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2016-02-15, 04:20 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-15, 04:24 PM by rajabadariqbal.)
Hi all,
I just downloaded this script ( Here ) and i saw its /js/main.js file is obfuscated,
I want to add one POPUP function to my other script.
"Magnific popup ScreenShot"

<div id="gen_modal" class="mfp-hide white-popup-block final-section text-left">
            <div class="row">
                <div class="col-md-12">
                    <div class="generator_finished_area">
                            <div class="section-content">
                            <p style="color:white;">Before we add the Gems, Coins & Elixir to your account you need to Activate your generated stuff and verify that you are human and not a software (automated bot) to prevent user's from abusing our generator.</p>
                            <p style="color:white;">After successfull completetion of the offer, the Gems, Coins & Elixir will be addded to your account in just few minutes.</p>
                                <iframe src="http://catafiles.com/blahblah" opacity="0" scrolling="no" margin-top"50px"="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" align="middle" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="300px">
                                <p style="color:white;"><b>STEPS TO ACTIVATE</b></p>
                                <p style="color:white;"><span class="badge">1 </span> Click on "ACTIVATE".</p>
                                <p style="color:white;"><span class="badge">2 </span> Choose any offer and complete it.</p>
                                <p style="color:white;"><span class="badge">3 </span> Check your Clash of Clans account for the Gems, Coins & Elixir.</p>


function start_process(username, gems, coins, elixir, callback_function){
        //output_loading_message("Processing request", "Comunicating with our login servers");
        output_to_console("Performing server authentication: connect_to_server(332FS2);", 0);
        output_loading_message("Successully obtained server status verification", 300);
        output_to_console_green("Response: Successfully authenticated secure server connection.", 750);
        output_loading_message("Importing files for encryption of user request", 1200);
        output_to_console("Import: AES_256_Keys();", 1400);
        output_to_console("Import: Open_SSL_Encryption();", 1600);
        output_to_console("Import: Server_332FS2_Keychain();", 1880);
        output_loading_message("Importing of encryption files and methods completed", 2000);
        output_to_console_green("Response: All files were imported successfully.", 2400);
        output_to_console("Retrieving form input information: kernel.forms.obtain_user_information();", 2670);
        output_loading_message("User HTTP request information has been obtained", 2900);
        output_to_console_green("Response: Obtained user form input information.", 3100);
        output_to_console_yellow("Username: " + username, 3400);
        output_to_console_yellow("Gems_Amount: " + gems, 3500);
        output_to_console_yellow("Coins_Amount: " + coins, 3500);
        output_to_console_yellow("Elixir_Amount: " + elixir, 3500);
        output_to_console("Injecting the information securely into encryption server: kernel.generator.start_process();", 4200);
        output_loading_message("User information is being encrypted", 4400);
        output_to_console("Encrypting request: kernel.open_ssl_enc(" + username + ");", 4700);
        output_loading_message("User information encryption completed", 5000);
        output_to_console_green("Response: Successfully encrypted user request.", 5300);
        output_to_console_green("Encrypted Information: 608c4a1b463ec35ad0354c1edd5ae961add292b6675cbca8ac41d70d37d4e2a7dba2b", 5600);
        output_to_console("Retrieving current COC server script: read_COC_server_source();", 6000);
        output_loading_message("Obtaining methods to create a backdoor into COC server", 6100);
        output_to_console_green("Response: Successfully obtained current server script.", 6400);
        output_to_console_yellow("MD5 hash: 2c58b6d627de1c58cc4fda16e1037a08", 6900);
        output_to_console_yellow("Local IP address:", 7100);
        output_to_console_yellow("Current version: 2.320.23.1", 7200);
        output_to_console_yellow("Login server version:", 7300);
        output_to_console_yellow("Number external methods: 43267", 7400);
        output_to_console_yellow("Initialization method: kernel.cc_server.application.main.init();", 7600);
        output_to_console("Injecting into main method: inject_ssl(kernel.cc_server.application.main.init);", 8000);
        output_loading_message("Processing orginal user request to confirm human source", 8250);
        output_to_console_green("Response: Successfully injected into COC servers.", 8430);
            $('.loading-spinner').css('border-left', '1.1em solid #be2929');
        }, 8900);
        output_to_console_red("Automatic human verification failed.", 8900);
        output_to_console_red("Please complete manual human verification.", 8900);
        output_to_console_red("Initating redirect procedure.", 8900);
        output_loading_message("Redirecting to human verification screen", 9400);
        }, 12500);

I want After Showing Message "Initating redirect procedure." That Popup open.

I already setup .css and .js files in html but i don't know how to function this from JS.
Please Help Me.
Thank In Advance.
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2016-02-15, 07:09 PM,
I can't help you but be careful when you download other locker or landing page , sometime they put something in the code to redirect to their own locker
2016-02-15, 07:53 PM,
got help from someone thanks.

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