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[JOURNEY] 33.33$/DAY YT+CPA (ogads)
2019-04-10, 11:56 PM,
Hello Elites!
I just wanted to start this journey to track my progress and maybe seek some advice, but mostly just posting for myself.
So currently im doing ogads + yt, and idk if this is the best method to do so with, but i`d like to scale it up to 33.33$/day so it equals to about 1k/month
In the last 4 days ive been earning 25-29$/day, but its going down, cuz my videos ranking down i think, but i will try to make more and rank better.
I would appreciate any help, as currently im using pvazone 2011 accs with videos but some of the channels don`t seem to rank so good on smaller niches, and the thing for me is that making videos is the easiest part as i know how to edit and i can record pretty easily, and also i learned how to rip off landing pages so that wouldnt be a problem, my current struggle would be ranking the videos. Also what do you guys think, i don`t want to spend as much money on many domains if im going into many niches, so i just got a domain (example: and for every new niche i do, i add the landing page after "/", so for example i do clashofclans niche i would add the landing page to, in that way i only need 1 domain and i can do many niches, do you think its not damaging my conversion and looks legit? Any help is appreciated, and will try to update until i get to that 1k/month or close to that (im also doing instagram on side, and school is fucking with my time also 8hrs a day, so i cant do ogads fulltime rn, but i try to do it as much as possible)

my earnings in april till now:
2019-04-11, 12:11 AM,
Great journey. Do you buy views to your videos? If yes what panel?

Wishing you luck on your journey
2019-04-11, 12:58 AM,
(2019-04-11, 12:11 AM)HAkorehdeh Wrote: Great journey. Do you buy views to your videos? If yes what panel?

Wishing you luck on your journey

thanks for your luck!
yes, i use smmglobe, but their views are down rn, should be up after few days
2019-04-11, 10:47 AM,
Yesterday earnings (slowing down, i will get it back up to 30$/day, will grind out vids and trail and error to see how to rank):
2019-04-11, 08:21 PM,
About your domain question, yes you can do that. Its fine.
I wish you a good luck on your journey. PLEASE keep us updated. Cool

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2019-04-12, 12:54 AM,
This is interesting, How is it going on?
2019-04-12, 08:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 2019-04-12, 08:17 AM by 117.)
(2019-04-11, 08:21 PM)DrKent Wrote: About your domain question, yes you can do that. Its fine.
I wish you a good luck on your journey. PLEASE keep us updated. Cool

oh ty for answering bro, yes will keep updating

Today and yesterday didnt do much as im really sick, but earnings 11.04.2019 - 13.32$
As you can see its falling down, but i will try to upload more and trail and error when im feeling better, uploaded roblux video, but hasnt ranked nowhere, bought 1k views to it, nothing but its on 2010 channel with no vids, maybe thats the problem, but i uploaded google play video on that channel and it ranking good, so i think its just roblox isnt maybe as searched niche so cant rank that easily, but will try to upload more vids, i also uploaded steam video, but nothing there, cuz i dont buy views, cuz smmglobe is down with yt views, so idk how can i get views and likes maybe without panels
2019-04-14, 02:09 AM,
So, currently from what ive checked i think my only videos that make me money are google and itune, because other videos havent ranked nowhere, i will try to upload more but right now i will maybe try vagex or smthn, cuz my panel i used still down, anyways last 2 days randomly went up to 30$ and 36$, kinda lucky i guess, but i need to put in more work, will maybe try some other big niches, will see
P.S also guys dont send me pms cuz im not able to reply to them cuz my acc too new ;( @themann
2019-04-14, 02:18 PM,
Great journey! How many views were you adding to the videos when the smmglobe still worked?
2019-04-15, 04:54 AM,
great journey ! good good luck!

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