 150 emails dead but since when?

To sum it all up you have been a member since 2014 yet only have 30 posts and no rep or Thanks which would only mean you have been dormant and leeching or just begging for help which would be fine first couple of months however Contributed nothing to the forum and asking for JV lol um okay

That being said users take note and be cautious while thinking of doing this, Do your research and set up an escrow account where if you do make any money you wont be scammed out of it. Best regards to you all and goodluck.

P.s This is my opinion and should not be taking as a decisiveness action this is to simple highlight red flags I have came across since my start in IM. Best of luck to you all and Goodluck
2015-07-30, 04:13 PM,
I am interested I am pround member of Adultmedubuys.com and I have tested a lot of variations and made some good ROI. I have been working with SOI and CPS offers the most. I have account on SMASH Revenue with some pending balance we can push this up.
If you want we can start working asap.

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