[JOURNEY] Cube's Journey with IG and OGAds
2017-09-26, 08:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-10-08, 02:34 AM by SparkCube.)
Hi, I would like to start a journey thread, too. I got very inspired by your journey threads guys and I feel the urge to share my successes and failures with you Wink

What am I doing?

I will be using DEADZ IG method with content lockers at CPAGrip. Thanks for the awesome guide!

Why am I doing this?

I live in Brazil (as an immigrant) and I work as a freelance developer. It's all cool I absolutely love Brazil, I have a few nice clients and I like coding and solving technical problems very much. But sometimes my old clients don't have new work for a while and when I try getting new clients it is often very disappointing. Sometimes people think they can treat you like they want just because they pay you a few bucks for a simple page or after I sent a draft they want more stuff added than we agreed on in the first place. Or you have endless discussions just for a few dollars because they are so greedy and want to squeeze everything out that is possible. It's a bit disgusting.

It usually doesn't happen if you apply for big clients with lots of money. They tend to be more calm and relaxed as the ones with the small jobs. But that is a long story and not the topic of this post. Maybe other devs in this forum will recognize that. As I said in general I like it, and mutual respect and collaborative work help a lot to get a job done (my humble opinion).

What I want is some more independence and less headache with that so that I can make my income even if I don't have any freelance work to do. My monthly expenses in general are very cheap about 600 US Dollar so if I make $25 a day, I would be in a very cool spot. Once I reach that, I will either set new goals here or try something else. But until then I will try my best and not give up until I get there.

I think by reading this forum that is what I really picked up. Don't give up. Don't try thousands of methods at once just master one and then get to the next one. Also don't be too lazy to read. In many journeys I see people asking questions that have been answered before several times. So if I am too lazy to pick that up, I think am not very likely to succeed.

My SetUp

Ok guys, I hope the long intro wasn't too boring. Now here is some meat for you:

I already have a working IG bot that I have tested (the one from DEADZ ebook) and it works really well out of the box. I am planning to modify it a little to call an API of mine once it does something, so that I can set an alarm if the bot was inactive for too long. I think that would be very useful and simple to do. I don't want to find out that my bots went offline only after a week.

I also have an Ubuntu VPS running since a long time.

For the proxies I use a different approach. My hosting provider allows me to book as many IP addresses to my package as I want. They cost about $2 each per month. So I have set up my own proxy server on my VPS and connected three IP addresses to it (Squid on Ubuntu). I will follow the recommendation to use one proxy for 3 IG accounts max. Once I get more accounts it will be easy to scale it up and I have everything under my own control. If I have problems with a specific IP, I just give it back and grab myself a new one. They are charged by the hour.

I am planning on buying aged IG accounts as recommended but I will start with fresh ones first. I want to have the experience so that I can tell the difference later. I will be a bit more careful and don't use the bot for the first few days. Instead I will browse, follow and like some stuff manually. I don't know if it makes a difference at all, but I think directly putting a bot on without ever having some natural behavior at all raises a red flag very quickly.

Landing Pages: I'm a dev so that part is what I do for a living Wink I don't want to use a Cloaker for some reasons. I think the traffic that enters the locker has a better quality and I can also grab some metrics from the user on the landing page like where do they come from? how is the click through rate? and whatever I would need. 

I will try several niches to check out which ones work for me and which don't. I want to check on big niches but also less saturated niches to see the difference. 

What do I use for my content lockers? I don't want people to leave empty handed. It's against CPAGrip rules and I don't want to piss off people more than I have to. So I have one PLR ebook already and I plan on pirating leaked books on torrent and spin them to create my own version. I have to wait anyway for the accounts to warm up and those ebooks are no master study dissertations. Plus, I don't need many of them if I go with 5 IG accounts per LP. I can put contents from two books together into one, rearrange it, spin it with a bot, rewrite stuff with my own words and then it's my copyright. Doesn't even have to be the best english. Just to fulfill the promise my landing page or locker made.

For the LP's I will use freenom urls. The domains are valid for 3 months so once they are gone, I will replace them with new ones. The links to the LP's I will create either with bit.ly or maybe I will give every account it's own freenom url. Not sure if people rather click on something that sounds like a real url than a bit.ly link (that might look shady). I guess I will have to test both.


[ ] Earn my first dollar
[ ] Earn $1 for 7 days
[ ] Earn $5 for 7 days
[ ] Earn $10 for 7 days
[ ] Earn $15 for 7 days
[ ] Earn $20 for 7 days
[ ] Earn $25 for 7 days
[ ] Add further goals and continue

Hope my post wasn't too long. Comments are welcome!
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2017-09-26, 10:22 AM,
goo luck for your journey brother
2017-09-26, 11:16 AM,
Awesome! Good luck for the journey brother. I am gonna follow it as I want to try something similar to you.
2017-09-26, 02:39 PM,
Good luck on this journey keep us updated.
2017-09-26, 02:52 PM,
Good luck m8 ;)

[Image: z49ppZt.png]
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2017-09-26, 07:12 PM,
Good luck mate for journey.. and keep it update.
2017-09-26, 07:21 PM,
Good luck bro.. I will follow your journey.
2017-09-27, 10:27 PM,
Just my personal opinion, but I think OGAds has much better CTR and earning than cpagrip when it's come to IG.
2017-09-30, 05:35 AM,
(2017-09-27, 10:27 PM)LightningKing Wrote: Just my personal opinion, but I think OGAds has much better CTR and earning than cpagrip when it's come to IG.

Thanks for the recommendation. I like their locker pages very much and I have created an account there already. I want to use their lockers for sure, but before I switch the topic from CPAGrip to OGAds, I will put some more thought into this. I am now very focused on creating and warming up the IG accounts, so my head isn't really at that stage yet.

A little update after a week:

During the last week, I have created fresh IG accounts. Always a few per day. Tomorrow I will be at 15 (I have 5 IP addresses for the start). Some of the accounts are already warming up.

I have noticed that registering IG accounts with Gmail works best. Other providers like GMX or ProtonMail seem not to be very trusted by IG so they ask for a phone verification after a while. It didn't happen with Gmail yet. I wouldn't have seen that if I wouldn't log in manually from time to time. Maybe that can be a reason why some fresh accounts here in the journey threads are banned after a few days? Just a speculation.

My idea with running my own proxy server was not bad but there is a little problem, I didn't think of before: I can't scale them up because if I do, I have to reconfigure the network settings and that means the proxy server needs to be restarted. This can lead to unexpected results with my bots. So for now, I will stick with my 5 proxies and for scaling up I will use one of the proxy services the guide recommended. The price is exactly the same and I won't have that rebooting problem. So no problem at all. Also, the next round of IG accounts will be bought aged ones. But before I do that, I have to finish some more work first.

The bot itself seems to work fine. I am following the schedule for warming up new accounts and even though I have only a few follows per day yet, I have already seen people following my accounts back. So that is looking good already. The bot quits after 24 hours. I haven't checked if that is a setting yet, because I am altering the numbers for each bot on a daily basis anyway. But with my current number of accounts, man I have to say it is already quite some work. I keep track of them with a spreadsheet, but in order to scale up further, I really need to automate some stuff here.

I will create a little command & control script (using PHP and MySQL) that will keep track of the bots, the schedule and can launch an instance of the bot if needed. The bot itself will call a REST service when invoked (to grab the account data and number of follows/unfollows, keywords..), reports when he followed someone, reports when he unfollows someone and reports when he quits. Creating and testing that properly (plus migrating the bots) will take a few days maybe, but it's worth it. When I don't have to handle the bots manually, it will be much easier to keep track of everything and I will save a lot of time. Plus, I can create my own little dashboard to check the status.

When I have finished that, creating the content for the lockers will be next on my list. One step at a time until all of them are mastered. Wink

So everything on track so far. I will keep you updated!
2017-10-01, 08:15 AM,
Good luck with your journey! As a brazilian, I know that living here can be really cheap and good. I hope you can achieve your goals! Mind me if I ask you which state are you living?

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